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IRWIN Tools STRAIT-LINE 66400 Carpenter's Pencil, Medium Lead, 6-Piece Set (66400)

  • Broad lead makes fine lines for detail drawings or coarse lines on rough surfaces.
  • Oval shape of carpenter pencil won't roll away.
  • For carpenters, builders, tradesman, or anyone who needs a tough pencil that will mark a variety of surfaces.
  • Includes 6 medium lead pencils.
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IMPROVED Angle-izer Measuring & Template Tool for Difficult Angles and Forms,Ultimate Multi Shapes Measurement Ruler, Great for Handymen/Builders/Craftsmen & DIY+ 2 Carpenter Pencils BONUS by 2BExpert

  • PROBABLY THE BEST TEMPLATE TOOL: The perfect multi angle template tool is ideal for builders, craftsmen, handymen and DIY-ers alike! BONUS: 2 heavy duty carpenter pencils! Everything you need to measure and mark in one set.
  • THE MOST ACCURATE TOOL FOR COMPLEX ANGLES AND SHAPES: Create layouts in tile, brick, stone, lumber, laminate and more! The Angle-izer is handy for creating bull eyes, arches, plumb cuts or any project you can think of.
  • SAVE TIME, MONEY & EFFORTS: The four-sided ruler mechanism slides and locks to fit any angle as a reusable stencil for endless applications. Increase speed and improve the quality of your work to save time and effort.
  • IMPROVED DESIGN: The easy and simple to operate tool is essential for professionals but necessary for all! Simply loosen the knobs and adjust any four sides to the shape you need! Tighten to hold shape to replicate on tile, brick, wood, and more!
  • EASY TO USE: The four arms are dual-calibrated in inches and CM for you to choose the best unit to measure precisely with 100% standard scale. Made from improved, durable and resistant ABS, the flexible and detachable arms make it unique tightening mechanism easy to carry and store.
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Angle Ruler & Multi Angle Measuring Ruler (including Pouch, Gloves & Carpenter Pencil) Template Tool Great for Your Tool Box, All Angles and Forms| Best for Laying Floor, Hanging Tiles, Cutting Stone

  • EASY ACCURATE MEASURING: Measuring angles becomes so much easier and more accurate with this Multi Angle Template Tool. Fit the tape to the space being measured, tighten up, and mark the area for precise cutting. Avoid measuring mistakes and errors.
  • MULTIPURPOSE ANGLE FINDER FOR ALL USES: Comprises four two-sided angle ruler tools (easily forms to the shape of the work area) to create a custom template for all kinds of job. Mark bricks, metal, wood, flooring, tile, and more without stress. It is angle template tool for tillers, roofers, builders, craftsmen, and creative individuals.
  • DURABLE MULTI ANGLE MEASURING RULER: EZ-Angler is made from plastic ABS material and can withstand rough and hard use over several years while retaining its great performance.
  • SAVES TIME, MONEY & EFFORTS: Improve the quality of work and speed- reduce time and efforts instead of measuring shapes and angles, and creating multiple templates repeatedly and wasting resources. Supports inches and centimeters measurements and fits all angles and shapes easily and quickly.
  • FREE STORAGE POUCH, GLOVES & CARPENTER PENCIL: Angle template tool is packaged with bonus kits i.e. pouch (for convenient storage and carriage), gloves (for safety), and carpenter pencil.
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Neon Green Carpenter Pencils - 72 Count Bulk Box

  • Bright Neon Green Carpenter Pencils
  • Black Medium Graphite
  • Box of 72
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HAT CLIP PENCIL HOLDER TOOLS that can hold golf or carpenter pencils, Sharpie markers and more! 3 PACK BLACK

