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DROK 10-100V Programmable Battery Meter Capacity Voltage Temperature Tester Gauge 12V 24V 36V 48V LCD Display Statue Indicator Monitor Electric Quantity Detector Reader Panel

  • Application: DROK battery meter is suitable for 10-100V(12v 24v 48v 60v 72v 96v) lithium battery, lead-acid battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, Ni MH battery etc.
  • Color LCD Display: the battery tester adopts LCD color screen, can long-term display the battery capacity, voltage, temperature (switched by the key), can be used in a variety of lighting conditions.
  • Easy Installation & Operation: the battery detector is only with 2 wires, red one for battery positive side, black one for battery negative side; 2 key for your operation, one key for voltage and temperature display switch, one for ON/OFF.
  • Protection: the capacity voltage monitor panel is designed with protective shell, dust-proof waterproof surface; input voltage reverse connection protection.
  • Alarm: the red indicator flashes and buzzer alarm when it is low battery voltage, the low voltage can be setting.
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Non-Contact Voltage Tester Pen, EIGBIT AC Circuit Electrical Tester Volt Detector 12-1000V Inductive Electric Test Meter Digital Multi-meter with LED Flashlight & Alarm & Live/Null Wire Judgment

  • Accurate Wide Range Volt Detector: Wide range of AC 12-1000V, can distinguish the live and null wire, the induction light will flash in RED and buzz if the wire is live. The buzzer emits a different audible alarm depending on the signal strength. The stronger the signal, the faster the buzzer sounds, easy to use
  • Convenient & Safe: Non-contact technology helps you don't need to call a professional electrician and don't need to touch the wire, can be widely applied for home improvement, hobbyists home users; electric tester can even be used to teach the kids to warn the danger of outlet etc.
  • With LED & UV Light: With LED White flashlight function, help you can detect even in the dark; With UV light function; With a clip, conveniently help securely fit voltage detector in your pocket
  • Energy Saving: Auto shut down to save energy if not used within 5 minutes
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY: Every products of our brand enjoys at least 3 year warranty, so buy it with confidence, we support 100% money back guarantee!
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VXSCAN EM285 Automotive Electric Circuit Tester Car Electrical System Tester 6-24V DC

  • Wide range applications: EM285 circuit tester can be used to test continuity, test polarity of a voltage, check lamp, check electric motor, follow and locate short circuits, test for bad ground contacts etc
  • Long test lead: The cable length is about 16ft which allows you test any electrical system easily
  • Short-circuit protection: The unit has short-circuit protection and can test for bad ground contacts instantly
  • Easy operation: After a simple hook-up of the unit to the vehicle's battery, automotive technician can conduct a positive or negative battery current to the tip by rocking the power switch forward or backward
  • Comprehensive 6-24V DC test kit: Do not use on AC voltage
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Oldeagle AC Electric Socket Voltage Power Detector Sensor Tester Non-Contact Pen Stick 90~1000V (Yellow)

  • The next generation AC non-contact voltage testers are easy to use - just touch the tip to a terminal strip, outlet, or supply cord. When the tip glows red and the unit beeps, you know there is voltage present. Electricians, maintenance, service, safety personnel, and homeowners can quickly test for energized circuits in the workplace or at home.
  • A perfect tool kit for home and electric industry uses
  • Ideal design for testing power cables, circuit breakers, wall sockets, junction boxes, fuses, etc
  • Just press the button, white LED light can be always on when there is absence of voltage
  • "Beep" sound and red flashing LED would indicate the presence of voltage
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Digital Multimeter, SURPEER 20000 Counts Multi Capacitor Tester True RMS Auto Range Voltmeter - DC AC Voltage Current Ohm Resistance Diode Temperature Continuity Frequency Electric Field Testing

  • ?Easy To Use?-SURPEER Auto ranging electronic meter measures AC / DC voltage, AC / DC current, Ohm, frequency, capacitance, continuity, diode and temperature, induction through electric field etc, more than 11 functions. The continuity test of 3 times per second,4 1/2 Digital LCD Backlight Display for visibility in dimly lit areas, makes the reading easy.
  • ?NCV Alert&Overload Protection?- The instrument sensor will light and buzz when the detection of voltage is greater than 700V(RMS). Use the PTC ceramics protection circuit for Resistance and frequency measurement.200MA/250V Glass Instant glass fuse, 10a/250v ceramic instant fuse.
  • ?Super Practical Functions?- Measuring instrument with the function of data hold, Maximum value hold, function switching, The auto power off function makes the battery last longer, This multi meter Is the ideal assistant in the lab, home, factory etc.
  • ?TRMS&20000 Digit Measurement?- 4 1/2 maximum display 19999, more digits, higher precision compared to similar products on the market In accordance with EU safety standards EN61010-1.Won CE, FCC and FDA certificate.Adopt ABS environment-friendly material, can not pollute the environment, recyclable.
  • ?Best Warranty?- Cover with SURPEER 12-month replacement and long-term professional after - sales service. Comes with a 9V battery, a pair of test probes, a K-type thermocouple TPO1, detailed instructions, A Certificate of authority.
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Voltage Tester WELAISE Alert Voltage Electric Detector With LED Light

