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Protect Ur Kid Anti Tip Furniture Anchor & TV Straps w/ Ultra-Strong Mounting Hardware & Safety Stud Finder Locks-In Heavy Objects for Instant Earthquake, Child & Baby Proofing (Black, 4 Straps)

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PREVENT DEATH & INJURY - BEST VALUE ANTI TIP FURNITURE KIT: You'd never leave your baby alone in a hot car, yet EACH YEAR ACCIDENTAL FURNITURE TIP OVERS KILLS nearly as many babies as in-car heat stroke. That's why our "NO GUESSING" kit INCLUDES IT ALL - 4 anti tip earthquake furniture straps, all the metal wall mounting hardware, TV VESA bolts & screws you'll need, and EVEN A MAGNETIC STUD FINDER so you're 100% POSITIVE that your furniture is SECURED 100% SAFELY
  • TANK-STRONG QUALITY & DURABILITY - SOLID ABS & ADJUSTABLE STRAPS, JUST LIKE BABIES CAR SEAT! Do you want SAFETY or the ILLUSION OF SAFETY? Most furniture anchor strap kits use cheap plastic that crack or metal that warps overtime, putting your toddler at risk. Our EARTHQUAKE RATED furniture straps are made of TANK DURABLE propylene webbing with SOLID ABS components, like NHTSA approved baby carriers, to they ensure your furniture stays in place, even with LONG TERM USE.
  • FASTEST INSTALLATION - 5 MINUTES TO HASSLE-FREE SAFETY - STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED: If you can use a screwdriver, you can install our dresser wall anchors in MINUTES. Simply follow the included instructions for your television, book cases, chest with drawers, armoire, entertainment center, stove range, refrigerator freezer, countertop appliance and more. Like our other parents we're sure you'll exclaim, "This was so easy!" and quickly return to buy a 2nd anti-tip furniture strap set!
  • VERSATILE & UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE - LOCK-IN FURNITURE INDOORS & OUTDOORS: Your little one's job is to defy the laws of physics, so they use everything to pull themselves up, even climbing dressers or hot BBQ's to get a toy or shiny object they want. While most child safety furniture straps only work outdoors, our furniture tether kit allows you to BABY PROOF indoors & out - because it's ULTRA-DURABLE, so it STANDS UP TO WHATEVER WEATHER MOTHER NATURE THROWS your way.
  • LIFETIME REUSABLE - GROWS with YOUR CHILD, MOVES with YOUR FAMILY: No intelligent parent wants to think about how all those sad news stories can happen to you. Yet the truth is simply bumping, hitting, pulling, kicking, climbing, opening drawers, using them like ladders or even playing nearby causes 25,000+ injuries per year! Take a deep breath and know your child is safe and secure when you choose the reusable wall anchor kit so durable you can uninstall and reinstall it for life.
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Stud Finder, 3 in 1 Multi-Function Wall Stud Sensor Detector with LCD Display and Sound Warning for AC Live Wire, Wood, Metal, Deep Scanning Kuled M79

  • Stud sensor Scanner depth: Detects stud up to 0.71 inches (18mm) , metal up to 3 inches (76mm) , deep scanning up to 1.25 inches (32mm), presence of live wire up to 3 inches (76mm) .
  • 3 in 1 : Multi-scanner stud finder for Wood, Metal, Deep, AC Current. Quickly locates edges and center of wood ,wall studs, metal pipes,wooden joist ,rebar behind walls, floors and ceilings, also indicates the presence of live AC wire .
  • Easy to Read : LCD with digital display and continuous sound warning indicating you the location of the edges of the studs.
  • Easy to Use : Only three buttons, first press ON/OFF button, then select the probe type ,after that just press and hold the "Scan button"(at the left side of the device) and scan horizontally across the object surface. Auto power off without any operation after 60 seconds .
  • Compact design is easy to hold and use. Low battery indication. Battery :1x9V battery(included).
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Black & Decker SF100 Wood Stud Finder

  • Detects studs edge-to-edge up to 3/4" thick
  • Leds Flash and the device beeps when studs are located
  • Ergonomic design
  • Stud sensor with LED indicators for accurate stud locating
  • Compact design is easy to hold and use
  • Includes two AA alkaline batteries
  • Audio and visual indicators for working in noisy environments or where visibility is a problem
  • Detects studs from edge to edge for precision mounting
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Black & Decker GCO18SFB 18-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver with Storage Bag and Stud Sensor

  • Variable speed/reverse design
  • Ideal for a variety of materials
  • Includes an 18V battery, charger, stud finder and storage bag.
  • Lightweight, compact tool powered by an 18-volt battery
  • Lightweight, compact tool powered by an 18-volt battery
  • Keyless chuck for effortless bit changes; 24-position clutch provides optimum control without stripping screws
  • Includes stud finder that locates studs through walls measuring up to 3/4-inch thick
  • Weighs 4.7 pounds (shipped); 2-year warranty
  • Includes one HPB18 18-volt battery pack, DC plug charger, storage bag, and stud finder
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Zircon MultiScanner 740 Electronic Wall Scanner with Built-In Erasable Wall Marker / Center Finding and Edge Finding Stud Finder / Metal Detector / Live AC Wire Detection - FFP

