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Ratchet Straps - Premium 15 ft Length-1686 lbs Load/3372 lbs Break Strength - Includes 4 Soft Loop Anchoring Straps - Heavy Duty Tie Downs for Household Goods & Motorized Vehicles - 8 pc Set

  • QUALITY- Same professional grade and quality as those used by commercial moving companies and transporters
  • STRENGTH- Our thick straps and coated double J hooks provide heavy duty strength to keep your cargo locked down
  • VERSATILITY- The four included soft loop anchoring straps provide more anchoring options too large for hooks for ease of use
  • CARGO PROTECTION- The soft loop straps and coated hooks provide added protection against scratches and/or damage when anchoring directly on cargo
  • ERGONOMIC and COMFORT- The large molded finger-through handle and release lever give you added comfort and extra leverage to ensure proper strap tensioning
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[12 Pack] 1 x 24" Hook and Loop Reusable Fastening Cable Tie Down Straps by Wisdompro - Reusable, Durable Functional Ties to Keep Your Home, Office, Workspace from Tangled Messes of Cords

  • Great for power cords, audio cables, coaxial cable, telephone lines, electrical wires, etc. Organize your cables and cords - no more tangled messes!
  • Sort out power cords for; laptops, PCs, audio/TV equipment, video game systems, charger cords for phones/tablets, etc.
  • Made of durable nylon adhesive strap and plastic buckle! Add, remove, or adjust your cables and cords whenever you need to - the hook and loop closure is always reusable!
  • These reusable ties are multi-purpose & practical - use them in a variety of ways in the home, office, garage, etc.
  • Wisdompro retail package includes: 12 Pack 1 x 24" Cable Tie
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Premium Axle Strap by Vault - Tie Down Your Vehicle to a Trailer with Heavy Duty Straps - 10,000 Lbs Break Strength - 3,333 Lb Working Load - Great Accessory for Ratchet Straps, Come Along or Winch

  • ? INDUSTRIAL GRADE WEBBING - Even heavier duty webbing than the top-selling Vault Ratchet Straps
  • ? STAMPED D RINGS WITH ULTRA TOUGH ZINC PLATING - So you know your load isn't going anywhere!
  • ? EXTRA TOUGH PROTECTIVE SLEEVE - To help resist abrasion and keep the straps strong!
  • ? FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS - Perfect Accessory for trailers, ratchet straps, come-alongs, & winches!
  • ? 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! - Like them or your money back!
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Heavy Duty 20 Ft 1500 Lbs Break Strength Ratchet Tie Down Straps, EXTRA LONG - 4 Pack - 500 Lbs Load Cap, Weather Res, Cargo Straps for Moving Appliances, Equipment, Motorcycle - Ergonomic Grip

  • Shazo Tie-Downs Ratchet Straps are designed to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Ergonomic, flared handle for maximum leverage.
  • Smart Straps Retractable Ratchet Tie-Downs are installed in just 15 seconds per tie-down. No feeding straps, no tying off ends or removing webbing from ratchet.
  • Lightweight but super-strong aluminum ratchet tie-down. 20Ft Length and 1 inch Width
  • Ideal for securing recreational vehicles such as ATVs, golf carts, and lawn mowers. Use them to secure machinery, furniture pieces, raw lumber and other bulky items.
  • 500 lbs Safe Work Load. Shazo Ratchet straps are designed to handle most types of flatbed tie-down requirements.
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Powersports Industrial Grade Ratcheting Tie Down Straps - 4 Pack - 15 Ft - 1500 Lb Break Strength - 500 Lbs Load Capactiy, Used for Motorcycles, Bikes,Trikes-ATV-UTV, Trailer, Truck, Construction

  • ? Premium Industrial Grade Ratchet Straps
  • ? Coated "S" HOOKS - To prevent damage and scratches
  • ? 1500 LBS Break Stregnth
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Hook and Loop Cable Tie Down Straps Reusable 1" x 12" Pack of 10

  • Adjustable and reusable
  • Width: 1 inch
  • Length: 12 inch
  • Buckle Size: 1 5/16 inch x 5/8 inch
  • Package Included: 10 cable straps
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Ratchet Strap Tie Down Set (4 pack) + 4 Free Webbing Loops & Drawstring Bag | The 15 ft Blue OxStrap by OxBound

