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3M Patch Plus Primer Kit with 8 fl. oz Patch Plus Primer, Self-Adhesive Patch, Putty Knife and Sanding Pad

  • It includes an 8 fl oz tub of Patch plus primer
  • A 4'' self-adhesive patch is included
  • Use the 3'' putty knife to make repair
  • Use the 3M sanding pad to smooth the surface after patching
  • 3M Wall Repair Kit contains all the tools necessary to make wall repairs easy
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Warner 1-1/2" ProGrip Full Flex Putty Knife, 90127A

  • Full Flex blades have been hollow-ground thinner for maximum flexibility
  • Ergonomic handle is wider and flatter, designed to reduce fatigue and fit the hand for use as a spreading tool
  • Putty knife for applying lightweight compounds such as spackling
  • Full-tang design for maximum strength
  • Large hang-hole size
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(REPAIR KIT) 4oz Food Grade Grease for KitchenAid Stand Mixer With Gloves and Putty Knife - MADE IN THE USA

  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE: If you are looking for a grease repair kit or tune up kit for your KitchenAid / Kitchen Aid stand mixer, then our kit will do the trick. Furthermore, our kit and grease are fully compatible with all such mixers and most other appliances requiring food-grade grease.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Repairing your KitchenAid mixer may require some supplies you don't commonly have such as a putty knife or gloves(Latex-Free) to help you effectively complete the repair with minimal mess. To ensure you are fully equipped for this repair we have formulated this kit to make it easy and convenient for you.
  • MAKE YOUR MIXER LIKE NEW AGAIN: KitchenAid mixers require frequent regressing to keep them running at optimal performance and minimize any wear-and-tear. If you do not keep up on this maintenance grease can leak out the mixer and damage the gears. Leaving you with a possibly expensive repair which could have been avoided by simply using our grease repair kit.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR COMPLETE REPAIR: Each of our repair kits comes with 4 ounces of grease which is enough for a full repair of your mixer.
  • NSF H-1 REGISTERED & MADE IN THE USA: Safety is a top priority of ours here at UniKitchen, and that is why our grease is NSF H-1 Registered food grade grease which exceeds all industry standards. Furthermore, our entire grease kits are MANUFACTURED AND ASSEMBLED IN THE USA to support American jobs and guarantee top quality.
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Bates Paint Scraper - Pack of 2 Putty Knife Scraper, Scraper, 5 in 1 tools, Spackle Knife, Caulk Removal Tool, Painters Tool, Paint Can Opener, Paint Remover for Wood, Wallpaper Scraper, Painting Tool

  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Paint Scrapers that get the job done with a superior finish. Makes repair and refinishing jobs quick and easy
  • ONE TOOL WITH MULTIPLE USES: Tools can be used as a paint scraper, screwdriver, paint can opener, hammer, crown molding remover, putty knife, box opener & more. One scraper blade replaces multiple hand tools in your toolbox.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: Straight-ground blades for flexibility and carbon steel blades, hardened for durability. Rust-resistant steel blade
  • COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE: Soft grip designed to last for long jobs without discomfort to your hands
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: No worries here, if something happens to your set, return them, and get a brand new set!
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4" Putty Knife (HEAVY DUTY - FLEXIBLE STIFF BROAD KNIFE BLADE) Paint & Wall Scraper - Carbon Steel - Ergonomic Comfort Handle - Perfect for Spackle, Spreading Scraping Walls, Floors, Tile, & More!

  • 4" CARBON STRENGTH STEEL BLADE - In a Beautiful Mirrored Polished Finish
  • STRONG & FLEXIBLE - Blade is Designed with the Perfect Amount of Flex making it Strong, Durable, and Versatile
  • ERGONOMIC COMFORT HANDLE - Soft Rubberized Ergonomically Handle Provides Resistance to Muscle Fatigue
  • PERFECT FOR ANY PROJECT - Including Spackling, Painting, Spreading, and More!
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Tarvol Guarantees All of It's Products and Tools for Life!
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Bates- Paint Scraper, 5 Pc Scraper Tool, Putty Knife Set, Putty Knife, Painting Tools, 5 in 1 Tool, Spackle Knife, Wallpaper Scraper, Painters Tool, Crown Molding Tool, Paint Remover for Wood, Scraper

  • PAINT SCRAPER AND PUTTY KNIVES (5 PC): Premium Quality, Ideal For Home Improvement Projects: Applying Joint Compound, Puttying Windows, Scraping Paint, Removing Loose Putty, Removing Loose Paint, Removing Vinyl Or Paper Wall Covering, Patching Dents Cracks Holes In Plaster
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2.5-Inch 5 In 1 Scraper Tool, 1-Inch Putty Knife, 3-Inch Putty Knife, 4-Inch Putty Knife, And 6-Inch Putty Knife
  • 2.5- INCH 5 IN 1 PAINT SCRAPER: 1.5mm Stainless Steel Blade, Can Be Used As A Paint Scraper, Screwdriver, Paint Can Opener, Hammer, Crown Molding Remover, Putty Knife, Box Opener & More. One Scraper Blade Replaces Multiple Hand Tools In Your Toolbox
  • PUTTY KNIFE SET: 1", 3", 4", 6" Set, Made From 0.7mm Carbon Steel, Straight-Ground Blades For Flexibility And Carbon Steel Blades, Hardened For Durability. Rust-Resistant Steel Blade
  • COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE: Soft Wood Grip Designed To Last For Long Jobs Without Discomfort To Your Hands
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6 Piece Flexible Plastic Putty Knife Set

