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Just Artifacts 20 Eclipse White Chinese Flying Sky (Floating) Lanterns - (Eclipse, Set of 20, White)

  • Just Artifacts 20 Eclipse White Chinese Flying Sky (Floating) Lanterns - (Set of 20)
  • DISTANCE: Sky Lanterns can fly up to 1,000m! 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! - When you're happy, we're happy! Buy with the confidence of our Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED? 20 Eclipse White Flying Chinese Sky Lanterns. Please note that 20 detached fuel cells are included.
  • IMPORTANT: Consult with your local fire marshall to ensure flying(floating) sky lanterns are permitted in your area
  • Simple assembly required! INTENDED USES: Fun for family events, birthday parties, memorials, funerals, and romantic outings with your loved one.
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Brightech – Eclipse LED Floor Lamp – Rings of Light Bring Sci-Fi Ambiance to Contemporary Spaces – 28 Watts – Dimmable Bright Light - Silver Finish

  • DOUBLE RING FUTURISTIC DESIGN: Like a pair of shining halos, the twin rings of the Eclipse beam brightly. Inside the rings are circles of LED lights that stay cool to the touch; the rings may be adjusted up and down, illuminating the night hours in sci-fi style. Slender design makes this floor lamp a practical choice for intimate dwellings. Diameter of rings- Outer ring is 18 inches and inner ring is 14 inches.
  • BUILT-IN DIMMER: A dimmer button on the lamp allows for altering the brightness of the rings. Select among 3 different light levels, taking the double rings from full-on brightness to softer, ambient mood lighting. (Note: is NOT compatible with wall switches or timers.)
  • CONSERVE YOUR POWER: Energy-saving, long-lasting 28-watt LED fixtures let you bask for hours by these orbs of light. LED lighting never overheats the room; read your favorite fiction or review documents comfortably throughout the night.
  • WARM & BRIGHT: Thanks to a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin, the Eclipse glows with warm white light in your living space or office. The dual rings have 2,000 Lumens altogether. Easily assembled in 30 minutes.
  • THE WARRANTY: All Brightech floor lamps have a 3-year warranty. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. Our industry-leading commitment to you will make things right!
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Best Eclipse Viewing Glasses By CMT Essential: CE & ISO Certified Eye Protection Filters For Safe Direct Solar Observation-Extra-Durable Plastic Red Folding Shades For Kids-August 2017

  • VIEW SOLAR ECLIPSE SAFELY: You can now view directly the sun, fully protected, with these CE and ISO certified eclipse glasses. Exclusive Dual Silver and Black Film for Safe Viewing.
  • Designed Strictly for Children: Our unisex red solar viewing glasses are suitable for smaller Children. They will not fit Adults.
  • LONG-LASTING VALUE: Made from strong and extra-durable plastic material, these shades are designed to last for many years.
  • STORE THEM EASILY: Our eclipse eye protectors are folding, meaning that you can store them conveniently until next use.
  • ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE: We work hard to get you what you need. Not satisfied? Please, request your 30 day money back refund.
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Eclipse Glasses 'Merica with Time Chart - CE Certified Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses - Viewer and filters paper Eclipse Glasses (2 Pack)

  • Get ready for 2017 American Solar Eclipse
  • Top of the line quality eclipse glasses by Top Eclipse
  • CE certified which meets the transmission requirements of scale 12-16 of EN 169/1992
  • Filters out 100% of harmful ultra-violet, 100% of harmful infrared, and 99.999% of intense visible light
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Solar Eclipse Glasses - Direct Solar Viewing - ISO and CE Certified - Value Bundle - Family Pack of 5 by Epic Sights - Sun Eye Protection

  • Epic Sights delivers the highest quality solar eclipse glasses! Perfect for the once in a lifetime viewing of this years solar eclipse.
  • Safe Viewing is a priority. Thats why our eclipse glasses are both ISO and CE certified to ensure you are experiencing the safest viewing for your eyes.
  • Perfect for the Family! Designed for the ultimate viewing comfort. Epic Sights are made to fit everyone, perfect for the entire family.
  • Perfect for the epic viewing of this years solar eclipse. Do not miss this once in a lifetime event.
  • Can be used for daily use of sun viewing. The sun is a magnificent star but our eyes or traditional sunglasses can not withstand its ray. Use Epic Sights for an unbelievable experience.
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Solar Eclipse Glasses 16-Pack Sun Viewing Sunglasses Shades Safety Eye Protection ISO Certified Viewer & Filter Blocks Total Eclipses UV Rays Infra-Red White Spectrum Light

