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8' x 10' - Hercules Tent Shelter Tarp Cover Waterproof Tarpaulin Plastic Tarp Protection Sheet for Contractors, Campers, Painters, Farmers, Boats, Motorcycles, Hay Bales - Blue/Silver

  • STRONG AND DURABLE - Extra strength 8x10 weave - 2.8 ounce per square yard - multi-purpose protection. Tarps lightweight and easy to handle have multiple uses.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL - Heavy duty double laminated coating - blue coating on outer side, silver coating on inside, enforced to prevent tears. Can be used in emergency situations such as a roof leak or for window coverings.
  • LONG LASTING AND WEATHERPROOF - sun and fade resistant - rot and rust proof aluminum eyelets every 36 inches. Tarps waterproof feature makes them a great covering and protection for all kinds of boats, transport vehicles, and construction sites.
  • HEAVY DUTY - All four edges are heat sealed - molded vinyl reinforced with strong polypropylene rope in hem. Big tarps heavy enough to cover hay bales, will keep them dry and protect them until used.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are so confident that you will like our Tarp Cover that if you return it within 30 days, we will give you a full refund on the product price. Try it, we know you will like it!
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TopSoon Plastic Covers for Furniture Paint Plastic Drop Cloth Clear Tarp Waterproof 9-Feet by 12-Feet Multi-Purpose

  • This Plastic Drop Cloth is 100% Virgin Plastic Material
  • Protect the Furniture and Floor when Paint and Clean the House and Wall
  • Large Size of 9 feet by 12 feet for Multi-purpose
  • Typical Thickness of 1mil with High Transparency and Durable
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10x12 Waterproof Tarp - 5.5 Mil - All-Purpose Plastic Poly Tarp With Metal Grommets - Emergency Rain Shelter, Outdoor Cover and Camping Use - Blue and Silver (10 Foot. x 12 Foot)

  • 100% Quality Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • 5.5 Mil - Lightweight, Medium Duty Tarp - Finish Size 9' 4" x 11' 6" (112" x 138")
  • Rope Reinforced Hems - Capped Reinforced Corners - Double Lamination - Rust Resistant Metal Grommets Every 18 Inches
  • Water, Weather, Tear & Mildew Resistant - Sun Ultraviolet (UV) Resistant
  • Ideal Tarpaulin for Car, Boat & Machine Cover. Yard, Picnic, Camping, Cabin & Outdoor Furniture Cover. Tent fly, Roof, Wood, Lumber & Pool Cover, etc.
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E-Gtong 4 Mil Thicken Plastic Drop Cloth, 9 x 12 Drop Sheet and Clear Plastic Tarp, Heavy and Waterproof Plastic Covers for Paint, Clean, Furniture and Multi-Purpose Surface Protection, 2 Pack

  • Thickness-4 Mil: This Plastic Drop Cloth is designed with 4 Mil thickness, which not only can not break easily , but also heavy enough to protect the surface and light enough to control.
  • Size-9' x 12': 9 Feet x 12 Feet Clear Plastic Tarp can allow you Multi-purpose of any surface protection.
  • Quality-2 Pack: There are 2 pack Plastic Drop Clothes, which will meet your need for two different place in one time and convenient open to use too.
  • Reliable: Waterproof ,mildew proof , non slip and durable, the advantages of this Drop sheet, offers you a reliable helper during using.
  • Any surface protection: Ideal for paint, clean, and other surface protection. The waterproof Cover can protect floor, furniture, carpets, titles, closet, car from dirty or dust as well as cover broken window.
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32pc Bungee Cord Set, Dr.meter Heavy Duty Bungee Cord Assortment- Includes 10, 18, 24, 32, 40 Bungee Cord with Plastic Coated Reinforced S Steel Hooks and 4 Canopy/Tarp Ball Ties

  • ?One Set Does it All?: With a grand total of 32 pieces, the Dr.meter bungee cord hook assortment will take care of all of your needs. Each set includes 2x 40'' 8mm cords, 2x 32'' 8mm cords, 4x 8mm cords, 6x 18'' 8mm cords, 6x 10'' 4mm mini cords, and 4 canopy ties, 4 stainless steel hooks, and 2 tarp clips. We've also included a bonus storage bag and a carrying net to keep you nice and organized.
  • ?Certified Strength?: Good news- these cords have passed rigorous testing with flying colors! They're German Technical Safety Standard certified and are approved for both military and industrial use. If they're tough enough for the front lines, they'll be tough enough for everyday use.
  • ?Maximum Toughness?: These cords blow the competition out of the water. Thanks to the cross-woven latex and rubber design, they're twice as strong as other bungee cords on the market. Solid metal core hooks and a protective UV coating make the Dr.meter bungee cords ideal for outdoor use.
  • ?Anti-Scratch Steel Hooks?: Say goodbye to scratches and scrapes forever. The 4mm steel hooks are housed in a solid plastic coating that protects your things from scratches and maximizes durability.
  • ?Indoor and Outdoor Use?: These bungee cords are perfect for both at home and on-the-go use. Whether you're packing for a road trip, going camping, or just need some extra help storing your things, the Dr.meter bungee cord set will come to your rescue.
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100 Piece 6" Ball Bungee Cord Tie Down Plastic Toggle Balls Straps For Tarp Tents Canopies

