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HAT CLIP PENCIL HOLDER TOOLS that can hold golf or carpenter pencils, Sharpie markers and more! 3 PACK BLACK

  • Holds most shapes and size pen or pencils. Round or Square.
  • Attaches to either side of a hat, cap or visor with our unique gripping teeth features
  • Self adjusting hinge design
  • Elimates the aggrevation of losing or misplacing pen or pencils
  • Handy for tradesman, golfer, construction, trucker or any hat wearer
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IMPROVED Angle-izer General Template Tool The Ultimate Multi Angle Measuring Ruler for DIY'ers, M6 Solid Alloy Knobs, Strong Graphite Arms, BONUS Carpenters Pencil, Tool Bag, Instructions & Gift Box!

  • INDUSTRIES TOP CONSTRUCTION: Improved Black Fly template tool the ONLY ruler made with M6 SOLID ALUMINUM ALLOY Bolts & Knobs, STRONG GRAPHITE INFUSED Ruler Arms & ENGRAVED NUMBERS that won't scratch off! Like a Graphite Rod or Golf Club, our rulers will Flex NOT Bend like Metal or Break due to cheap Plastic. NO SHARP Metal Edges to scratch materials like wood or CUT YOUR HAND. Don't waste money on a cheap ruler, at Black Fly our Engineers built a Quality Ruler that's Safe and Easy to use.
  • SAVE ANY ANGLE: With FULL METAL Knobs & Flush mount Bolts, this Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler will NOT slip or strip. No more cardboard stencils or miscalculations. Simply place the Angle Ruler on your project, slide the rulers into the shape and tighten the knobs. The 4 sided ruler slides and locks into any angle making it a reusable stencil for multiple jobs. Form a T-square, Set Corbelling distances, Use as a Gauge Spacer for brick joints, Stencil for laying tile floors, the uses are endless!
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN AND QAULTIY: After Purchasing several of the top market brands, our research team presented them to Construction workers, Builders, Floor & Tile Layers, Carpenters, Roofers, Drafters, Craft Artists and every day "Do it yourselfer's". After doing a survey the majority of professionals agreed that our design was the perfect balance of FUNCTION, SAFETY and DURABILITY.
  • COMPLETE DIY GIFT SET: Perfect Gift for Carpenters, DIY'ers, Roofers, Brick layers, Tile & Floor Layers, Engineers, Craftsmen, Artists, Crafts, Quilting, Inspectors, Contractors, Drafting, Inspectors and More! With an attractive box that protects your investment we included one FREE BONUS Carpenters Pencil, Instruction Sheet, 4 Ruler Arms, 4 Bolts, 4 Nuts, A Tool Bag to keep your Angleizer secure in your Tool Box and a full Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE: We're so confident in our Quality that when you purchase a Black Fly Angle-izer Multi-Angle Template Tool, you get the Ultimate Ruler Instrument with a Full 100% Guarantee! If you have any issues or your not happy, simply return it for a full refund, No questions asked.
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Aluminum Angleizer Template Tool - Heavy Duty Metal Angle Finder - Repeat Measuring and Marking Shapes & Angles, For Builders, Craftsmen & DIY, Patio, Arches + Carpenter Pencil

  • ACCURATE ANGLE MEASUREMENT TOOL - The angleizer template tool is perfect for precise and accurate angle measurements.With this aluminum angle-izer template tool, you can easily create a perfectly angled template, specifically customized for what you need, every time!
  • THE ULTIMATE TEMPLATE TOOL- AngleZ angle finder has four adjustable, 2-sided arms. You can create a custom stencil for every job. The angle ruler contains inches and centimeters measurement to make it easy for everyone! Use it to mark tile, flooring, bricks, lumber, laminate, metal & more!
  • PREMIUM ALUMINUM ALLOY MATERIAL- Forget all about those flimsy plastic angleizer template ruler tools. Our new AngleZ template tool is made of premium aluminum alloy. The knobs and bolts are made of high quality metal, they are very durable and not easy to brake like the plastic ones.
  • MULTI-ANGLE RULER MECHANISM: Just place the angle-izer template tool on your work area, slide the rulers into the shape you need, and tighten the screws. Then you can fix any desired angle as a reusable stencil for endless applications.
  • MAKES AN AWESOME GIFT! Looking for a great gift for a special handyperson? We've got you covered! This makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers.
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Carpenters Pencils - Bulk 72 count set Red - Flat sided, non-rolling 7 inch standard traditional size- Foghorn Construction - For drawing lines on lumber and assorted woods. Graphite pencil