  • PREMIUM 15' CARGO STRAPS: 1500 lb Break Strength & 500 lb working load limit = Heavy Duty Hardcore awesomeness. Webbing loops = 2,500 lb break strength. Get some.
  • INCLUDES 4 Premium Duty Ratchet Straps + 4 Webbing Loops + Carry Bag. Can you think of a better package? No, you cannot. You are welcome.
  • IMPROVED Handles and 'S' Hooks - Ergonomic Padded Handles & Rubber Coated S Hooks so you can ratchet all day long.
  • INFUSED WITH PURE OX for maximum Oxness. Do us a solid and avoid the other boring brands out there. Represent the Ox... and your country! It's the only way to make the Ratchet Strap Great Again.
  • DURABLE 15 Foot Long, 1 Inch Wide Polyester Webbing. So strong you can't even rip it with your hands. We dare you. Buy these now and feel good forever.
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Ohuhu Ratchet Tie Downs Logistic Straps - 4 Pack - 15 Ft - 500 Lbs Load Cap - 500 Lb Break Strength

  • 500 LBS LOAD CAP: Heavy-duty build allows the 15ft to hold a working load of 500 lbs with 1500lb breaking limit
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRIC: Straps are made of optimum fabric with reinforced close stitched to ensure the safety of cargo and loads
  • RUBBER COATED "S" HOOKS: To prevent cargo and equipment from being damaged, the hooks are ergonomically coated in rubber for optimal performance
  • EASY OPERATION & RELEASE: The coated handles are paired with a release lever for ease in operation and release while the ratchet locks hold securely in place for transport
  • INDUSTRY GRADE EQUIPMENT: Durable high quality straps, lock and levers allow for ease of use in securing motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, sport bikes, vehicles, and other cargo
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Set of Four 2" x 12' Loop Exotic Car Tie Down Straps With Ratchets

  • COMPLETE KIT - You don't need to buy multiple car towing accessories when you have Vulcan's Exotic Tie-Down Straps Kit. This tie-down set includes 4 UV-resistant 12-foot-long straps, 4 ratchet buckles with heavy-duty snap hooks, and a storage bag. With this kit, you can rest assured that your low-clearance sports car, race car, and luxury vehicles will be secured properly to a trailer or transporter.
  • EASY TO USE - You can secure your auto to a trailer or truck by the axle, frame, or wheels using this Tie-Down Straps Kit. Even if you have unique and fancy rim designs, this handy ratcheting set will secure your vehicles properly. The straps can also be tied around the tires for low-clearance vehicles.
  • WON'T SCRATCH PAINT - For easy and damage-free tensioning, Vulcan has designed each strap with non-abrasive material, 12 feet of length, and a 2-inch width. In addition, the harness has no sharp metal parts, reducing the risk of any permanent damage to the car.
  • HEAVY-DUTY TIE-DOWN SET - The ratcheting assembly includes thick yellow webbing that is resistant to ultraviolet light and tearing. All hardware is plated to resist various weather elements. When used as directed, this product meets the Department of Transportation specifications and regulations.
  • GREAT VALUE - Get a professional and bold-looking tie-down set at an affordable price with Vulcan! This kit is ideal for high-end transport applications. It can be used on everything from compact cars to SUVs to exotic race cars. You'll get your money's worth for these accessories, which are durable and can withstand any weather elements.
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Tiger Tie Down Straps-4PK-Extra Long 20ft -500lb Load Cap, The Ultimate Utility Trailer Tiedowns, These Tie Down Straps Have A 1500lb Break Strength. Premium Heavy Duty Locking Straps Tiedowns

  • #1 RATCHET TIE DOWN STRAPS- Tiger tiedowns are manufactured with premium industrial grade material for complete cargo security. EXTRA LONG 20'
  • HEAVY DUTY AND DURABLE- our ratchet tie down offers new state-of-the-art ERGONOMIC molded custom strap handles guaranteeing your handles will not fall off.
  • CARGO CAPACITY-500 pounds load capacity for cargo security with 1500 pounds breaking strength
  • MOLDED RUBBER COATED "S" HOOKS- our rubber molded hooks protect your cargo and equipment from any scratches or pressure damage.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! No questions asked!
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Search Term "Tie down straps"
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Materials List
Carpenter glue
Wood blocks
Wood dowel rods
Wax paper
Dental floss

Tools List (Click item to shop)
Bar clamps
Tie down straps
Drill bits
Screw drivers
Fine paintbrush





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