  • Zircon's MS 740 is a multi-surface scanner with 4 modes that allows you to detect and mark the location of studs, metal and live AC wiring
  • ACT (Auto Correcting Technology) that automatically corrects common user errors, such as when scanning begins over a stud, in addition to the unique floating head design that keeps the sensor flat on rough and textured surfaces to increase the accuracy of results
  • Both StudScan and DeepScan modes locate the edges, center and direction of wood or metal studs and joists; Metal Scan mode finds both non-ferrous metal (such as copper pipe) and ferrous metal (such as rebar) even through lath and plaster; AC Scan finds and traces live, unshielded electrical AC wires
  • WireWarning Detection indicates the presence of live, unshielded electrical AC wiring while scanning in StudScan, DeepScan, and Metal Scan modes
  • Integrated erasable wall marker enables users to mark targets with the simple push of a button
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Stud Finder Tool with LCD Screen- Detect steel metal wood and live electrical wires within the wall ceiling or floor with audible sound - Yellow - Easy to find in your DIY toolbox INCH vs CM

  • INCH vs CM STUD FINDER: Our stud finder is made with high quality materials to provide you with durability and reliability; it is designed to be small and lightweight with a comfortable grip
  • STRONG ENOUGH TO SCAN THROUGH SURFACES EASILY: Get set to become a pro at scanning your walls, ceilings and floors; Our stud finder can detect metal beams, rebar, live ac wires, and wooden studs through drywall
  • LARGE BACKLIT LCD SCREEN: You just need to insert a 9v battery and our large easy-to-read LCD screen is ready for your next DIY project no matter how large or small
  • MAKE HOME IMPROVEMENT A FAMILY AFFAIR: Professionals aren't the only ones that can benefit from a stud finder in their tool set; Everyone in your home can get involved in deciding where to wall mount your new flat screen TV, hanging a family picture, or creating a gallery for your kids art work
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We stand by the quality of our products so we provide you with our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee
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WELQUIC 3-in-1 Stud Finder Multifunctional Wall Scanner High Precision Detector with Auto Calibration, Backlit LCD Screen, Warning Indicators for Wall Studs/ AC Wires/ Wood & Metal, Black and Red

  • 3-IN-1 DETECTIONS & AUTO CALIBRATION: With the help of auto calibration, it allows you to detect targets freely with 3 switchable modes: stud scan, AC scan and metal scan
  • DEEP SCANNING & HIGH ACCURACY: It can locate the hidden metal objects (rebar, studs, steel, copper and more), live wires, wooden stuff accurately up to 1.5'' (38 mm) depth in stud mode, 2.36'' (60 mm) for metal mode and 2'' (51 mm) in AC scan mode
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & EASY-TO-OPERATE: This detector is ergonomically designed with a perfect grip feeling for heavy and long-time uses; adopts an easy-to-use interface with 2 buttons, making the device super simple to operate
  • BACKLIT LCD SCREEN & WARNING INDICATORS: It integrates an illuminated LCD screen, displaying all data clearly; visual & audio indicators are available, reminding you with beep alert and flash icons when sensing abnormity for safety concern
  • BATTERY POWERED & AUTO POWER-OFF: It is powered by a 9v battery (not included); it will automatically go power-off when there is no operation over 120s to save energy
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Stanley 47-400 Magnetic Stud Finder

  • Stanley - Black & Decker
  • Base of the stud finder is notched for convenient marking once studs are located
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Magnet works by locating steel nails and screws used to hold drywall to studs
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Suaoki Stud Finder Wall Scanner Wood AC Cable Finder Digital Handheld Multi-Scanner Metal Detector

  • MULTI-MODE DETECTION: probe deep for objects like wood studs (0.8"/ 2 cm), metal objects (rebar, studs and steel/copper pipes, 3.1"/ 8 cm) and AC live wiring (2.0"/ 5cm)
  • SELF-EXPLANATORY BUTTONS: simple operation with intuitive design; buttons for wood studs, metal and AC wiring are easy to tell and use
  • AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION: provides you with maximum reliability with automatic calibration; reduces application errors and makes sure most objects can be detected
  • GRAPHICAL LCD DISPLAY: indicates detection mode, signal strength, automatic calibration, battery indication with better readability
  • TRIPLE INDICATION: 3 types of messages work together; keep you informed with LCD graphics, beeper and indicator light
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Zircon MultiScanner A200 Electronic Wall Scanner / Center Finding and Edge Finding Stud Finder / Metal Detector / Live AC Wire Detection

  • The Zircon MS A200 is an electronic edge and center stud finder and ferrous and non-ferrous metal Detector sold exclusively on Amazon Wire warning detection indicates the presence of live, unshielded electrical AC wiring while scanning in all scanning modes
  • Act (auto correcting technology) automatically corrects common user errors, I.E. When scanning begins over a stud, as the signal strength indicator help distinguish shallower targets from deeper ones
  • Ergonomically designed grip allows a comfortable hold on the tool for any size hand, at any angle while the patented spotlite pointing system clearly indicates the target location
  • One fully charged 9V battery, not included, is required for the stud scanner to run at optimal performance to help you easily find studs and metal while avoiding electrical hazards
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Search Term "Stud Finder"
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Materials List
Drywall screws
Protector plates for fishing cables through joists
Joint compound
wire connectors to secure connections
Electrical cable: It is important that you use the same gauge wire as you a
Recessed lighting system
- Remodeling Cans
- Insulated Ceiling (I.C.) Cans or Non-IC Cans
- Downlights or Eyeball Lights

Tools List (Click item to shop)
Electrical tester
Coat hanger
Stud Finder





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