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Ryobi P4001 One+ 18V Lithium Ion All-In-One 25 Foot Drain Auger for Sinks or Toilets (Battery Not Included, Power Tool Only)

  • 25 FOOT COIL is ideal for many drains found throughout the home. Capable of reaching into the bathtub, sink, toilet, and more
  • ALL IN ONE: Unlike some drain augers, which require a drill for proper use, the P4001 has a built in motor that extends and retracts the auger
  • TWO DRIVING MODES: Auto-Feed pushes the cable forward while cable clamp mode keeps the cable locked in place to bore through tough spots
  • INCLUDED FEET keep the vibrating tool from scuffing up your floor or counter in addition to keeping a stable base for more efficient work
  • ONE+ COMPATIBLE: Works with Ryobi One+ 18V Batteries including the P100, P101, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, and P108
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Flexible Weasel Unclog Auger Tool Drain Snake, Hair Clog Wand Starter Kit Perfect for Drain Cleaning, 2 Packs

  • No Hassles or Stress: Easily rinse off for re-use or simply discard after use!
  • Handle spins 360 and entangles clogs for quick removal
  • FLEXIBLE: Cleaning snake fits small strainers and pipes,plenty long enough to reach the p trap and work great for removing blockage.
  • Slim and flexible wands slide past most drain stoppers - no drain disassembly required
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We believe in the quality of our products. If you receive a product with defects ,we will REFUND your total purchase.
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Drain Clog Remover 5 Pack 19.6 Inch Hair Zip It Drain Cleaning Tool for Bathroom Kitchen Tube Hook Catcher and Auger Plumbing

  • 5 pack of drain hair catcher is soft drain hair catcher plastic, it is a drain cleaning tool for hair
  • This drain clog remover cleaning tool is easy to use and quick to clean, you will no longer need expensive professional plumber services with this simple in use and affordable drain cleaning tool
  • Drain clog remover cleaning tool is soft enough to bend in many kinds of strainers and pipes, and great for drains in bathtubs, kitchens, toilet and all possible sinks
  • Hair catcher bathtub drain helps you save money and is More environmental compared with toxic chemical drain cleaners
  • Tub drain stopper is reusable and it can be reused until visible damages occur. Simply remove all the obstructions and rinse in water, but our special price affords you to keep hands clean and simply get rid of the tool after cleaning
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4 Pack Hair Drain Clog Remover, SENHAI Drain Snake Equipment/Auger type Cleaning Tool

  • Multi-tooth drain snake efficiently catches hair, food and other blockages. If you are looking for stainless steel drain snake, refer to:
  • Flexible drain cleaning snake fits small strainers and pipes, flexes at P-trap where most clogs occur.
  • Safer, better for environment and less expensive than toxic chemical drain cleaners.
  • 20'' long enough to insert to deep pipes, hold the loop, easily pull out blockages.
  • More environmental friendly and less expensive than toxic chemical drain cleaners.
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Drill Snake Drain Auger

  • United States
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RIDGID 46683 K-1 Combination Auger with C-Style Cutter Head, Telescoping Drain Auger to Remove Drain Clogs in Sinks and Urinals

  • Dual power operation provides additional power necessary for removing tough obstructions
  • Telescoping design provides additional cable length to remove obstructions further down the line
  • "C" Cutter head breaks up hard blockages
  • Left hand wound cable strengthens cable and prevents kinking
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WHMING 24 Flexible Grabber Pickup Tool, Retractable Claw Retriever Stick, Snake & Cable Aid, Use to Grab Trash & a Drain Auger to Unclog Hair from Drains, Sink, Toilet & Clean Dryer Vents