  • Used for repairing cracks stucco, drywall, window caulk, and concrete patch
  • Includes Sizes: 1-1/2 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch, Colors may vary between black and blue
  • Will not gouge wood and will not be affected by paint remover solvents
  • Excellent for stripping furniture
  • It includes a putty knife, a spreader / scraper and a taping knife, Lightweight and durable, Great value at a low cost
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Drywall Taping Knife Set, 3 Pack Putty Knives Stiff Steel Metal Drywall Scraper Set (2"3"4")

  • Taping knife ideal for Patching large areas, Sealing drywall joints. includes 2,3,4 inch Putty Knife
  • A putty knife is a specialized tool used when glazing single glazed windows, to work putty around the edges of each pane of glass. An experienced glazer will apply the putty by hand, and then smooth it with the knife. Modern insulated glazing may use other ways of securing the glass to the window frame.
  • A spackle knife (called a scraper in British English, also known as a spatula in American English) is also commonly called a "putty knife", and is used for scraping surfaces or spreading material such as plaster in various construction trades.
  • Putty Knife Ideal for Puttying windows, Removing loose putty, Scraping paint, Removing loose paint, Removing vinyl or paper wall Covering and Patching Dents cracks holes in Plaster.
  • A taping knife drywall tool with a wide blade is used for spreading joint compound, also known as "mud". It can be used to spread mud over nail and screw indents in new drywall applications and is also used when using paper or fiberglass drywall tape to cover seams. Other common uses include patching holes, smoothing wall-coverings and creating specialty artistic wall finishes.
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3-Pack Drywall Taping Knife Set, Drywall Flex/Flexible Stainless Steel Taping Knives Stiff Steel Metal Drywall Stiff Putty Knife Wall Scrapers Set

  • ? QUALITY MATERIAL: The taping knife blades are made of quality CR-V stainless steel, durable, flexible and high hardness & long service life. Handles are made of high quality durable PP+TPR.
  • ? COMPREHENSIVE: This taping knifes set includes all your essential for wall fixing - 2" Stiff Putty Knife, 3" Stiff Steel Metal Wall Scraper, and 5" Drywall Flexible Steel Taping Knife.
  • ? PERFECT WORKMANSHIP: The integrated molding process makes the handle of the taping knife attractive and durable, and the highly elastic rubber provides comfortable hand feeling. The quenching process makes the balde much harder than similar taping knifes.
  • ? EASY TO STORE: The holes in each handle for easy storage on any nail or pegboard.
  • ? WARNING: Keep out of reach of children!
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Hi-Spec 86 Piece Home Maintenance & Repairs Tool & Bag Set with Claw Hammer, Pliers, Scissors, Utility Knife, Putty Knife, Most Popular SAE Screw Bit & Hex Key Sizes, 40pc Picture Hanging Kit & Tools

  • ? BONUS 40 PIECE PICTURE HANGING KIT: Put your tape measure, torpedo level and screw bits to good use with a complete wall hanging kit including hooks, wire and nails. Make sure every picture you hang is perfectly straigh and exactly where it should be, and perform upkeep and maintenance tasks on a variety of other decorations and fixtures around the house
  • ? HOME MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS: Be ready for anything your home, garage, office, car or workshop throws at you with this set of practical tools for repairs and maintenance tasks. A selection of the most popular hands tools paired with the most used SAE and Metric screw bit and hex key sizes will make sure you are prepared, plus picture hanging tools and fittings
  • ? SCREWBITS/ HEX KEYS: A selection of the most useful SAE sizes of Slotted, Phillips and TORX bits and bit holder with soft touch grip so you are ready to fix, upkeep and even assemble items around the home. Hex Keys come in both metric and SAE sizes for a wide range of applications including working with cars and motorbikes, adjusting bicycles, toys and home appliances
  • ? STORAGE BAG: Keep your tools safe, secure and ready for when you need them with this rugged storage bag. Keep your tools stored safely in your car, cupboard, shelf or drawer space, and transport them quickly and easily to your project or task for efficient and stress-free home DIYing
  • ? THE RIGHT TOOLS: Set includes a selection of the most reached for DIY hand tools including a claw hammer for banging and pulling nails, needle nose pliers for cutting and pulling wire, heavy duty scissors for performing every day cutting tasks, utility knife for cutting and shaping material and multi-purpose putty knife for removing excess material and manipulating putty
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Search Term "Putty knife"
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Materials List
Household detergent or concrete driveway cleaner
Caulk gun sealant (for cracks less than ¼”)
Pre-mixed mortar or sealant (for cracks ¼” to ½")
Premixed cement (for cracks larger than ½”)
Plastic sheeting

Tools List (Click item to shop)
Garden Hose with spray attachment
Putty knife
Safety goggles





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