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Johnson Level, & Tool CS10 Carpenter Square

  • 12" x 1-1/2" body x 8" x 1" tongue, 1/8" thick
  • EZ Read thermal bonded numbers and graduations measure in 1/8"
  • Rugged steel construction
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ANY-ANGLE MULTI-ANGLE Measuring Ruler: Adjustable, Easy to Measure Square and Weird Angleizer Instrument | Great for Woodworking, Crafters, Construction Workers, Carpenters, Engineers, + E-book & Bag

  • ? MAKING YOUR JOB EASIER - Space parallel wood effortlessly by setting this at a 90-degree and lock the position; help align bricks in a flawless pattern when set into T-square; or use as a gauge or spacer for
  • ? ONE HANDED OPERATION: as DIYERS we do everything on our own - so you've got a pencil in your mouth and your other hand is holding down some stubborn grids? No worries, this multiangle tool comes with a easy swivel design and tightening knobs that makes one handed operations easy: create templates, stencils, squares, perfect corners, with just one hand.
  • ? LIGHTWEIGHT, PRECISE, EASY TO USE DESIGN: this multipurpose tool folds to any degree you need and the adjustable knob locks it in position. Its innovative four-sided mechanism forms into any shape; A unique tool that will help save you time, effort, and frustration.
  • ?EXCELLENT FOR ALL PROFESSIONAL AND HOME USE: The ultimate multitool companion: whether you're a roofer, engineer, carpenter, stone mason, general contractor, or backyard / home improvement projects type person, this tool is for you. It can be used on any surface: lumber, brick, metal, steel, laminate floor, tile, garden, hardwood, countertop, etc.
  • ? FREE STORAGE BAG & 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident you will love this product, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you are unsatisfied with your product for any reason, we offer you a full refund within 60 days, and a 1 year's replacement warranty.
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Stanley 45-912 8 Inch X 12 Inch Steel Carpenter'S Square

  • High-quality hardened steel for durability and long life
  • Embossed graduations for easy reading on face and back
  • Reverse reading scale makes measuring more efficient
  • Treated with a clear, protective finish that resists rust
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacture Warranty
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Angle Measurement Tool 4 Sided Adjustable Square Angle Tool Measure Layout Tools Perfect for Carpenters Craftsmen Handymen Engineers DIY-ers Home Industry

  • ? IMPROVED & UPGRADED. Unlike our competitors plastic screws, the 4 tightening knobs & bolts of our square tool are all made of metal, makes the template tool more durable, long-lasting and fashionable.
  • ? VERSITALE & EFFICIENT MEASURE TOOL. Its four slotted rulers can move and lock into any position to create any form of shapes and angle, which makes measuring on arches and joists so easy and quick. This perfect angle tool greatly eliminates tedious, repetitive measures and materials made from inaccurate cuts.
  • ? MULTI-USAGE & ULTIMATE TEMPLATE TOOL Our angle template tool is handy for creating bull eyes, arches, plumb cuts and any project you can think of. It's perfect for builders, Handyman Carpenters & craftsmen, Engineers, weekend warriors and DIY-ers alike. Custom layouts you want in tile, wood, brick, stone, lumber, laminate and more!
  • ? DURABLE AND PORTABLE. Fiberglass filled nylon makes the Angle-izer durable for any job and industry. Easy folding and velvet pouch protective enable you to take the angle-izer tool on the go to any job site!
  • ? SELLER WARRANTY. Full refund with no reason if any unsatisfied after received the product. We always stand by our products and provide our customer 100% satisfaction services.
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12" Carpenters Square (HEAVY DUTY HARDENED STEEL) 12 Inch / 30 CM Framing Square - 90 Degree Angle with Combination Handle - Rafter Tri Mitre Square - Perfect Tool For Carpenters, Roofing, & More

  • 12 INCH (30 CM) RULER - Glossy Numbers with a Powder Coated Finish to Prevent Rust & Corrosion
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE HARDENED STEEL - High Quality Steel Construction, Incredibly Durable!
  • INSERT HOLE FOR EASY STORAGE - Convenient Insert Hole for Hanging
  • PERFECT ADDITION TO ANY TOOLBOX - Often Used by Carpenters, Drywallers, Architects, Roofers, DIYers, and More!
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Tarvol Guarantees All of It's Products and Tools for Life!
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VINCA ARLS-12 Aluminum Rafter Carpenter Square 12 inch Measuring Layout Tool

