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Professional Chalk Paint Wax Brush, Painting, Waxing, Annie Sloan Dark & Clear Soft Wax, Furniture, Stencils, Folkart, Home Decor, Cabinets, Dressers, Wood handle leather rope Pure Natural Bristles

  • WORKS WITH CHALK PAINT OR WAX - Use with all paint & wax brands, furniture, and colors.
  • LOW SHEDDING DESIGN - Guaranteed maximum bristle retention. Made of 100% natural boar hair.
  • AFFORDABLE ANNIE SLOAN ALTERNATIVE - Half the price of Annie Sloan, with the same quality.
  • REDUCE PAINTING & CLEANING TIME - 2" head covers all surfaces. With easy-hang leather rope.
  • 30 DAY WARRANTY GUARANTEE - Free returns if it doesn't meet your expectations.
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Purdy 144152125 Clearcut Series Glide Angular Trim Paint Brush, 2-1/2 inch

  • The part Number of the product is 0
  • This products adds a great value
  • This product is manufactured in United States
  • Use with all paints
  • Angular trim and fluted, natural hardwood handle
  • Round edge, stainless steel ferrule
  • Superior cutting-in capability and quick, easy clean up
  • Handcrafted in the USA
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25 Pack Poly Foam Brushes With Wooden Handles - For Any Professional Paint Job, Oil Stain, Watercolor, Art & Craft Project; Use For Professional & Amateur Projects - By Katzco

  • HIGH DENSITY: Absorbent polyurethane foam with beveled end. use with paints stains and varnishes, Perfect for scrapbooking, card making, mixed media and altered art projects Provide proper stiffness and deflection required to produce an even finish - Absorbs paint to reduce drips, release when pressed
  • GOOD FOR: Beginning, intermediate, advanced craft painter or homeowner, For use of acrylics and all smooth surfaces, Used for Painting Supplies household-bristle-paintbrushes accessories, Use with all finishes varnishes & polyurethane finishes. can be used to smooth paint not for use with shellac or lacquer.
  • DURABLE - They are designed to absorb, hold, and evenly spread paints and stains. Economical sponge applicator, Dense foam that resists tearing and shredding and carries more material. They feature absorbent foam with beveled edge that is supported by internal stiffene
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - Solid wood handle gives more control for quality results. Versatile, and Highly Effective Painting Brush Tool secured to handle. Beveled Tips for Reaching Edges and Feathering Techniques.
  • WOOD HANDLE - Hardwood handle brushes are lightweight, durable and comfortable to hold, Short Great Quality Wood Handles gives greater control for quality results. Wood handle allows for easy application.
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ULTNICE Chalk Paint Wax Brush for Painting or Waxing Furniture Home Decor

  • Quality natural bristles. Works with all colors for restoration of antique furniture and creating vintage looking chairs, tables, cabinets and walls. Enjoy a cleaner finish and a smoother painting experience to create eye-catching wax and paint jobs that your guests will love.
  • 1 1/2-inch diameter. Perfect for use with Annie Sloan, Martha Stewart, Minwax, Renaissance and all other brands of paints and paste finishing waxes. Use with soft, clear, cream or dark wax. Large head allows for a wider stroke reach to create texture and finish jobs twice as fast.
  • Specialty round paint brush designed to get hard-to-reach crevices easily and effortlessly. It's maximum bristle retention will ensure all your chalk paint jobs turn out perfect. Save time by getting it right the first time with the right brushes.
  • Ergonomic handle with thumb point allows perfect precision so you have more control over your strokes in your craft and work.
  • 100% WARRANTY - If for any reason you are not satisfied with this product, we will of course provide you with a 90-day money-back guarantee date)
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Purdy 144080310 XL Series Dale Angular Trim Paint Brush, 1 inch

  • The stiffness of the brushes makes them ideal for outdoor projects with different temperatures and humidity
  • A blend of Satin-Edge nylon (Tynex) and Orel polyester
  • Each xl Brush has a unique hand-chiseled formulation for maximum paint lift and smooth "no drag" application
  • Highly recommended for both interior and exterior painting projects
  • The stiffness retention makes them especially high-performing for outside painting under hot and humid climate conditions
  • Only solid, round, tapered Nylox (dyed nylon) and polyester filaments are used and our special tipping and flagging process brings our synthetic filaments as close to naturally flagged bristle as possible
  • Hand-chiseled formulation for maximum paint lift and smooth "no-drag" application
  • For trim work
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8 PACK 2-1/2" Angle Sash PRO PERFECT PAINT BRUSH LOT.. Includes 8 Each 2-1/2" Angle Sash Brushes.These are NOT Purdy brushes but the greatest alternative at a HUGE discount!

  • * PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, These brushes are no throwaways; intended to be long lasting and easy to clean. Exceptional ability to get the job done quickly with a superior finish.
  • * MADE FOR COMFORT AND CONTROL: Wooden handle brushes are lightweight and easy to hold. A comfort that last for long tedious jobs. Handle allows for the best quality control with exceptional results.
  • * QUALITY FILAMENTS: This synthetic filament blend are designed hold more paint to save you time and give you the finish you are looking for. Filaments are durable and long-lasting for plenty of washings.
  • * PROFESSIONAL QUALITY at the PERFECT PRICE: Don't waste your money on a brush that will last you a hour. These high quality brushes are money savers. The value you get in these brushes are unbelievable for the price.
  • * PERFECT FOR ALL USERS: It doesn't matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, these brushes are great for any user.
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STANLEY Comfort Grip Paint Brush Set, Polyester, 3-Piece

  • Designed to perform well with all paints
  • SRT polyester filaments provide durability and even paint distribution
  • Comfort grip low fatigue handle
  • 100% tipped and flagged polyester filaments
  • Perfect choice for the do-it-yourselfer
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CleverLove Pure Bristle Paint Brushes 3 Different Sizes with Wooden Handle for Wall and Furniture Paint Staining Craft Projects Occasions

  • ?easy to clean and retain their shape?: The Paintbrush cleaned up in about two minutes with warm water and a little soap, wrap them till next use
  • ?You will love DIY paint?:The Paint Brush paint smoothly,good selection of sizes,mixed size with 1 inches, 2 inches, 3 inches,use the right sized brush for the job
  • ?Suitable different types of projects occasions?: The Bristles Paint Brushes paint for wall, furniture and other paint varnish arts and craft projects occasions
  • ?premium quality?:The Bristles Paint Brushes wooden handle and the bristles brush are premium quality materials.WOODEN-PURE BRISTLE! HANGING HOLES IN THE HANDLES!
  • ?100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE?:CleverLove offers are higher primium QUALITY and its GUARANTEED addtional with 12 months warranty.
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Featherline Series Pro 2 Inch Premium Large Oval Bristle Round Brush | Effectively Brushes on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint & Wax | Use with Folkart, Renaissance, Brossum, Rustoleum, Sidewalk, Roseart

  • CHALK + WAX PAINT PROJECTS - Professional gold standard 2-in-1 brush provides superior results whether working on chalk or waxing painting projects
  • MINIMUM BRISTLE LOSS - Custom engineered ferrule set with larger adhesive surface area and industrial-grade epoxy sets up for maximum bristle retention
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Extended large 5 1/2" long handle has been designed for best fit big and small hands, reducing fatigue for all project types
  • HIGHEST QUALITY - 100% Natural Pure Boar Bristle brush delivers superior results, paints all colors on all types of furniture, craft and stencil detail projects
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! - Free Lifetime Warranty included with every purchase, returns processed with absolutely no questions asked!
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Wire Wheel Brush Cup - 4 Inches Heavy Duty And Durable Knotted Grinder Brush For Rust, Corrosion And Paint Removal - By Katzco

  • WHAT YOU GET - 1 strong and long lasting wire wheel brush cup that has a durable bristles and can withstand abusive usage. Thread 5/8"" x 11NC. Max: 8500 RPM This is a very good cleaning tool to remove rust, paint, and can even shine up metals. To use with any rotary tool.
  • PERFECRT FOR - Our grinder brush can be used to remove rust from old farriers, rasp for knife-making and is also best tool for rust removal, corrosion and paint. This tool is very useful in automotive works, construction works, as well as home repairs. This wire wheel can be used to brush more rugged so that the cutting action can be more aggressive.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - Katzco's wire wheel brush cup is made up of premium quality materials that is proven and tested for its durability and functionality. Made of high quality bristle with innovative spiral knotted wires construction for a narrow face, rust, spatter and paint removal, surface conditioning and preparation. This has thick knotted wheel feature that is great for small spaces and borders. It is guaranteed long lasting and can survive heavy usage.
  • CONVENIENT - This is a very convenient tool to use because you can use it on your garage or even on your projects involving cleaning and polishing metals. Also, it is very easy to use because this product is universal fit so you won't be worried if it might not fit to your shaft or grinder.
  • WHY CHOOSE US- When it comes to purchasing your tools, you have plenty of options. However, a reputable company that cares about you and your project will help you experience a better result. Katzco has a large variety of tools, accessories and supplies to meet your immediate needs and your needs in the future.
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Search Term "Paint brushes"
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