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PowerFit PF31089 Garden Hose Inlet Filter

  • Easy To Connect
  • Filters Water Running From Spigot to Garden Hose To Protect Pressure Washer Pump
  • Suitable For Use With Most Pressure Washers
  • Durable Construction
  • Easy To Clean
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100FT Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose by Titan BONUS Solid Brass Watering Nozzle Lightweight Kink-Free Strong Durable Metal Outer Layer

  • ?THE BEST HOSE YOU'LL EVER FIND IS FINALLY HERE - Introducing the high performance, stainless steel garden hose by Titan. The most durable and strongest hose you will ever use.
  • ?FUNCTIONAL DESIGN MAKES IT IDEAL FOR EVERYDAY USE - It's amazingly lightweight for a garden hose and it's so flexible that you will be able to use it effortlessly every day. Its durable and efficient design makes it capable of withstanding heavy usage.
  • ? FORGET ALL THE USUAL HOSE PROBLEMS - No more kinking, tangling, puncturing, bursting or twisting! This premium metal garden hose by Titan is designed to never tangle up, guaranteeing better performance and life-span.
  • ?HEAVY DUTY ALUMINUM FITTINGS WILL DO THE TRICK - Our metal garden hose has heavy duty couplings that are very easy to attach and detach. They are crush-proof and leak-resistant so that not even a drop of water is lost!
  • ?BONUS BRASS SPRAYER NOZZLE INCLUDED - We are so confident about the versatility and durability of our premium metal garden water hose. That's why we offer a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee and a 180-day replacement for manufacturing defects
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Expandable Garden Hose - 50 ft. Retractable, Lightweight & Flexible - 8 Pattern Function Watering Nozzle Gardening Spray Included - Enhanced Brass Fitting Connectors - Free Hanger & Storage Holder

  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Throw away your old, plastic hose that tore after minimal use! This expendable hose has an all-new, improved design that maximizes its lifespan! It features a strong, fabric layer that prevents leaks and is extremely hard to pierce through!
  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY & FLEXIBILITY: Whether you want to extend it to its full, 50 feet length and drag it around your garden or use it closer to your home, this handling this hose will never be a hassle. It fully expands when filled with water, allowing effortless carrying and dragging, while it shrinks back to its original size once you are all done! It's so compact, it takes up minimal space in your garden shed or garage!
  • SAY GOODBYE TO TANGLES, KINKS & TWISTS: This hose is smartly designed to avoid hose coiling or irregular, low water distribution within the hose that is every gardener's nightmare! Its groundbreaking design allows smooth water flow throughout use and quick, efficient water drainage and hose coiling once you've finished!
  • THE ULTIMATE GARDEN HOSE WATERING KIT: Our kit contains all the accessories you'll need to perfectly maintain your garden, clean your porch or yard and wash your car. This hose comes with a FREE 8-Pattern Nozzle, 2 Brass Point Connectors, a Hose Hanger and Hose Storage Bag so you can easily store all hose parts in one place, when not needed!
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Should our hose spring a leak and shower you, we will replace your hose, provide a FULL refund of your money.
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Sun Joe SPX-UQC Universal Brass/Aluminum Pressure Washer Garden Hose Quick-Connect Kit

  • Fits all SPX Series Pressure Washers
  • Heavy-duty solid brass construction
  • Attaches securely + quick release
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Watts DP IWTG Water Pressure Test Gauge for Garden Hose

  • Water pressure test gauge with maximum working pressure of 200 psi^Easily determines incoming water pressure from your garden hose^3/4-Inch female garden hose thread^Can be left on overnight to test for thermal expansion and maximum pressure in the system^Clamshell
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Podura 25ft Strongest Expanding Garden Hose Best for Watering Plants,Showering Pets,Cleaning Patio,10-pattern Nozzle - Black