  • 12" x 12" Square with multiple scales; 1/8-, 1/10-, 1/12-, and 1/16-"
  • Durable deep stampings; Yellow markings on black
  • Thick aluminum body that support heavy duty use
  • Wider base that provide stable grip on materials
  • Comes with rafter conversion table
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VINCA SCLS-1208 Carpenter L Square 8 inch x 12 inch Measuring Layout Tool

  • Size: 8" x 12"
  • Higher quality 1cr13 hardened steel for long lasting use
  • Durable punching press finished graduations
  • Front and backside measurable design
  • Finished with rust prevention treatment
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Angleizer Template Tool - Heavy Duty Aluminum Metal Angle Finder - Framing Square and Marking Shapes & Angles, For Builders, Craftsmen & DIY, Patio, Arches + Carpenter Pencil

  • ACCURATE ANGLE MEASUREMENT TOOL - The angleizer template tool is perfect for precise and accurate angle measurements.With this aluminum angle-izer template tool, you can easily create a perfectly angled template, specifically customized for what you need, every time!
  • THE ULTIMATE TEMPLATE TOOL- AngleZ angle finder has four adjustable, 2-sided arms. You can create a custom stencil for every job. The angle ruler contains inches and centimeters measurement to make it easy for everyone! Use it to mark tile, flooring, bricks, lumber, laminate, metal & more!
  • PREMIUM ALUMINUM ALLOY MATERIAL- Forget all about those flimsy plastic angleizer template ruler tools. Our new AngleZ template tool is made of premium aluminum alloy. The knobs and bolts are made of high quality metal, they are very durable and not easy to brake like the plastic ones.
  • MULTI-ANGLE RULER MECHANISM: Just place the angle-izer template tool on your work area, slide the rulers into the shape you need, and tighten the screws. Then you can fix any desired angle as a reusable stencil for endless applications.
  • MAKES AN AWESOME GIFT! Looking for a great gift for a special handyperson? We've got you covered! This makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers.
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STARRICH Combination Square 12-Inch Heavy Duty Professional Inch/Metric Stainless Steel Level & Tool ,Metal-Body Carpenter's Tool,12" (Combination Square)

  • 12-inch heavy-duty professional combination square with an etched stainless steel blade and Green vial
  • Combination square has stainless steel blade has a matte finish that will never rust or corrode
  • Self-aligning draw bolt; hardened scriber; heavy-duty machined square head
  • Perfect for 90° and 45° marking
  • Combination square can be used as a gauge for transferring measurements
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ANGLE-IZER TEMPLATE TOOL by KEEP EVOLVING - Multi-Angle Framing Square Ruler With Angle Finder Design Including, User Manual , Carpenter Pencil , Carrying Pouch, For Contractors and Laminate Flooring.

  • •MEASURE MULTIPLE ANGLES AND UNIQUE FUNKY ANGLES- This multi-angle Template Tool Can Measure and duplicate multiple Angles at once and Should Be In Every Tool Bag. As The Market Continues To Evolve Be Sure To Keep Up With New Ways To Save Time And Money. Improve The Way You Look At A Flooring Job From Now On!
  • •CONTRACTORS! LOSING CLIENTS OR LOSS OF SUPPLIES - Don't Let Inaccuracies Or Spending Too Much Time Cycling Through Different Rulers Or Carpentry Squares Slow You Down. Be The One With The New And Improved Tools On The Site.
  • •SAVE WHEN YOU BUY 2 OR MORE - Save 15% When You Purchase Multiple Angle Tools. Perfect For a Gift And Keeping One For Yourself. Diy Tools For The Diyer In Your Family. WE Provide Excellent Customer Service And Are Available To Answer Any Questions.
  • FREE MULTI-ANGLE USER MANUAL - With Keep Evolving Your Experience Wont Stop At The Sale We Pride Our Brand On Support Please Vist Us.
  • •100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Enjoy Your Angleizer risk free and buy with confidence! If you don't like our product - return it. We stand behind all of our products, so you can return your Keep Right Angle-izer within 60 days for a hassle-free, easy refund. Perfect carpenters and construction installation kits. HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL Perfecto herramientas de carpinteria
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Search Term "Carpenters square"
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