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75 6-Inch Garden Landscape Staples / Stakes / Pins - Made in USA - Strong Pro Quality Built to Last. Best Weed Barrier Fabric, Lawn Drippers, Irrigation Tubing, Wireless Dog Fence

  • FULL 6 INCH PROFESSIONAL LENGTH (BEWARE OF CHEAPER 4 INCH PRODUCTS THAT DON'T HOLD) - Designed to enhance your outdoor, patio, home, and landscaping projects. Longer and stronger than the pegs you'll find at Home Depot, Lowes, and other home improvement stores.
  • DURABLE 11 GAUGE STEEL - Tough metal to anchor plastic, edging, chain link, lighting, electric wires, pet invisible, inground, underground, holiday decoration wire, drip, solar, LED, spotlights, cable, low voltage lights, water pump, controller, timer, charger, valve, etc.
  • HUNDREDS OF USES - Container, square foot, raised bed, herb, rose, bulbs, vegetable & flowers. Hold down a boundary or perimeter, stop animal digging such as squirrels, rabbits, gophers, also secure deer and bird nets. Useful in rock, stone, cactus, succulent, and Japanese arrangements to hold down covers or plastic, to keep plants out of rocks and mulch. Use with petsmart petsafe.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA - Supplying the tools, supplies, & essentials gardeners, landscapers, & home owners need. Designed to rust quickly and "grow" into the soil which increases holding power 2x-4x. They'll last for years! Galvanized, plastic, & stainless don't have this feature so don't hold as well. These are professional-grade and made to hold strong and get the job done (not designed for decoration or to "look pretty".) If you need non-rusting please buy our galvanized versions.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK! - If you're not 100% satisfied send them back for a full refund. As you can see by our hundreds of 5 star reviews people love our products and we're sure you will too! Order now to get your hands on the best products available anywhere. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Add to cart Now...
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4 Pack Magnetic Mini Tray Holders - Multi Color - Use In Garage, Home, Construction - For Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Iron, Nails, Screws, Sockets, Bits, Etc. - 4 Inch Diameter x 1-1/4 Depth - By Katzco

  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION- Heavy-gauge polished Aluminum construction Base bowl with strong magnetic built into the base- Includes 4 trays for more organizational flexibility, This bench top accessory keeps small parts accessible and all in one place.
  • HOLDS SMALL PARTS- The magnet parts bowl will hold any small steel or ferrous metal object. Keeps nuts and bolts, parts, and small tools within reach of work area.
  • RUBBER COATED BOTTOM -Base has a rubber bottom coated magnets to prevent marring of painted to finished surfaces , You can Mount The tray horizontal or even vertically or up-side-down.
  • IDEAL FOR STORAGE- Keeps small metal parts and tools from getting lost Great addition to any workshop Holds Small Parts securely, Helps prevent lost or misplaced parts, fasteners, and tools Screws for nuts, bolts, screws, nails, needles & thimbles.
  • EXTRA MAGANATIC- 4 1/4" diameter Aluminum steel tray Hold Adheres to any ferrous metal surface Attach the bowl to any metal machine in your shop to hoods, fenders, or other ferrous metal surfaces Even works sideways and upside down.
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WallPeg 8 foot garden tool organizer - garage wall storage

  • 96" Wide Peg Track, 4 - 24" Sections and 24 Flex-Lock Peg Hangers
  • Adjustable peg locations for easy organizing and safe storage
  • Made from tuff Poly Plastic ...Perfect for indoor or outside use
  • Keep your lawn tools handy and out of the way
  • Only a screwdriver needed for quick and easy installation
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Bahco 51-21 Bow Saw Blade, 21-Inch, Dry Wood

  • 21 inches long
  • Designed to cut through dry wood and lumber
  • Rust prevention treated
  • Type of toothing is peg
  • Packed in individual sleeve
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Toysmith 27-Inch Kid's Metal Leaf Rake with Hardwood Handle