  • 100 pieces / per order
  • 6" length unstretched for each cord
  • Black color
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10pcs Heavy Duty Plastic Shark Tarp Clips, Tent Awning Clamps Tie Down 8.5x2cm

  • Quickly clamp down with the simple locking mechanism. Simply pull up on the clamp to unlock or push down to lock.
  • Made of high strength plastic, durable and lightweight to carry. Ideal accessories for the outdoor camping tent, awning, caravan etc.
  • Do not need cut holes to tie tarps and canopies down and be worry-free about the tarp coming loose.
  • The shark tooth makes the occlusion much more stable. The clamping force is limited, not fixed clamp.
  • Can bear large pulling force after buckle it onto tents, no damage to the fabric.
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ABN 6 Inch Ball Bungee 25-Pack Black Bungee Cord Loop Straps with Plastic Balls for Tarp Tie Down, Lacrosse, Soccer

  • Practical: The ABN 6" Inch Ball Bungee 25-Pack - Black Bungee Cord Loop Straps with Plastic Balls for Tarp Tie Down, Lacrosse, Soccer will satisfy all of your ball bungee needs
  • Versatile: Use as a tarp tie down to canopy frames or other fixed points or even as a lacrosse rebounded or soccer bounce back
  • Durable: Nylon elastic bungee cord loop with plastic ball end; Weatherproof
  • Dimensions: 6-inch (15cm) length from the ball end to the top of the bungee loop; Stretches to approximately 11 inches (27.9cm); 1/5-inch (5mm) bungee cord diameter; 1-inch (2.5cm) ball diameter
  • Contents: Package includes (25) ABN 6" Inch Black Ball Bungees
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18 PC Heavy Duty Bungee Cord Jar Contains 10, 18, 24, 36, 48 Cords and 2 Steel Rings With Plastic Coated Steel Hooks Ties Down Tarps For Extreme Strength(176 to 220lb), 50/50 Latex & Rubber

  • ?18 PIECE BUNGEE CORD SET: These colorful bungie cords by AI VINNY are finely crafted to offer you a safe and practical solution to securing down bikes, luggage, and other bulky cargo to your car, motorbike, pickup truck, trailers, RVs etc. Never worry again that your heavy load will come loose in transit with these trusty bungee cords. With an 18 piece set, you've got a flexible cord for every size and shape of object
  • ?HIGH QUALITY, RELIABLE CORDS: Each bungee cord comes with a high-quality, sturdy, robust plastic coated hook that prevents any scratches on your vehicle's paint or the object you're holding down, and is extra resistant to breaking than other flimsy competitor elastic cords. Each bungee cord consists of 50% latex and 50% rubber inner core, with a heavy 4mm steel gauge core in the hook
  • ?COLOR CODEED AND VARIED SIZES: The AI VINNY Bungee Cord Set comes with the following length and color cords: 1 Red 48" ,3 Yellow 36", 3 Blue 24", 3 Green 18", 6 Black Mini Cords 10", and 2 steel rings. The cords are color coded so you know exactly which one measures what size, and with a variety of sizes you have a bungee cord for every situation and cargo. They all fit neatly in a compact, easy to carry container that you can store or take with you anywhere
  • ?STRONG BUNGEE CORDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS: The Bungee Cords for Camping can withstand up to 80 to 100kg of weight (176 to 220lb). It's excellent for use on your truck, on boats, for when you're moving house, on lawn mowers and other yard equipment, for when you're camping and tying down tarps and canopies, securing valuable equipment, on your motorcycle, ATV, bicycle, car, SUV, truck, minivan, bundles, camping, cargo racks, garages, yard work, ice chests tie-downs and household yard work
  • ?DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE: Each bungee cord is crafted using a 100% polyester material, which make them strong, durable bungee cord set is made with the highest grade 100% polyester web stitched sheath material, a double UV coating and they're weather resistant, too. They're flexible, safe, perfect for multi-use, and a must have tool for your home and vehicle
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Cinch Tite Tarp Zipper Door Plastic Boxed

  • The CinchTite Tarp Zipper Door is a self-adhesive instant door for tarps and plastic sheeting.
  • Create an enclosed accessible work area in a matter of minutes.
  • Made out of Heavy Duty 950 denier poly.
  • 7ft. zipper door. Works in temperatures -20 to 150F.
  • UV resistant. Opens from either side.
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Search Term "Plastic tarps"
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Materials List
Chemical stripper
Coarse steel wool
Lacquer thinner
Denatured alcohol
Old newspapers

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Storage containers
Stiff putty knife
Scratch awl
Paint brush
Brass wire brush
Plastic tarps
Safety glasses
Rubber gloves





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