  • Ram-Pro lightweight Extendable & retractable narrow telescopic grabber arm rod, hair catcher, and trash picker for bended pick-ups into the hardest corners, areas, angels & channels, with maximum mechanical control.
  • DESIGN: Flexible & bendable wound-steel spring loaded cable with easy comfortable grip handle on top, with heavy duty steel spring and retractable claws on the bottom, makes this grabber tool accessible to all hard to reach narrow bended places and makes easy retrieval of small and non-ferrous objects that magnets cannot.
  • QUALITY: Hard non-breakable Red Plastic handle, with Super Sturdy Steel Spring which doesn't get rusty or stuck when pressing down, and Flexible Wound-Steel Constructed Cable, & Carbon steel claw for insured pick up - rust resistance for a long lasting life - Not Magnetic.
  • USE FOR: Ideal for kitchen, bathroom, toilet, utility sinks, bathtubs and shower Drain Cleaning - Handy Tool to grab any item, trash, or lost object under Stove, Freezer/Frigidaire, car, appliances, furniture or any other place which is hard to get access to like a Dryer Vent - the Perfect Plumbing Tool to resolve Slow or Clogged Drains.
  • Flexible tool has drain cleaning burrs that snag & pull out hair, food, garbage and other obstacles that cause a clogged drain.
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Drain Snake Auger Clog Remover Flexible Grabber Pick Up Tool - Unclog Hair from Drain, Shower, Sink, Bathtub, Toilet, Cleaner Dryer Vents Stainless Steel (Set of 2 with 3 Bonus Plastic Drain Snake)

  • WHAT YOU GET: 2 Stainless steel flexible grabber drain snake / hair catcher / trash picker, 24" length, claw / prongs diameter 1 inch when fully spread, lift weight up to 1 pound. 3 Bonus plastic hair clog remover, 20" length each.
  • PAINLESS NO FUSS DRAIN UNCLOGGER: Flexible, bendable, reusable stainless steel grabber can reach to the hardest corners, angels, channels, etc. Heavy duty retractable claws at the end give strong grip on whatever may be clogging your drain. Bonus plastic drain snake with burr design easily pulls out hairs. PERFECT plumbing tool to resolve slow or clogged drain.
  • INSTINCTIVE EASY OPERATION: You know how to use it the moment it's in your hand. Insert the trash picker in the narrowest pipe or drain, press the spring to grab the blockage with claw, and pull out. For the plastic drain snake, insert, twist and pull out all the hair. DONE. Efficient drain cleaner solves your problem in less than 10 minutes.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & VERSATILE: Built to last stainless steel and strong spring handle that will never rust or stuck, suitable for ANY PLACES that's hard to access. Be it shower, drain, bathtub, kitchen, sink, toilet, or pick up lost objects under furniture, stove, freezer......extremely versatile.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 30 days money back & Lifetime customer support. Your satisfaction is our top priority here. We stand behind our products and services, if for ANY REASON you are not satisfied, contact us and we'll make it right.
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RIDGID 41348 Kwik-Spin Hand Spinner with AUTOFEED, C-1 Inner Core (IC) Drain Cleaner Cable, and Bulb Drain Auger to Remove Drain Clogs

  • Ideal for 1-1/2 inch (40 mm) lines making it perfect as a toilet auger or for cleaning clogged drains
  • Hand auger has comfortable hand grip to ease effort
  • Equipped with 1/4-inch (6.3 mm) x 25-foot (7.6M) Maxcore cable with bulb auger to break up stoppages in the line
  • Two-way AUTOFEED keeps hands and work area clean as it feeds the drain auger cable in and out of the drain
  • Perfect for light-duty toilet auger or cleaning clogged drains under the sink or tub
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1/2 inch by 50 feet Compact Electric Drain Cleaner Drum Auger Snake (1" to 4" pipes) with Built-in GFCI and many Accessories

  • Handles pipes from 1" ID to 4" ID
  • 1/2" x 50 ft. wire core cable resists breakage, tangling, and kinking
  • Built-in GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter)
  • Sealed air-activated foot switch
  • Quick-change enclosed drum
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Search Term "Drain auger"
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