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Vipertek VTS-880-1 Black 22 Million Volt Stun Gun Rechargeable LED Light

  • Powerful Mini Stun Gun With LED Flashlight
  • Compact Size, Conceals Easily (2" x 7/8" x 4") - Slips easily into a pocket or purse
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery - No expensive batteries to buy
  • Non-Slip Rubber Coating
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Blue Gel BUMP Hand Protection Anti-Vibration Gloves, Large

  • Synthetic Leather / Breathable Lycra and Cotton Terry back
  • Blue Gel pads in palm, extended palm and thumb
  • Energy absorbing gel pads alleviate fatigue and prevent injury
  • Open finger design for freedom and maximum control
  • Lightweight and machine washable
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Redback Tools Maxistrike JT-004 24-Ounce Mill Face Rip/Claw Hammer

  • Redback Tools Maxistrike 24 Oz Rip Mill Face Claw Hammer, THE DON; Ergonomically designed
  • Patented Arc shaft for greater access to hard-to-reach spots such as above joists
  • ThermoPlastic Elastomer (TPE) injected forged handle and anti-slip ovals on side provide secure grip
  • Built for builders and formworkers; excellent for forming up, timber frame work and striping
  • One piece drop forged steel, double tempered for superior durability; Latest anti-shock technologies
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Ansell Cut Protection 97-505 Kevlar Glove, Cut Resistant, Black Foam Nitrile Coating, Knit Wrist Cuff, Medium (Pack of 1)

  • At least 8 times more cut protection than most popular leather and construction gloves
  • Featuring stretch armor yarn a unique combination of dupont kevlar and ansell intercept technology
  • Designed to deliver comfort, barehand dexterity and excellent cut resistance
  • Foam nitrile coating delivers great wear and grip
  • The serious cut protection you demand
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Custom Leather Craft 165L Flexgrip Winter Energy Gloves, Size Large

  • Cold weather insulated with breathable, water resistant liner
  • Energy absorbing EVA padding spreads impact shock
  • TPR finger and knuckle protection
  • Cut resistant Kevlar palm and finger gussets
  • Superior dexterity performance
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MSA Safety 10098093 NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers V-Gard Hard Hat

  • Available in attractive gloss cap style
  • Comes in one size fits all (Standard size)
  • Adjustable one touch suspension for easy comfort adjustments
  • Superior quality comfort and protection and work with all V-Guard helmet accessories
  • MSA V-Gard caps meet Type one ANSI/ISEA spec Z89.1-2009 class E and CSA Z94.1-2005 as well as two new ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 specs
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XIQI Weatherproof Warm White Outdoor 2 LED Light Solar Energy Powered for Patio Deck Yard Garden Home Driveway Stairs Outside Wall / Wireless Exterior Security Lighting (No Battery Required),Warm White