  • Holds most shapes and size pen or pencils. Round or Square.
  • Attaches to either side of a hat, cap or visor with our unique gripping teeth features
  • Self adjusting hinge design
  • Elimates the aggrevation of losing or misplacing pen or pencils
  • Handy for tradesman, golfer, construction, trucker or any hat wearer
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Stainless Steel Angleizer Template Tool Angle-izer Angle Template Tool for Craftsmen, Handyman, Builders, DIY-ers, Woodworker (Bonus Carpenter Pencil)

  • Angle-izer Template Tool: Make perfect cuts and angles every time with this angle-izer tool! Just right for DIYers, craftsman, Handyman, Builders, DIY-ers, Woodworker.
  • Strong & Durable: New Version Premium Grade Stainless Steel Measure Tool, Much More Sturdy Than the Plastic Angle Izer Tool, Stain and Corrosion resistant, Low maintenance, Long Lasting and Extremely Durable.
  • SuperEasy ToUse: Simply place the Angleizer, fit it and then tighten locks into place and mark your work for accurate cutting!
  • IN & CM Angles Measurents: Angleizer template tool is perfect for precise and accurate angle measurement, Great layout tool for creating all shapes and angles quickly and easily, Measures both inches & centimeters.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee, If you are not Satisfied with your Purchase for Any Reason, Please Feel Free To Contact Us.
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Swanson pack of 2 Mechanical Carpenter Pencils with 24 Lead Cartridges and a Magnetic Torpedo Level

  • Never work with a dull pencil again, work with Always Sharp
  • Each pencil has 8 lead cartridges, plus 8 additional replacement cartridges
  • The level has an extruded aluminum frame for light weight strength
  • Full length magnetic strip with V-groove so it stays where you put it hands free
  • With the built in V-groove, you can even put it on the corner of an item
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ULTIMATE Angleizer Template Tool | Strong ABS Plastic, Foldable Tool With Metal Screws + Pencil | For Carpenters, Builders, DIY Projects | Measure, Mark, Make Angle Bulls Eyes & Arches

  • ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY TOOLBOX: Facilitate measurements and DIY projects with this handy angle template tool. No more inaccurate cuts, no more repetitive measuring, no more guessing either. Measure even the most awkward angles in the house!
  • CONFORMS TO YOUR NEEDS: The 4 metal screws on top tighten and loosen up depending on the area you are working on. Regulate them to your needs and enjoy precise measurements in both inches and centimeters. Double calibrated arms for your convenience.
  • WORKS ON ALL SURFACES: You can use this angle template tool on any surface that comes to mind. From tiles, wood, stones, bricks, to laminate, lumber and more. An absolute must have for all handymen, carpenters, roofers, builders, craftsmen and you of course!
  • DESIGNED TO ENDURE ANY ABUSE: The SmartCo premium angle-izer ruler is made of 100% heavy-duty ABS plastic, so you can rest assured that it will not let you down. Unlike flimsy alternatives, our convenient angle template tool features upgraded metal screws that are not only durable but also easy to use.
  • FREE EXTRA STENCIL PENCIL + CARRYING BAG: With every SmartCo angle-izer template tool you also get a free bonus carpenters pencil for drawing your stencils with the tool and a convenient nylon carrying bag. What more do you need, click "Add To Cart"
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Red Carpenter Pencils with Red Lead - 72 Count Bulk Box

  • Red Painted Wooden Carpenter Pencils
  • Red Lead
  • Box of 72
  • Wax Based Core Ideal for Wet Cutting
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Tolsen Tools Carpenter Pencil, 12 pack

  • Ideal for marking saw lines, drill pits and more
  • Easily fits in a pocket
  • Made with wood harvested in a responsible manner
  • Marks a range of materials, including wood, paper and concrete
  • Flat hex side to prevent rolling
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Search Term "Carpenter's Pencil"
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1-5/8 inch drywall nails
1-5/8 inch drywall screws
Drywall adhesive

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Claw Hammer
Drywall T-square
Utility knife
Utility blade refills
Drywall saw
Screw gun
Drywall lift
Chalk line
Carpenter's Pencil
Tape Measure





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