  • This fully-functional child-sized rake is perfect for helping Mommy or Daddy around the yard.
  • The rake measures 27-inches in length, just the right size for young helpers.
  • A loop at the end of the handle allows the rake to be hung from a peg when not in use for easy storage.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
  • Recommended for ages 5 years and up.
  • Challenge your children's imaginations and keep them active with Toysmith.
  • Committed to providing the most imaginative toys along with the highest safety standards, Toysmith has toys appropriate for all age groups.
  • Toysmith offers toys for any kind of play: active play, science and discovery, arts and crafts, impulse and novelty toys, and nostalgic retro classics.
  • Kids gardening leaf rake
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Towel Clips Polka Dot Flip Flops Boca Clip Beach Pool Lounger Chairs Keep Towel from Blowing Away

  • BENEFITS FOR YOU: Towels stay in place via beautiful boca clip beach towel clips with cute designs that easily attach to beach chairs, lawn chairs, or pool loungers. Designer towel clips that keep your towel in place!
  • Boca Clips towel clips make YOUR beach chairs or patio chairs STAND OUT and look nice, clean and neat. No more sliding down and re-fixing your arrangement. Make people notice YOUR beach chair with these unique towel clips!
  • YOUR BONUS: Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory has his spot; make YOUR SPOT stand out!! These bright red Sandal towel clips mark your SPOT and keep you stress free to enjoy your day in the sun and keep towels from blowing away, falling backward on the ground, or slumping into a heap on your chair. YES! These towel clips clamp perfectly to your chair with a colorful flip flop design full of bright polka dot and striped colors in this set of 2 JUMBO-SIZED clips.
  • STRONG & DURABLE: Hang 2 towels over your chair: 1 as a soft cushion and the other as your drying towel.
  • OTHER USES: Let your bathing suit hang dry and hold water-soaked swimming suits. Also, cover up baby carriers and strollers to keep from disturbing sleeping babies.
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GardenHOME Outdoor Garden LED Solar Powered Spotlight Landscape Lighting Security Night Lights - Waterproof, 180 Angle Adjustable

  • Illuminate your walkway, patio, lawn, and driveway, and protect your property year-round with the waterproof Outdoor LED Solar-Powered Spotlight
  • Four bright LED lamps work from dawn to dusk automatically; use in snow, rain, sleet, wind, etc.
  • Wireless and versatile, the Spotlight includes a peg to insert in the ground
  • Solar panel can be adjusted to ensure optimal exposure to the sun during the day
  • No wiring required: Just stick it in the ground during the day, and it will be ready to work by evening
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Gardena 1399 Micro-Drip Multiple Application Drip Irrigation Starter Set

  • Micro-drip multiple application drip irrigation
  • Universal starter set for watering either 5 balcony boxes, 10 terrace plants, 10 shrubs/bushes, or 20 vegetable plants
  • Includes connecting pipe, supply pipe, inline drip heads and adjustable endline drip heads
  • Also includes reducing t-joints, end caps, pipe pegs, and cleaning needle
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Leaf Hands Grabber Scoops for Grabbing Leaves Grass and Trash (Set of 2 Individual Scoops)

  • Heavy duty flexible plastic lawn leaf scoops make grabbing leaves or yard waste easy. Grabbers can be hung on a nail or peg when not in use.
  • These leaf claws make it easy to grab large amounts of leaves when you are bagging, making the job quicker and easier.
  • These grabber claws are good for collecting leaves and grass clippings for bagging, mulching or shredding.
  • Simply slide in your hands and start grabbing and collecting leaves or grass quickly and efficiently.
  • You'll never go back to using a rake and your hand again after using these leaf scoops.
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Easy Gardener 809 Biodegradeable Landscape Fabric Install Pegs - 10 Pack

  • Landscape fabric
  • Made from PLA, a corn by product
  • Fully biodegradable, Environmentally safer than metal or plastic stakes and staples
  • Strong enough to drive into the ground, Flexible enough to resist shattering
  • Use with all landscape fabrics, burlap and nettings
  • Fabric Pegs
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Quick and easy
  • Long lasting
  • Fully biodegradable
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Search Term "Lawn pegs"
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Materials List

Tools List (Click item to shop)
50 ft. or 100 ft. tape measure
Paper and pencil
Garden spade
Curved drywall knife
Lawn pegs
Claw Hammer
Garden hose





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