  • ? CONVENIENT - Easy to carry, current detector is light, compact stick/pen style, with pocket clip, similar to leading brands, Helps to distinguish the neutral wire and live wire of 90-1000VAC power supplier and its power radiation strength
  • ? EASY AND SAFE - It will flash and beep when the device close to AC voltage, Don't need to touch the measured object. It will also have a beep sound. it's tell you this is a safe voltage range. Safely for your family and work, It is widely applicable for hobbyists, beginners, and home users
  • ? BUILT-IN FLASHLIGHT - Illuminate dim areas to make work easier, the LED torch allows operation even on dark corners. Auto power off can extend battery longevity for high efficiency
  • ? SAFELY SOUND&LIGHT ALARM - Voltage frequency can be distinguished by beep and LED indicator. It's loud enough to hear over moderate machine equipment noise. Small in size, easy to store in tool box or carry in your pocket
  • ? INDISPENSABLE TOOL - Absolutely essential for electrical, remodeling or home improvement projects
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ESYWEN Non-Contact Voltage Tester 12V-1000V AC Volt Detector Inductive Electric Tester Pen with LED Flashlight/Sound & Light Alarm

  • AC Voltage Detector - Accurately detects AC voltage ranging from 12V-1000V, distinguishing them through 3 different frequency alarm sound and light
  • Built-in Flashlight - Illuminate dim areas to make work easier, the LED torch allows operation even on dark corners. Auto power off can extend battery longevity for high efficiency
  • Clear Sound & Light Indicator - Voltage frequency can be distinguished by beep and LED indicator. The higher the voltage, the higher the audible alarm frequency - great, even in noisy environment
  • Non-Contact Volt Detectorv - The voltage pen tester distinguish the live and null wire in a non-contact way, can be used in circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets, wires and anywhere you need it
  • ?WARRANTY & SUPPORT?45-Day return guarantee, 3-Year Warranty and life-time technical support. Any troubles, feel free to contact us
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Industrial Voltage Tester Pen (INSULATED SCREWDRIVER DESIGN) AC 100-500 Volts - Perfect Detector Tool for Electricians for Testing Electrical Wires, Sockets, Switches

  • VOLTAGE TESTER SCREWDRIVER - Test AC Currents from 125V To 250V
  • HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL GRADE - Used by Electricians, Mechanics, Contractors, DIYErs for Home, Office, or Industrial Use
  • COMFORTABLE PLASTIC HANDLE - Lights Up Under Live Electrical Contacts
  • PERFECT FOR ADDITION TO ANY TOOLBOX - Test Electrical Current from Wires, Fuses, Circuits, Switches, Outlets, and More.
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Tarvol Guarantees All of It's Products and Tools for Life!
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all-sun Digital Electric Fence Tester Max 9.9 KV

  • Helpful for finding fence line faults
  • Test voltage levels on your fence line and fence controller
  • LCD display screen indicates voltage levels from 0.3kv to 9.9kv (300 volts to 9,900 volts)
  • Keep one on hand for regular fence line maintenance
  • allsun fence tester can be matched to any animal control situation, offering both budget and design flexibility
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8 PCS Professional Insulated Screwdriver Set, Heavy Duty Electrician Screwdriver Set with Electrical Tape and Mains Tester, CR-V Steel with TPR Handle for Insulated Electrical Applications

  • [Safety] As we all know, electrical safety is very important in our daily life. Our screwdriver handle use PC flame resistant materials, which will ensure the safety of using electricity. And we add the interchangeable screwdriver with voltage tester on our kit. You can use it test whether there has current or not, which can improve safety factor and keep you from the danger of electricity.
  • [Professional and Multi-function] XOOL professional electrician screwdriver use standard specification. Heavy duty electrician screwdriver gives your comfortable product experience. The set is ideal for electric power department to install and overhaul. The electrical Tape has excellent stretch, adhesion and conformability.
  • [High Quality] XOOL professional insulated screwdriver set is made of high quality Chrome-Vanadium Steel that that are forged from high heat tempered for maximum durability, which made to last and take a constant beating. Ultra-high hardness Chrome-Vanadium Steel provides the best product experience for you. The screwdriver bit adopts high-frequency quenching processing. The surface of screwdriver bit use black Teflon rust-proof treatment.
  • [Convenient] In the bottom of screwdriver, there have hanging hole that make screwdriver convenient storage and easy to carry. The hanging hole design also will free your hand and make work easier. Precision black finish screwdriver bit with a strong magnetic head which could conveniently attracts screws. You won't worry that your screws losing. All of items is in a box, which will prevent item missing and easy to storage.
  • [Excellent Product Experience] The ergonomic handle really provides great leverage and torque to help you improve work efficiency. Interchangeable screwdriver with Voltage Tester has two different bits, which will meet the maximum requirement. Soft salient anti-slip design make user feel comfortable and great for sweaty hands. The outstanding design of the XOOL handle ensures that it fits perfectly into the hand, preventing hand injuries such as blisters and calluses.
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Search Term "Electrical tester"
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Drywall screws
Protector plates for fishing cables through joists
Joint compound
wire connectors to secure connections
Electrical cable: Approved gauge and type
Recessed lighting system
Remodeling Cans
Insulated Ceiling (I.C.) Cans or Non-IC Cans
Downlights or Eyeball Lights

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Electrical tester
Coat hanger
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