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Malco TS1 Turbo Shear 20 Gauge Capacity Sheet Metal Cutting Attachment for 3/8-Inch Drills

  • Turns your power drill into a power shear
  • Inserts into chuck of an A/C or cordless drill
  • 20 gauge capacity in galvanized steel
  • Navigates tight patterns and square cuts
  • TSDC Drill Clamp can be purchased separately
  • Made in the USA
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Gino Development 01-0101 TruePower 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Electric Sheet Metal Shear Tin Snips Cutter Nibbler

  • SPEED: 1800 SPM (no load); cuts up to 150 in. Per minute in 24 gauge mild steel
  • Maximum cutting capacity: 18 gauge mild steel, 22 gauge stainless steel
  • Includes: metal Shears, cutting blades, hex key, spare carbon brushes, instruction Manual
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KAKA Industrial 3-In-1/760 30-Inch Sheet Metal Brake, High Efficiency, 20 Gauges Shear Brake Roll Combination, Versatility, Solid Construction, Sheet Metal Brakes, Shears and Slip Roll Machine

  • ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN ENHANCES WORK EFFICIENCY AND SAVE SPACE. KAKA Industrial 30in 3-in-1 sheet metal machine is good choice for small shops that have low production runs or have a lot of one off projects. This machine combines three functions into one that utilizes up little floor space and enhances work efficiency. If your shop space is limited, you can still have the job done perfectly
  • 20 GAUGES CAPACITY AND 30 INCH WIDE BED WIDTH ENSURES SMOOTH WORK FLOW. This 3-IN-1 sheet metal machine has the capacity up to 20 gauges mild steel and 16 gauge aluminum in widths up to 30-inches wide. It is a perfect combination machine for sheet metal machine to the length of 30" and thickness of 1/25" cutting stop. The roll bending starting with diameter of 1 1/2" also guarantees enough capacity
  • ADJUSTABLE FINGERS ENSURES FLEXIBILITY AND PRECISION. The vertical press brake portion of the shear brake roll machine has a maximum bend angle of 90 degrees with adjustable fingers on the top beam to easily assist with making any size boxes. The slip roll portion has three wire grooves, and can form rolls down to 1-35/64-inches in diameter. Both feature guarantees adjustability and high accuracy
  • VERSATILITY AND EASY ALIGNMENT. This 30" brake shear roll can be utilized to cut multiple materials. The shear can be used for mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, lead, plastic and zinc. The 3-in-1 sheet metal brakes, sheet metal shears and slip roll machine has detailed manuals and a short video is also available on YouTube to give specific instruction on how to resemble it effortlessly
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION AND LONG TERM INVESTMENT. This 3-IN-1 brake shear roll has a heavy cast iron Frame. The slip roll portion of the shear brake roll has hardened and polished shafts for long life. This 30" 3-in-1 sheet metal brake, shears and slip roll machine is designed to perform at a harsh condition and can stand for a longer life. It would be a good investment from long-term perspective
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12-inch Long Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Cutter Cutting Shears Tin Snips

  • Hardened and tempered Carbon blades
  • Straight blade design for general purpose metal shearing and cutting
  • 12" (300mm) full length, 700g weight
  • Cutting Range: Maxium 1.2mm largo rolled iron, Maxium 0.7mm steel Plate
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KAKA Industrial MMS-3 Cast-Iron Multiple Purpose Throatless Sheet Metal Shear, High Accuracy, High Adjustability, Easy Operation Sheet Metal Cutter with 0.118-Inch Cutting Capacity