  • NOTE: Podura is a legal brand own by US company,we didn't authorized any online retailer for Podura brand products, any customer purchased products from OHMTTA_NAMA or IPAYTEE are fake and cannot have the Podura Warranty, if you buy from Podura page but receive item not from Podura, please report to amazon and for claim.
  • Top Configuration: Comes with tough webbing, solid metal fittings, double layer natural latex core make these hoses strongest and durable, no leaking and suitable for high and low pressure water systems.
  • Water-Saving: Built-in ON/OFF brass valve in tap connector and spray nozzle ensure leak-resistant and metal material make it crush-proof and durable, won't lost even a drop of water!
  • Ideal for your everyday use: Perfect 25ft size and it's amazingly lightweight and flexible that you will be able to use it effortlessly every day. Most suitable for mini garden, potted plants, cleaning windows/floor, washing car/dog
  • 3-time Expandable & Lightweight: The magic hosepipe expands up to 3x under water pressure and snap back idiomatically, never kink and tangle, very compact lightweight for easily storage and space saver.
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Continental ContiTech Black Rubber Heavy Duty Garden Hose, 5/8" ID x 50' Length

  • Reinforced for high burst pressure
  • Heavy gauge rubber wall for resistance to abrasion and corrosion
  • Heavy gauge rubber tube for maintaining pressure
  • Brass fittings for strength and resistance to corrosion
  • Temperature range -40 to +160 degrees F
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Vremi Heavy Duty Metal Garden Hose Nozzle - 10 Pattern High Pressure Thumb Control Jet Shower Sprayer for Gardening Watering Car Washing - No Squeeze Handle Power Washer Attachment Long Water Spray

  • 10 PATTERNS SPRAYING with FULL FLOW - This professional hose nozzle is adjustable for all of your individual gardening and outside cleaning needs, and features a full flow setting that acts as a faucet, allowing you to fill watering cans or buckets without detaching the nozzle from the hose end. The ten way option sprays also include mist, shower, jet, cone, vertical, flat, center fan, angle, and stream - simply turn the rotating dial on the nozzle head to go from strong to low pressure
  • DURABLE HIGH QUALITY METAL BASE - Unlike plastic hose accessories, attachments or connector parts, our industrial heavy-duty garden nozzle for homes is made with durable zinc alloy metal to eliminate maintenance or repair, with a rubberized outer coating to prevent it from becoming too hot on warm days. And with its many pro functions, it can be used year-round to power wash cars, bike tire or boat surfaces, and to clean patios, gutters, and more
  • REAR THUMB-CONTROL and COMFORT GRIP - Give your hands a break and water with comfortable support and less effort for longer periods of time with the thumb control button. No need to squeeze a lever or pistol; just flip the rear nozzle knob up or down to turn the flow on or off. And with its rubber coated ergonomic handle, medium sized body and light weight design, it's the perfect equipment for gardening with arthritis
  • LEAK PROOF DESIGN with O RINGS PACK - Few things are more frustrating than a leaky garden hose nozzle wand or extension - every drip outside of the spigot reduces pressure and distance, wasting water and making turbo settings less useful. Our garden nozzle features a custom fit, rubber o ring gasket (a.k.a. washer) that creates a leak proof seal between the nozzle valve and hose end tip, and supplies you with an extra gasket in case your first one goes missing
  • FITS ALL STANDARD HOME HOSES - No need for an adapter, or for extra tools or handles - with its threaded interior and quick connect twist-on function, our garden nozzle is ready to use with your standard hose reel right away. Nurture your flowers or vegetable gardens with its gentle mist and cone settings, give your dry grass lawn a rain soak, or treat your dogs an outdoor shower. Its eye-catching black and green body, and easy-to-read spray icons make it great for gardening with your kids too!
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Sun Joe SPX-AGHA Universal 3/4-Inch Aluminum Pressure Washer to Garden Hose Adaptor for SPX Series Pressure Washers

  • Universal 3/4-Inch Aluminum Pressure Washer to Garden Hose Adaptor
  • Compatible with all SPX-Series Pressure Washer
  • Part # SPX-AGHA
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Winterize Sprinkler Air Compressor to Female Garden Hose Faucet Adapter Fitting

  • Adapter to winterize sprinkler, home, faucet, spigot, and hose bib by blow out method.
  • Its 1/4" Industrial Interchange Quick Connect plug is the most common connection for air compressors in North America. Its 3/4" GHT Garden Hose Thread is the most common garden hose fitting in North America.
  • All metal parts are outdoor-rated brass. Assembled in USA.
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Materials List
Rags and/or paper towels
Masking tape

Tools List (Click item to shop)
Garden hose
Power washer, or
Hose brush attachment, or
Sponges & buckets for wash water
Spray nozzle
Extension ladder
Paint scraper
Wire brush
Putty knives
Heat gun, or
Rotary paint removing tool and electric drill
Caulk gun
Sanding block
Work gloves





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