  • ? 72 PACK - Carpenter Pencils - wood case set for woodworkers looking to draw lead lines on any carpentry project. Any woodworking shop needs a supply of red (exterior color)pencils.
  • ? RED EXTERIOR COLOR - Won't roll away and easy to see. Black graphite "lead" lines are a great alternative to a pen or crayon. Contractor bulk package for shop supplies
  • ? DON"T RUN OUT! - This pack will last a while. Handy to keep with your chalk line, square, drill, driver.etc in your tool bag. Pro contractors use these style pencils that won't roll away.
  • ? THESE ARE PENCILS - No mystery here... Used for drawing black lines on stuff. Use a sharpener or knife to sharpen. No mechanical parts to fail, simply re-sharpen as needed.
  • ? Contratista línea de lápiz lápices de grafito carpintero conjunto sacapuntas caso de dibujo madera de construcción chaqueta de madera plomo tienda casos artesano caja roja non-mechanical crayons pizarra art kit tiza (palabras importantes en español)
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Tolsen Tools Carpenter Pencil, 12 pack

  • Ideal for marking saw lines, drill pits and more
  • Easily fits in a pocket
  • Made with wood harvested in a responsible manner
  • Marks a range of materials, including wood, paper and concrete
  • Flat hex side to prevent rolling
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Carpenter Pencil Holder, Hat-it

  • Carpenter pencil holder, "Slip one on your pencil"
  • Magnetically sticks your carpenter's pencil to your hat or Hard-hat
  • Works with most carpenter pencil brands
  • Right or left handed
  • Pencil included, hat NOT included
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Upgraded Angleizer Template Tool Multi-Angle Ruler for Carpenters, Craftsmen, DIYers and Project Planning - Durable Stainless Steel Construction - Includes Bonus Carpenter Pencil and Protective Bag

  • MULTI-FUNCTION RULER: From laying brick to cutting wood, an angleizer tool is a must-have for any job! With 4 long rulers in centimeters and inches, you can create custom shapes, stencils and angles, saving yourself the time and hassle of repeat measuring.
  • EASY TO USE: Offering the convenience of one-hand use, durable angleizers simplify the way you work! Just form the desired shape and lock the screws into place. Create bull's eyes, arches, cuts or precise measurements for faster work and superior results.
  • BONUS GIFT INCLUDED: As a thank you for shopping with us, each purchase will include a dual-colored carpenter pencil! Ideal for professionals and DIYers, this all-in-one set is the perfect present for any handyman. It's lightweight, portable and great on the go.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCT: Frustrated with plastic imitations? Our stainless steel angleizer was designed for those who take pride in their work. Paired with metal knob construction, it offers long-lasting durability. We're even including a bonus protective flannel bag!
  • SHOP RISK FREE: At GM Premium Tools, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you work! We know you'll love our multi-angle measuring and template tool, but just in case you don't, we're backing each purchase with our full money back guarantee.
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Angleizer Template Tool Premium Aluminum Alloy Pro Precision - Multi Angle Measuring Ruler | Accurate, Durable, Perfect Solution | BONUS Carpenter Pencil and Storage Pouch included

  • ACCURATE PRECISE ANGLE MEASUREMENT TOOL: Your perfect solution to all angle measuring! Simply slide your Pro Precision Angle Template to form any shape and obtain the most precise angle measurement you need. No more mistakes! Lock down Pro Precision to be your stencil for endless applications!
  • UPGRADED DURABLE PREMIUM ALUMINIUM ALLOY MATERIAL: Say Goodbye to fragile breakable plastic! From body to each knob and bolt, Pro Precision is made of premium durable aluminium alloy that gives you both the accuracy and security you need onsite!
  • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE RULER: With 4 adjustable rule, 2-sided arms, you can create a custom stencil for every job. Measures in Centimetre and Inches. Use it to mark tile, flooring, bricks, lumber, laminate, metal & more!
  • SAVE TIME & MONEY: Why create multiple templates and measure the same angle over and over again? Pro Precision quickly adjust and fits all shape and angle you are workig with! Increase your speed, improve your precision! Our convenient locking mechanism makes tracing repetitive patterns a breeze and enables one-handed operation. It is an absolute instrument for Handymen, Carpenters, Roofers, DIY-ers, Builders, Craftsmen and Tilers
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: FREE STORAGE BAG When you're finished with your Pro Precision fold it down for compact storage in our bag. Not thrilled with this handy tool? Contact us & we'll make things right!
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Craftsman 10-pack Carpenter's Pencil Set with Sharpener

  • Craftsman 10-Pack Carpenter's Pencil Set with Sharpener
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Bon 14-589 7-Inch Carpenter Pencil, Black Hard Lead with Red Casing, 12-Pack

  • Black hard lead
  • Outside red casing
  • 7-Inch pencil length
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Search Term "Carpenter's pencil"
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