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STANLEY Home Paint Kit Including Tray, Roller, Brush, and More - 8 Piece (PTST03508)

  • EASY AND EFFICIENT: STANLEY Paint Roller Covers are manufactured with high-density fabric which holds a large amount of paint and releases it evenly for a fast finish. A sturdy solvent resistant core provides easy cleaning and reuse.
  • THE BEST IN BRUSHES: STANLEY Paint Brushes are designed for the professional painter or do-it-yourselfer who expects the best results. From baseboards to furniture STANLEY brushes make work and projects easier and more enjoyable.
  • ALL IN ONE SET: STANLEY paint kits are designed to perform well with all paints and have superior performance with today's low VOC and paint and primer in one. Microfiber rollers paint with smooth lint free results combined with brushes or other accessories so you can start the job off right.
  • PERFORMANCE IN ACTIONS: Since 1843, we've set the standard for excellence in everything we do. No company on earth has a stronger or more compelling history of delivering the hardworking, innovative, powerful tools that help professionals around the world build, repair, and protect the world's most valuable objects.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) STANLEY Home Paint Kit - 8 Piece. Kit contains 9" sturdy roller frame, (2) 9" high capacity roller covers, 3" trim frame, 3" high capacity trim roller cover, 2" trim brush, heavy metal tray, and plastic tray liner.
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Bates Paint Roller - Paint Brush, Paint Tray, Roller Paint Brush, 9 Piece Home Painting Supplies, Foam Brush, House Painting Tray, Painting tools, Roller and Paint Brushes, Interior Paint Brushes

  • COMPREHENSIVE SET: Package includes 9 piece: Tray, Roller Frame (9"), 2 Roller Covers (9"x1/2"), Roller Frame (4"), 2 Roller Covers (4"x1/2"), 2" Angel Paint Brush, High Density Foam Brush
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: This paint tray set is high quality intended to be long lasting and easy to clean. Exceptional ability to get the job done quickly with a superior finish.
  • THICK FILAMENTS AND NAP: The synthetic filaments in the paint brush are designed to hold more paint to save you time and give you the finish you are looking for. The Naps for the paint rollers are 1/2 inch thick, perfect for painting the house. Filaments and Naps are durable and long-lasting.
  • AFFORDABLE: Don't waste your money on paint trays that will last you a hour. This high quality set is for perfectionist and money savers. The value you get in this Paint Tray set is unbelievable for the price.
  • ANYONE CAN USE: It doesn't matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, the Paint roller, tray, naps, and brushes are great for any user.
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Bates- Paint Tray Set, 4 inch Paint Roller, Paint Tray, Foam Roller, Paint Roller Brush, Small Paint Roller, Mini Paint Roller, House Painting Supplies, Paint Roller Covers, Roller Frame, Roller Naps

  • 4" Tray Set Includes: 3 Paint Rollers, 1 Roller Frame, 1 Paint Tray
  • 3 Roller Naps: Premium 4 Inch Shed Resistant Micro-Fiber 1/2" Roller Covers
  • 1 Roller Frame: Sturdy 4-Inch Roller Frame
  • 1 Paint Tray: 4" Mini Paint Roller Tray
  • Perfect For House Painting Especially The Edges
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35Pcs Sanding Discs Set, 2 inch Quick Change Discs,Surface Conditioning Discs, with 1/4 inch Tray Holder, for Surface Prep Strip Grind Polish Finish Burr Rust Paint Removal, by INSMA

  • ?New Design Black Sanding Discs? Offer continue uniform cutting force. When working, grinding particle removes target coating, while tiny fiber polishes the scratch, leaving a glossy surface, a great coating removal disc, perfect for coating/rust/dirt removal. The cellular structure prevents sanding dust from flying, no spark, no vestige, low noise.
  • ?Superior SiC Sanding Discs? Superior hardness particle provides strong fast cutting, irregular fracture and collapse broken happens when grinding, which keeps producing new edges and corners, making surface conditioning disc always sharp. Open-mesh 3D structure, fits various shapes, works well even on rugged surface.
  • ?Aluminium Oxide Discs? Combine quality aluminium oxide sandpaper and strong R-lock shank base, making quick work of general grinding, deburring, welds/paints/oxidation layer removal, prep condition all types of surfaces.
  • ?Tight Connection Roloc Design? Quick change discs, unique safety torque spiral allows to replace disc quickly, just twist it to remove or connect. When sanding disc is working, thread direction of disc is opposite to the force of friction, which makes the connection between disc and tray/holder more and more tight, ensures steady working even in high speed.
  • ?Big Package? Includes 34 Pcs sanding discs and 1 Pcs holder( 1/4'' shank)! Details of discs: 4x Black Sanding Discs, 15x SiC Sanding Discs(5 Pcs of each Coarse, Medium, Fine), 15x Aluminium Oxide Discs(5 Pcs of each 60Grit, 80Grit, 120G).
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20-PACK of 9" Standard Paint Roller Tray Liners for Metal Tray