  • TWO ROTATING BALDES FACILITATES ADJUSTABILITY. The throatless sheet metal shear has two rotating blades, which facilitates the performers to operate the material in any direction that they want.The blades only shear at the point when they are closest together, which increase the shear flexibility
  • GREAT CUTTING CAPABILITY. The maximum cutting capacity for this shear is 0.118-inch, which would be a perfect complement to any sheet metal fabrication shop
  • HEAVY DUTY BASE ENSURES HIGH STABILITY.The body of this cast-iron metal shear is made of heavy steel and has been designed for years of trouble free use under the most demanding conditions
  • HIGH ACCURACY. The precise and clean cuts can be achieve through the rotating shear blades, which adjust for different material thickness and work together with the fully adjustable material guides
  • EASY OPERATION. The sheet metal throatless shear is equipped with a ratcheting device that allows the operator total control over the cut. It is designed in a way that allows the material to pass through the machine and not get stuck
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Malco TSHDRB Replacement Blade for Malco for TSHD Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Turbo Shear

  • Replace the blades rather than the entire TuroShear
  • Cuts approximately 2000 linear feet per set of blades
  • Instructions included
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Steel Double Head Sheet Nibbler Metal Cutter Holder Tool Saw Shear Cutting Drill Attachment Hand Tool Power Drill 3601500-3000RPM (Ordinary Packing)

  • Excellent cutting effect without any burrs at cutting edges.
  • Double cutting head and 360 degrees adjustment.
  • For car repairing and maintenance and metal sheet.
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KAKA Industrial HSG-8 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Sheet Metal Plate Shear, Cast-Iron Steel Frame Manual Hand Plate Shear

  • HIGH EFFICIENCY CAN BE ACHIEVED THROUGH THE GEAR DRIVEN CONFIGURATION. This heavy duty metal shear equips with a great driven configuration, which can achieve high efficiency when it is in use
  • ARCHED TOP BLADE ALLOWS EFFORTLESS CUTTING. This 8-Inch metal shear is designed with an arched top blade, which allows effortlessly cutting throughout the stroke
  • CAN CUT MULTIPLE MATERIALS. The heavy duty 8-Inch metal plate shear can be utilized to cut metal plate, round steel and flat bar
  • HEAVY STEEL FRMAE ENHANCES SAFETY. This sheet metal plate shear is designed with a solid steel frame that can last many year use. It also will protect the stability when it is in use
  • THE LONG STEEL HANDLE ENHANCES EXTRA LEVERAGE. The setting of the long steel handle actually saves a lot of time and effort to cut a plate, especially if you have a back pain, the metal plate with a long handle will definitely an excellent choice
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8" Mounting Bench Type Manual Hand Plate Shear Slices Sheet Metal, Rebar & Round Stock Cutter

  • Blade Length: 8 in.
  • Rod Capacity: 1/2 in.
  • Maximum Length of Single Cut: 7-1/2 in.
  • Shear blades are precision ground hardened steel.
  • Designed to cut sheet metal, plate, rebar, and round stock.
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Erie Tools 52" 3 in 1 Sheet Metal Machine Shear, Brake, and Roll Combination Machine with 16 Gauge Capacity

  • Machine consists of a low production press brake, slip roll, and sheet metal shear.
  • Maximum Shearing Thickness: 16 Gauge (0.0598" Thickness) Maximum Bending Thickness: 16 Gauge (0.0598
  • Maximum Bending Angle: 90 Maximum Rolling Thickness: 16 Gauge (0.0598" Thickness)
  • Minimum Rolling Diameter: 3" Slip Roll Wire Sizes: 1/4", 5/16" & 3/8"
  • Overall Dimension: 72" L x 24" W x 38" H
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Search Term "Sheet metal shears"
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Materials List
Range hood
Metal ducting
Duct tape
Duct strap (plumbers tape)
1" to 2" galvanized screws and/or screw anchors
Wall cap
Electrical cable (NM)
Cable clamps
Wire nuts

Tools List (Click item to shop)
Reciprocating saw
Electric drill
Drill bits
Masonry bits & chisel (if needed)
Caulking gun
Drywall saw
Wire cutter/stripper
Sheet metal shears
Tape measure
Work gloves
Safety glasses





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