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Topbest Ergonomics Small Pruning Saws Professional Non-slip Foldable Handsaws 8-inch Garden Tools 3 Times Faster than Traditional Hand Saw for Gardening, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor and Home Use

  • v PORTABLE DESIGN - An easy to carry, easier to use hand saw. We wanted an all purpose, always convenient pruning tool for backpacking and camping, hiking, biking, home gardens and everywhere in-between.
  • v SHARP, EFFICIENT AND SAVE TIME - Grab your smooth cutting, 8" all-purpose saw for all your outdoor needs. Prune trees, trim bushes, force back branches and cut firewood, all with your lightweight, portable powerhouse saw engineered for clean cuts.
  • v COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Imagine an easy day of hard yard work. Grip the handle and feel the blade rip through branches like they're nothing - no more blisters, no more bruises. A soft textured, easy grip handle and efficient saw blades help you finish weekend projects faster, and easier.
  • v INNOVATIVE DESIGN - 3 dimensions sharp sawtooth, inverted trapezoidal design, smooth incision, will not damage the fruit trees, the kerf is easy to heal. User can switching the blade angle by pressing the buckle, easy to operate.
  • v BUY 2 SAVE $3 - We love our customers and want them to love us too. If you buy 2 or more of this Pruning Shears or other home/kitchen tools from us, you can immediately save $3 at checkout (no coupon necessary). Buy for a friend or loved one and save together.
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Joyoldelf Survival Pocket Hand Chainsaw Saw Pocket Chainsaw Blad Essential for Survival Gear, Bug Out Bag, Camping Gear, Survival Kit, Camping Equipment, Hiking Gear, Emergency Kit, Disaster Kit-Trimming trees NEVER BEEN EASIER

  • New Improved Design! EAT WOOD 2 Times Faster! Perfect Match for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing etc,Heave duty Pocket Chainsaw with FREE Emergency Fire Starter,Best Gift to you and your friends;
  • Made with Highest Quality Steel - shark teeth shape with more dense sawtooth,much sharper and faster to cut wood, If you let the chain do the cutting and just move it back and forth you will be amazed at what it can do;
  • Nice lightweight and compact survival saw. The chainsaw eliminates awkward sawing positions in tight spaces. Belt pouch makes it easy to carry,Great for sea kayak or backpacking trips where weight is a factor but you still want to be able to cut wood for a fire. Handy to have one available when needed. Another good feature is that you can slip cordage through the loop handles and throw it over higher limbs and just pull and saw away. Lifesaver when you need to start a fire in inclement weather;
  • Word of advice: brushed any wood chips out and sprayed it with oil or button after using it and it is still sharp and looks like new,Lifetime warranty;
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Lanier Hand Pruning Saw - Folding 7 Inch Blade and Ergonomic Handle Make Quick Work Of Garden Tasks

  • THE IDEAL GARDEN TOOL - Our pruning saw is perfect for pruning unwanted branches in your yard. However this saw is also perfect for camping, backpacking, survival kits, ATVs, Snowmobiles, RVs or anyone needing to quickly cut wood.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT, COMPACT, RUGGED - Virtually unbreakable. Cut through limbs, wood, and brush quickly. The heat tempering applied to the teeth increases durability
  • CAMPING, HIKING, SURVIVAL SAW - The compact folding design makes this saw ideal for emergencies or use in the field.
  • HUNTING SAW - Easily cut through bone and tendons in the field. The compact size makes it easy to carry when out in the woods.
  • COMFORT FOR OLDER HANDS - This ergonomically designed handle makes sawing more comfortable for persons with with reduced hand strength. It's shape easily allows you to grip the handle with both hands. And the rubberized grip reduces slipping and fatigue.
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Tajima JPR-SET Japanese Precision Woodworkers Rapid Pull Hand Saw Kit - 4 Piece Set with 16 & 19 TPI Blades & Canvas Carrying Case

  • Used for trimming, dovetailing, woodworking, finish cuts and fine wood cutting
  • Japanese style blades cut 3 times faster than normal blades
  • Triple-edge cutting teeth made of impulse-hardened steel
  • High quality saws and blades from Tajima
  • Quick Release - Easy to install and remove blades from Tajima Handles
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Sierra Hand Saw

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Hme Products Hand Saw with Scabbard, Orange

  • 12" long curved blade
  • No slip handle
  • Scabbard with belt loop
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Pruning Saw: Careful Gardener Folding Saw with Hand Protection Safety Guard. Easy to Use Tree Trimming Saw

  • VERSATILE FOLDING SAW/ PRUNING SAW: fast cutting, easy to carry saw tool with a folding blade is suitable for gardening, camping, hiking, backpacking and all sorts of DIY situations,
  • #1 TREE PRUNING SAW WITH HAND GUARD FOR SAFE CUTTING: perfect for cutting in confirmed areas, the Hand Guard will prevent any more split or ripped from your fingers rubbing on bark,
  • EXTRA SHARP TREE TRIMMER SAW - has been designed for maximum user satisfaction and combines a safe hand protection design, with a sharp cutting blade, and a strong folding blade,
  • HIGH VISIBILTY TREE SAW - created in a striking yellow and black two tone colour scheme, the folding pruning saw stands out, and is easy to see, when you set it down,
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - because we don't just sell the best pruning saws on Amazon, we guarantee them!
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Folding Pruning Saw | Solid Grip Hand Saw for Tree Trimming & Outdoor Camping | 7.5" Steel Turbocut Pull-Stroke Action Blade | by Tabor Tools

  • CONSIDER THE JOB DONE! Cut branches up to 4-inches in diameter with this powerful handsaw! The 7.5-inch blade folds inwards: simple to store.
  • SHARP & STURDY: This pruner saw is rust resistant and the razor tooth blade remains stable during strong pulls. The handle functions as a scabbard and sheath
  • YEP, PRUNING IS FUN! Pruning, trimming and woodworking is a fun task with this attractive lightweight multi purpose design. The saw is easy to open & close with a lock and has an improved non-slip grip. Great for arborists, tree trimming, camping, outdoor projects, paragliding and more
  • FREE GIFT: Order today, and get a wealth of pruning tips and tricks along with our follow up on your purchase.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Order with confidence! The Tabor Tool 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means exactly that. We will fix any problems quickly and answer to your need every time. We are always available to help our customers; our service record is unmatched!
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The Gardener's Friend Folding Pruning Saw, Lightweight, D-Saw is Easy to Use, Small Weak Hands, Safety Latch, Great Gift

  • Awesome gift - designed for gardeners with weak hands and mobility problems
  • Simple safety latch that locks the foldable pruning saw both ways, lock-on, lock-off to minimize risk of injury and maximize safe usage
  • Very sharp 8" blade with 7 teeth per inch which will cut though hardwood, softwood, plastic, bone but not recommended for metal
  • Ideal for backyard gardening but this pruning tool is also super useful for backpackers, campers and camping
  • The gardeners friend folding d- handle saw will make an incredible gardening gift for the camping, backpacking or gardening friend or family member
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Vaughan 569-52 240RBP Replacement Blade for Bear Hand Saw with Extra Fine Blade, 8-3/8-Inch

  • Cutting length 8-3/8-Inches
  • Pitch 17 TPI
  • Blade thickness 0.022 -Inches
  • Kerf: 0.033-Inches
  • Replacement Bear Saw blade
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Search Term "Hand saw"
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