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Young Builder Kids Leather Tool Belt & Child's Carpenter Pencils Set - Durable suede tool organizers with leather hammer loops for children

  • Does your child wish to have an extra hand to hold his tools? Carrying tools is made easy by wearing this 7-pocket tool belt.
  • Easy tool access & organizing with this kid's heavy duty tool apron. Must have for kids carpentry woodworking projects! Package includes Kid Size GENUINE SUEDE LEATHER tool belt & two blue carpenter pencils.
  • Two thick black leather hammer loops hold kids & adult-sized hammers .No hard bump into others or scratch furniture !
  • Boost your young builder's confidence with his own real tool belt. Specially designed for children. Fits waist size: 21" ~30". Recommended for ages 6 -12. 7 Durable suede tool pockets & pouches for kid's tools, nails, carpenter pencils & more.
  • Heavy duty belt weighs less than 1 pound ! Each tool belt was inspected carefully in USA to make sure the best quality. 2-Inch-wide adjustable black polyweb belt with quick release interlocking buckle.
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Carpenters Pencils - Bulk 72 count set Red - Flat sided, non-rolling 7 inch standard traditional size- Foghorn Construction - For drawing lines on lumber and assorted woods. Graphite pencil

  • ? 72 PACK - Carpenter Pencils - wood case set for woodworkers looking to draw lead lines on any carpentry project. Any woodworking shop needs a supply of red (exterior color)pencils.
  • ? RED EXTERIOR COLOR - Won't roll away and easy to see. Black graphite "lead" lines are a great alternative to a pen or crayon. Contractor bulk package for shop supplies
  • ? DON"T RUN OUT! - This pack will last a while. Handy to keep with your chalk line, square, drill, driver.etc in your tool bag. Pro contractors use these style pencils that won't roll away.
  • ? THESE ARE PENCILS - No mystery here... Used for drawing black lines on stuff. Use a sharpener or knife to sharpen. No mechanical parts to fail, simply re-sharpen as needed.
  • ? Contratista línea de lápiz lápices de grafito carpintero conjunto sacapuntas caso de dibujo madera de construcción chaqueta de madera plomo tienda casos artesano caja roja non-mechanical crayons pizarra art kit tiza (palabras importantes en español)
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HAT CLIP PENCIL HOLDER TOOLS that can hold golf or carpenter pencils, Sharpie markers and more! 3 PACK BLACK

  • Holds most shapes and size pen or pencils. Round or Square.
  • Attaches to either side of a hat, cap or visor with our unique gripping teeth features
  • Self adjusting hinge design
  • Elimates the aggrevation of losing or misplacing pen or pencils
  • Handy for tradesman, golfer, construction, trucker or any hat wearer
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Angleizer Template Tool with Stainless Steel Knobs, Carpenters Pencil & 4 Spare Knobs, Improved Multi Angle Ruler for Measuring Complex Shapes –Upgraded Angle-izer for Handymen Builders Engineers

  • ? NEWLY IMPROVED MULTI-ANGLE MEASURING RULER - Our improved and upgraded angleizer template tool comes with 4 Stainless Steel Knobs allowing you to easily lock, adjust, or tighten the ruler when measuring complex angles, shapes, and forms. The template ruler offered by our competitors come with plastic or zinc bolts which are difficult to work with.
  • ? ACCURATE ANGLE MEASUREMENTS - Our angle ruler is ideal for precise and accurate angle measurements when splicing bricks, hanging tiles, flooring and more! Just place the Angle-izer onto your work area, then slide the rulers into shape to measure awkward angles. Eliminate all guesswork when you use our improved angle-izer tool.
  • ? ANGLE RULER PLUS CARPENTER'S PENCIL - Every builder, handyman, craftsman, DIYer or Weekend Warrior require an angle ruler when creating dog-leg cuts, radius cuts, birdsmouth cut, bulls eyes, layouts in tiles, etc. Use the INCLUDED Carpenter's Pencil and the Angle izer Tool to outline complex shapes, saving yourself time, money and effort!
  • ? SAVES TIME AND EFFORT - Some project requires repeated tracing of a particular size. Increase the speed and quality of your work by using our angleizer template tool for endless, repeated applications. Instead of creating a new sample for each job, simply lock the ruler to your desired shape via the ruler's one-handed operation mechanism and continue your task.
  • ? FOLDABLE AND PORTABLE, FOLLOWS YOU TO THE JOB SITE - The extremely lightweight nature of our tile measuring ruler ensures that it can be folded and stored conveniently inside the CARRY POUCH, and taken alongside to your job site. Each ruler comes calibrated in inches & centimeters.
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Measure Twice, Cut Once. Carpenter Pencils - 12 pack.

