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OX Tools Trade Carpenters Pencils

  • 10 Carpenters pencils with FREE sharpener included
  • Comfort grip and easy to hold
  • Medium lead
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Measure Twice, Cut Once. Carpenter Pencils - 12 pack. (Neon Green)

  • Bright Neon Green Carpenter Pencils
  • Black Medium Graphite
  • Metric and Standard Ruler
  • Pack of 12
  • Printed in California
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Swanson CPLBLK Black Replacement Lead Cartridges for AlwaysSharp Carpenter Pencil - 24 count

  • Economical. Works with any Swanson mecanical pencil. There are 24 replacemet tips included with a recloseable package that stores neatly in any toolbox, job site, craft bin - even your glove box. The lead will also last 5-times longer since there is no waste due to sharpening
  • Reliable. The Always Sharp refillable carpenter pencils replacement tips are engineered so your Always Sharp pencil never has to be sharpened. It's ready immediately, when you need it.
  • Vibrant. This bright paint color stands out when used on any carpentry, plumbing or similar DIY project
  • Durable. Easy to use when marking block or stone, espeically if you're cutting with a saw. The thick lead mark doesn't blow off like powder, making your work better and more efficient.
  • Consistent. You can count on bold and consistent marks and lines every time. Eventually the tip runs out, but it's an easy 2-step process to simply pull out that spent tip and push it into the back of your Always Sharp pencil in order to push up a fresh, perfectly sharpened point. Back to work in seconds.
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Red Carpenter Pencils with Red Lead - 72 Count Bulk Box

  • Red Painted Wooden Carpenter Pencils
  • Red Lead
  • Box of 72
  • Wax Based Core Ideal for Wet Cutting
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CH Hanson Economy Unfinished Medium Basswood Carpenter Pencils-72 Pack

  • Perfect for marking fine lines, molding, saw lines, drill point, and MORE
  • Convenient size for pockets or toolboxes: .5 in. x .25 in. x 7 in. long
  • Unique stay-put design prevents the pencil from rolling off any edge
  • Made from unfinished, quality wood so it will not easily splinter
  • Medium lead for great marks and easy to sharpen
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Pica BIG Dry Mechanical Carpenters Pencil 6060

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Angle Ruler Angleizer Template Tool-Upgraded Stainless Steel Multi Measuring Tool for handymen, Carpenters, Craftsmen, Tilers and DIYers-GREAT GIFT: Includes Bonus Carpenter Pencil and Protective Bag.

  • MULTI-FUNCTION RULER: From laying brick to cutting wood, an angleizer tool is a must-have for any job! With 4 long rulers in centimeters and inches, you can create custom shapes, stencils and angles, saving yourself the time and hassle of repeat measuring.
  • EASY TO USE: Offering the convenience of one-hand use, durable angleizers simplify the way you work! Just form the desired shape and lock the screws into place. Create bull's eyes, arches, cuts or precise measurements for faster work and superior results.
  • BONUS GIFT INCLUDED: As a thank you for shopping with us, each purchase will include a dual-colored carpenter pencil! Ideal for professionals and DIYers, this all-in-one set is the perfect present for any handyman. It's lightweight, portable and great on the go.
  • Premium Quality: Frustrated with plastic imitations? Our stainless steel angleizer was designed for those who take pride in their work. Paired with metal knob construction, it offers long-lasting durability. We're even including a bonus protective flannel bag!
  • SHOP RISK FREE: At GM Premium Tools, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you work! We know you'll love our multi-angle measuring and template tool, but just in case you don't, we're backing each purchase with our full money back guarantee.
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Angleizer Template Tool Bundle - Eciens Angle Finder Protractor Multi Angle Measurement Angularizer Ruler | Marine Grade Aluminum Material | Includes Velvet Travel Case and Carpenter Pencil

  • GET THE JOB DONE: For Woodworks, diy projects, home improvement works like floor covering, laying tiles, roof reparing or any weekend projects... This tool is PERFECT for you to measure ACCURATELY and CUT templates even with weird angled ones.
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES OF USAGE: In any level of skill you can use Multi-Angle Measuring Adjustable Angleizer Ruler Tool BUNDLE for your diy projects around house or at your professional construction works. It is also for handyman, craftsman, artists, designers, engineers and architects for projects and design works and constructions. Keep this tools in your tool box, A MUST HAVE for every household and professional works.
  • HEAVY DUTY MARINE GRADE ALUMINUM ALLOY: Eciens angle measurement tool made from AL 6005 T6 aluminium alloy which is very DURABLE, sturdy , hard and lightweight material. You don't have to worry about the LIFESPAN and corrosion, it is last longer with metal knobs and all parts are FULL METAL. With 0.2 inches thickness, it is more STRONGER.
  • DUAL-CALIBRATED MEASUREMENT: Either imperial or metric units; you can read very CLEAR and EASY the dimensions from this universal angleizer tool.
  • PERFECT GIFT SET: Angleizer, protractor, carpenter pencil with velvet carry bag are perfect gift set for your weekend warrior friends or your handy husband or just yourself to START WORKING on projects right now.
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Impex Carpenter Pencils - 72pc Half Gross Set (Wholesale Bulk Lot of 72pcs)

  • Strong Wood Contruction
  • Thick Graphite (1/8in by 3/16in)
  • 7in by 5/8in by 1/4in in size
  • Hex Shape with Flat Middle
  • 72pc Half Gross Bulk Set
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Buildwell Premium Aluminum Angularizer Ruler by Multi-Angle Measuring Template Tool Angle Ruler Perfect for Handymen, Carpenter, Builders, DIY-ers | with FREE Protective Pouch and Carpenter's Pencil

  • ???HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL? Our aluminum alloy multi-angle measuring template tool ruler is extremely durable, as it is made of 100% aluminum alloy metal including the bolts. This will enable you to build well-made projects and crafts.
  • ???USER-FRIENDLY?Can be used in any projects that you want to do to like creating layouts in tiling, brick, paving stone. Put the angle template tool in your work area, slide the rulers and tighten the screws.Then adjust any your desired angles. Our angle template tool will help you build a job well done.
  • ???PERFECT GIFT?Perfect for handymen, builders, craftsmen, dads, husbands, architect, engineer, and DIY-ers, this premium aluminum angle template tool is a must-have that will help your loved one build well made projects and crafts.
  • ???2 FREEBIES?This premium high-quality angle template tool also comes with a Free Protective Pouch AND Free Carpenter's Pencil
  • ???100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?100% Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED. If there are any quality issues or you are not satisfied, you can return and get a refund for 60 days.
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Search Term "Carpenter's pencil"
Search Tools & Hardware



Materials List
Graph paper (1/4" squares are preferable)
"Post-It" notes

Tools List (Click item to shop)
Tape measure
Straight edge
Carpenter's pencil





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