  • TESTED FOR SAFETY - Tested to block 100% of Infra-red light & UV rays
  • COMFORTABLE FIT - One of a kind design looks and feels great. Fits all head sizes & over prescription glasses
  • CRISP CLEAR VIEW - With this sun viewing technology & the 5+ optical density, these shades will assure safe viewing & a clear image of the sun.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - These are premium shades that guarantee long-term use assured with scratch resistant polymer built-in.
  • ISO CERTIFIED - According to US safety Standards
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Eclipse Glasses for the 2017 Sea to Shining Sea Eclipse (5 Pack) - CE & ISO Certified - Includes Commemorative Poster - Made in USA

  • All of our solar viewing materials are optical density 5 or greater and are "CE" certified
  • All our eclipse glasses meets the 2012 Transmission Requirements Below.
  • EN 1836:2005 & AS/NZS 1338.1:1992 for Eclipse filters (Queensland Directive)
  • Meets the Standard for ISO 12312-2:2015.
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Solar Eclipse Viewers (Pack of 10) CE & ISO Certified

  • Pack of 10 solar filter observation cards, 1"x4" filter window, 3"x5" card frame.
  • Suitable for naked eye observation of solar eclipses, large sunspots, Venus/Mercury transists without a telescope.
  • The sun will appear in a natural orange color when viewed through this filter.
  • Black polymer is the most common filtering material for observing the sun safely.
  • These viewers are a quality product of Thousand Oaks Optical, Arizona, USA. A manufacturer of safe solar filters for over 30 years.
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Space Solar Eclipse Glasses (10 Pack) | Direct Sun Viewing | Safe Solar Viewing | ISO & CE Certified

  • ?ENJOY THE SOLAR ECLIPSE IN TOP SAFETY! Steer clear of flimsy eclipse glasses flooding the market and make the most of the upcoming solar eclipse in TOP SAFETY! With their smart 100% ABSORBENT SOLAR FILTERS, they protect your eyes against ultra-violet & infrared rays, treating you to the SAFEST direct sun viewing!
  • ?COMFORT IS OUR TOP NOTCH! Worry no more about picking the correct size in your eclipse sunglasses! Perfectly fitting heads of all sizes and shapes, they make a killer UNIVERSAL FIT pair of solar glasses for restful eclipse viewing even OVER PRESCRIPTION GLASSES! Share the 10-pack set with your loved ones and set off on an unforgettable experience!
  • ?WE HAVE BEEN CERTIFIED! Manufactured with utmost respect for your eyes, C Venture solar glasses have been submitted to the most rigorous testing and are reliably ISO and CE certified. Wear them with confidence that no harmful rays will cause eye irritation or vision issues and feel free to immerse in the most amazing solar phenomenon!
  • ?CRYSTAL CLEAR IMAGE: Only the best materials are good enough for your eyes; only the highest quality SCRATCH-RESISTANT POLYMER is used in our eclipse glasses! Watch the solar eclipse with our unique HIGH-DEFINITION GLASSES and don't miss the slightest detail of this stunning experience!
  • ?AN AMAZING GIFT: Quality made, reliable and packed in a premium set of 10, our glasses make an excellent gift to your loved friends, school mates or students! Offer them as an impulse gift to treat them to earth-shaking solar eclipse phenomenon and enjoy their ear-to-ear smile!
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Solar Eclipse Glasses - CE Certified, ISO Approved (10 PACK) Safe Paper Frames - Sunglasses for Great American Eclipse 2017

  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION while experiencing this rare TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE! Meets NASA Eclipse protection requirements
  • ISO AND CE CERTIFIED FOR DIRECT SUN VIEWING - Scientifically tested and certified to meet the Standard for ISO 12312-2:2015. *standards for direct sun viewing safety. Our glasses allow you to view the total solar eclipse with absolute confidence in your eye safety.
  • KEEPS OUT HARMFUL RAYS With an optical density of 5 or greater, manufactured IN THE USA with 2 mil scratch resistant polymer (black/silver) lenses that filter out 100% of harmful ultra-violet and infrared rays and 99.999% of intense visible light.
  • BEST POSSIBLE WAY TO VIEW THE SOLAR ECLIPSE and enjoy this historic event.
  • BUY NOW BEFORE THEY SELL OUT - We created a limited run of these viewers and once they sellout they will be gone forever. Don't wait until last minute and be stuck purchasing from hawking vendors selling cheap knockoffs that don't truly protect your eyes. August 21 2017 is the first USA total solar eclipse in 38 years you don't want to ruin it with bad glasses.
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Search Term "Eclipse"
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