  • Bright Neon Green Carpenter Pencils
  • Black Medium Graphite
  • Metric and Standard Ruler
  • Pack of 12
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Swanson pack of 2 Mechanical Carpenter Pencils with 24 Lead Cartridges and a Magnetic Torpedo Level

  • Never work with a dull pencil again, work with Always Sharp
  • Each pencil has 8 lead cartridges, plus 8 additional replacement cartridges
  • The level has an extruded aluminum frame for light weight strength
  • Full length magnetic strip with V-groove so it stays where you put it hands free
  • With the built in V-groove, you can even put it on the corner of an item
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Swanson Tool CP216 Always Sharp Refillable Carpenter Pencils Bundled with 24 CPLBLK and 24 CPLRED Replacement Tips

  • Includes 3 products: 2-pack of Swanson Tool CP216 Always Sharp Refillable Carpenter Pencils (24 black tips included), pack of 24 CPLBLK black replacement tips, and pack of 24 CPLRED red replacement tips.
  • The tip is sharp on both sides and never requires additional sharpening. It's always ready to go!
  • The Always Sharp Refillable Pencil never gets any shorter, so you never have to worry about losing it in your tool pouch.
  • Each pencil stores 8 loads, and the tips can easily be switched out as needed.
  • Lasts up to 5 times longer than conventional pencils since no lead is wasted by sharpening!
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Craftsman 10-pack Carpenter's Pencil Set with Sharpener

  • Craftsman 10-Pack Carpenter's Pencil Set with Sharpener
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Angle Measuring Template Tool By AMC Tools Precision Multi Angle Ruler, Accurate Angling Finder & Protractor - For Carpenters, Architects, Handymen, Craftsmen & Engineers, Marking Pencil Included FREE

  • THE ULTIMATE ANGLE MEASURING WORK PARTNER FOR YOU: Isn't it frustrating when you try to measure angles and you have to do it over and over again in order to make sure you have not made a mistake? If you want measuring precision and accuracy, you have come to the right place! This amazing angle izer template tool will allow you to prevent inaccurate cuts and get the right measurements in an effortless way.
  • AN AMAZING TOOL THAT WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN: Forget about cheaply made protractors that get easily broken. No more angle measuring tools that are hard to adjust and lock in place. This top notch angle ruler is made of heavy duty fiberglass filled nylon. Moreover, it has been carefully designed to lie flush against any surface, allowing you to get the right measurements without struggling to make it fit in or keep it steady. Slide it into place, tighten the screws and you are ready!
  • ENJOY COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES: The AMC Tools angle finder features both inches and centimetres measurements, allowing you to use it as you consider easier. You can use this angle izer template tool to mark anything from tiles and bricks, to stone, metal, laminate and lumber just to name a few. All you have to do is unleash your imagination and create.
  • A MUST HAVE FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU: This incomparably useful angle measuring tool makes the perfect addition to your toolbox. Whether you are a handyman, a craftsman, an architect, an engineer, a builder, or you enjoy woodworking, DIY and construction projects, this template tool is the perfect choice for you.
  • YOU GET AN AMAZING BONUS ITEM: Offering you nothing less than the best and keeping you satisfied is our number one goal. This is why we have included a little extra something for you! Along with the angle ruler, you will receive a handy carpenter's pencil at no additional charge!
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Komelon SL52425CP 25' Self Lock Powerblade Ii with 2 - Free Carpenter Pencils

  • Self locking blade with push button retraction
  • High visibility blade Color
  • Wide blade for added Standout
  • Dual end hook
  • 2 free carpenter pencils
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Search Term "Carpenter's pencil"
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Materials List
Graph paper (1/4" squares are preferable)
"Post-It" notes

Tools List (Click item to shop)
Tape measure
Straight edge
Carpenter's pencil





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