  • Pack contains 20 disposable 9" paint roller tray liners
  • Fits most standard 9" metal paint roller trays
  • Solvent-resistant, safe for use with all paints
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET drink bottles
  • Fits standard metal trays from Shur-Line, Linzer, Premier, Leaktite
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10-PACK of Recyclable 9" Paint Roller Trays - Black

  • Pack contains 10 9" Recyclable Paint Roller Trays
  • Tray accepts up to 9" paint rollers
  • Made in U.S.A. from 100% post-consumer recycled PET drink bottles
  • Solvent-resistant and safe for use with all paints and stains
  • Convenient multi-pack for easy, economical clean-ups
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Kingorigin Brand 12 Piece 9 inch Great Value,for Paint Roller,Paint Tray,Paint Roller Tray,Paint Bucket,Paint Tray Liner,Paint kit,Home Repair Tools,Tool kit,Tool Set,Home Tool kit

  • White disposable plastic paint tray
  • Paint tray accepts up to 9-Inch paint rollers
  • Economical clean up and re-use
  • Sturdy enough to hold paint and be moved around
  • Great for use with all stains and paints
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SIQUK 40 Pieces 2 inches Sanding Discs Set Quick Change Discs with 1/4 inch Tray Holder Surface Conditioning Discs for Surface Prep Strip Grind Polish Finish Burr Rust Paint Removal

  • Black strip discs - cellular structure design, prevent sanding dust from flying; there are no spark, no remains and low noise while working; it can provide continous and evenly cutting force, easy to remove coating, rust and dirt
  • Nylon SiC sanding discs - open-mesh 3D structure in 3 sizes, coarse, medium and fine; the superior hardness particle provide strong and fast cutting force, enable it can work well on verious of shapes surface, even the rugged one
  • Aluminium Oxide discs - premium aluminium oxide sandpaper with strong R-lock shank base, 3 kinds of grit(60/ 80/ 120) to meet your different polishing requirements
  • Zirconia flap discs - 80 grit flap discs made of high quality zirconia, diameter 2 inches; safety torque spiral design, easy to quick change, flexibility and durable
  • Package include - 5 pcs black strip discs, 15 pcs nylon SiC sanding discs, 15 pcs Aluminium Oxide discs, 2 pcs Zirconia flap discs, 2 pcs compressed wool discs and 1 pc shank holder, 40 pcs in total
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Little Giant 15050-001 Fuel Tank Vertical Paint Roller Tray Ladder Accessory

  • Easy cleanup. Just let the paint dry and it peels right off the Fuel Tank's special plastic polymer
  • Magnetic brush holder keeps your paintbrush where you need
  • Adjustable hooks lets you use the Fuel Tank on nearly any Little Giant Ladder System
  • Save time and prevent spills by filling just once
  • Keep your paint right were you need it; eliminate trips up and down the ladder
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KingOrigin 9 inch Great Value Multi Use Metal Paint Tray 3-Piece,Paint Tray,for Paint Roller,for Paint Rollers,for Paint Brush,for Paint Brush,Home Repair Tools,Tool Set,Hand Tools,Tool Kits

  • 3piece metal trays
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Search Term "Paint tray"
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Materials List
Tung oil
Paint thinner
Vinyl gloves (disposable)
Sturdy drop cloth
Extra fine (280) grit sandpaper
0000 Grade steel wool

Tools List (Click item to shop)
Paint Brushes
Cotton rags
Paint tray
Safety glasses





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