  • Automatic sensor activates in darkness. Bright 2 LED provide up to 6-9 hours on by 4-5 hours charge. Solar panel absorbs sunlight into electrical energy stored in rechargeable battery.
  • Intelligent energy saving. No UV rays ,environment friendly, Waterproof, heatproof, durable. The light is ideal for illuminating paths, decks, docks, boats, driveways, stairways, pavements.
  • It can be installed under the roof or fixed on the wall in your garden, gives you a good view and safety of your garden at night. The independently operating lights have an average run time up to 8 hours depending on weather condition (no power cord is needed).
  • They have been specifically designed with road safety in mind and can help to prevent serious accidents and emit rather than reflect light. It is cost effective, easy to install and require absolutely no wires or maintenance. Dramatically enhance the look of your garden and yard.
  • The solar powered wall light can be wall-mounted as well (all wall attachments and parts are included), which gives you flexibility for its placement in your garden.
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  • About Us: Our water purification systems filter out the full range of ingredients in tap water,making it taste better and providing peace of mind. We supply direct to consumers for domestic water filter systems and to business/corporate estates worldwide.We provide selected quality water filtration systems produced by internationally leading brands. If in any doubt, just call or email us with your questions and we will provide a rapid response. Contact Us: 951-400-3365
  • Proper Health starts with the correct acid-alkaline balance in your body. The pH level (acid - alkaline measurement) of our internal fluids affects every cell in our bodies. Extended acid imbalances of any kind can overwhelm your body, and lead to health complications. Just as the body regulates its temperature in a rigid manner, so will it manage to preserve a very narrow pH range - especially in the blood. As a matter of fact, the body will go to such great lengths to maintain a blood pH of 7.365 that it will even create stress on other tissues, body systems, and organs to do so. Chronic acidity will interrupt all cellular activities and functions - it interferes with life itself. When the pH of the body gets out of balance (too acidic), we may experience low energy, fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, aches and pains, and even more serious disorders.
  • The cycle of acidity begins primarily as a result of three things: 1. Ingesting acids. Eating too many acidifying foods like processed sugar, meats, dairy, coffee, alcohol, etc. Create an acid ash in the body. These acids can overload the body's ability to neutralize them. 2. Creation of acids. Pathogens and microforms create acidifying toxins in the body. As the body becomes more and more acidic, bad bacteria, yeasts and other microforms proliferate in the body. Since these organisms are living, they eat as well as create resulting toxins. These toxins are often very acidifying. 3. Improper elimination of acids. Not all acids are the same; some are weak and some are strong. Weak acids like citric acid are much easier to neutralize than strong acids like uric acid. The body uses many systems in order to buffer acids including breath, mineral reserves, and fat. When the body's buffering systems become compromised, excess acids build up.
  • KDF: High-purity copper-zinc redox media consistently remove 99% of free chlorine by electrochemically reducing dissolved chlorine gas to water-soluble chloride ions. KDF process medium are being used to complement or replace activated carbon filters, removing up to 95% of the chlorine when treating municipal water. KDF media pretreatment of granular activated carbon also extends the carbon's life and limits bacteria growth in the bed. KDF Process Media are used for a variety of pretreatment, primary water treatment, and wastewater treatment processes. They are generally used in place of, or in conjunction with, granular activated carbon filters, even carbon block or inline filters. KDF water filter media extend the life of granular activated carbon (GAC) while protecting the carbon bed against fouling by bacterial growth. Our Media are also used to replace silver-impregnated systems. Silver is toxic, KDF Process Media are not. Silver must be registered with the EPA as a toxic pesticide, KDF Process Media do not. By the way, silver is more expensive than KDF Process Media. We can explain redox (oxidation reduction process) like this: KDF Fluid Treatment's unique combination of copper and zinc creates an electro-chemical reaction. During this reaction, electrons are transferred between molecules, and new elements are created. Some harmful contaminants are changed into harmless components. Free chlorine, for instance, is changed into benign, water-soluble chloride, which is then carried harmlessly through the water supply. Similarly, some heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury and others, react to plate out onto the medium's surface, thus being effectively removed from the water suppy.
  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Carbon is a substance that has a long history of being used to absorb impurities and is perhaps the most powerful absorbent known to man. One pound of carbon contains a surface area of roughly 125 acres and can absorb literally thousands of different chemicals. Activated carbon is carbon which has a slight electro-positive charge added to it, making it even more attractive to chemicals and impurities. As the water passes over the positively charged carbon surface, the negative ions of the contaminants are drawn to the surface of the carbon granules High-purity copper-zinc redox media consistently remove 99% of free chlorine by electrochemically reducing dissolved
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Shower Pro Massage ON/OFF Showerhead White 1.5 with pressure compensating flow controller, Super low flow 1.5gpm

  • Water and energy saving shower head
  • Pressure compensating
  • Super Low Flow, 1.5 gpm - Great for hard water areas
  • ON/OFF Feature Brass nut coupling and screen washers
  • Three Massage Settings, Gentle rain, Combo & Message
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Custom Leather Craft 165XL Flexgrip Energy Gloves, X-Large

  • Cut resistant Kevlar finger gussets and palm with gripper dots
  • TPR finger and knuckle pads for added bump and pinch protection
  • Energy absorbing padding on back of hand spreads impact shock
  • Neoprene and TPR padded cuff with hook and loop closure
  • Form fitted design increases dexterity and reduces fatigue
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Search Term "Serious Energy"
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