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LENOX Tools Hacksaw Blade, 12-inch, 32 TPI, 2-Pack (20162T232HE)

  • A revolutionary new blade design that delivers up to 100% longer blade life versus the prior generation of LENOX hacksaw blades
  • Shatter Resistant
  • Bi-metal construction allows blades to bend and flex without breaking
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Stanley 15-412 Carbide Grit Hacksaw Blade 12 Inch, Pack of 1

  • Tungsten carbide particles allow blade to cut on forward and reverse strokes.
  • Makes thin straight cuts in ceramic, hardened steel, cast iron, and masonry.
  • High Quality New!!!!!!!
  • Tungsten carbide particles enable blade to cut on both forward and reverse strokes
  • Makes thin straight cuts in ceramic, hardened steel, cast iron and masonry
  • Fits standard hacksaw frame
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Capri Tools 12-Inch Mini Hacksaw

  • Mini hacksaw is ideal for cutting in tight spaces
  • Patented design lets you Install standard 10 or 12 in. saw blades
  • Heavy duty aluminum body is light and durable
  • Ergonomic soft handle provides comfort as well as extra torque and control
  • Includes a heavy duty bi-metal 12 in. x 24TPI saw blade
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ARES 70098 | 3-D Right Angle Hacksaw | Cut with 90 Degree, 180 Degree, and 270 Degree Positions | Always Cut Right

  • DESIGN: This hacksaw features a unique arc shaped frame that can be turned upside down, sideways (left or right) to better fit your needs thanks to an innovative blade notch design that enables you to flip the blade to 90 degree, 180 degree, or 270 degree positions. An easy tensioning lock-nut keeps blades tightly in position for safe, straight cuts.
  • SOLUTIONS: If you have trouble with getting and keeping tight tension, snapping blades, poor blade control or sore hands due to poor ergonomics, this saw has a solution on all fronts and gets you those close cuts you've been looking for.
  • APPLICATION: Want to see the saw in action? Scroll down just below the product information to see our demonstration video!
  • RELIABLE | EFFECTIVE | EFFICIENT: Users trust ARES to be quality tools. You are backed by our Performance Assurance. If you have any issues with your ARES 3-D right angle hacksaw, simply contact customer service for troubleshooting help, parts, replacement, or refund.
  • ASPCA BUSINESS AMBASSADOR: We are proud to be part of the ASPCA Business Ambassador Program. If you have a pet, you realize they are more than a pet, they are part of the family. With your support, we're proud to help this great organization.
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Capri Tools High Tension Multi-Angle Hacksaw

  • Heavy duty steel frame with aluminum I beam ensures optimal performance with high tension force; ergonomic non-slip soft handle ensures a firm and comfortable grip
  • High tension adjustment knob lets you adjust the tension by simply turning the knob
  • High tension adjustment knob also lets you easily rotate the blade in 45-degree increments over 360 degrees, giving you 8 cutting positions so you can work around the constraints of the work material and environment in 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, and 315-degree angles
  • Quick change lever below the handle allows for blade change on the fly; quick change also retains tension memory between blade changes so the hacksaw is ready to work right after each change
  • The aluminum I beam doubles as a convenient tubular storage for up to 5 blades; a heavy-duty bi-metal 12 in. x 24TPI saw blade is included
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Superior Tools Spare Blades (10) for Mini Hacksaw

  • Highest quality, heat treated, high carbon, 6" long steel blade, 32 teeth per inch.
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Original 15-in-1 Magic Universal Hand Saw Kit Toolbox Of Multi Blades Set Works As Hacksaw Coping Bow Jab Rip Pruning Chain Handsaws A Cutter Suitable To Cut Wood PVC Pipes Glass

  • ?MAGIC SAW?Is the only authentic original Korean magic saw brand on Amazon AS Seen On TV, it is a Korean made product with several registered patents worldwide. Magic saw is a high quality portable mini universal multi-purpose devil Genie saw kit, which makes your cutting experience enjoyable and efficient. It comes with a 30 days full refund and 2 years manufacturing defects warranty, our customer service is ready to support and promise to resolve any issue within 24 hours..
  • ?MULTI PURPOSE?Magic Saw is a handy tool ideal for home, garage, workshop, automotive, school, factory, DIY projects, prototyping, sampling, model building, construction, maintenance, repair, gardening, decoration, advertising, pruning trees, wood working, educational, R&D projects, art & craft, leisure activities ie. hiking, fishing camping, hunting & can be used by plumbers, artists, carpenters, smith, craftsmen, handymen builders, hobbyists, house wives, children & all family.
  • ?CUTTING MATERIALS?It can virtually cut any material like; bamboo, fire & log wood, tree branches, plywood, metal rods, profiles, tubes, bolts, screws, nails, chains, locks, electric wires. Cuts stainless steel, aluminum or copper cables, it also cuts plastics, PVC plumbing drain pipes, rigid materials as glass, mirrors, bottles, clay brick, cement & concrete blocks, ceramic & porcelain tiles, sharpening & stones, rubber, hose, tires, ropes, freezing meats, fishes & bones.
  • ?15-IN-1 TOOL WITH UNIQUE DESIGN?Save space and money with this compact size multi-function tool! Rely on it to replace 15- tools including Hacksaw, Coping, Pruning, Bow, Folding, and Jab Hand Saws, Bottle, Tile, Glass, Bolt, Steel Pipe, and Plastic Pipe Cutters, Pruning Scissor Chain Handsaw. Magic saw also has a built-in 7-sizes glass plier to be used after rolling the glass with glass roller. The ergonomically designed grip resists slipping and makes cutting experience comfortable and easy.
  • ?MULTI-BLADES?Our innovative blades' design makes swapping different blades done in a matter of seconds; they are durable & carefully engineered to make fast clean cuts. Magic Saw comes with 5 blade types: FLAT SAW BLADE for cutting larges surfaces like plywood, FINE COPING SAW BLADE for hard steel, stainless steel, ROUGH COPING SAW BLADE for wood, plastics, soft metals, DIAMOND BLADE, for glass, tiles, bottles, and stone, ROLLER CUTTING BLADE for cutting flat glass, mirrors & ceramics
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Stanley 15-904A 24 Point Hacksaw Blade High Carbon Steel, 10-Inch

  • High carbon steel blades cut mild steel, cast-iron, aluminum, copper
  • Good value for general use
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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LENOX Tools Hacksaw, Lightweight (1213188300)

  • LENOX hacksaw will tension up to 30,000 psi
  • Easily adjustable tension
  • Front-handle grip on the hacksaw helps reduce fatigue in continuous cutting applications
  • Mount blade at 45 for flush cutting applications
  • 24 TPI
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?The Best Deal?OriGlam Magic Saw Multi Purpose Handsaws, Mini DIY Bow Hacksaw Hand Hacksaw Woodworking Metal Tool U Shaped Replacement Blades Magic Saw Blade For Wood Woodworking Glass Metal

  • Mainly used for cutting wood materials, gypsum board, plastic and other materials
  • Always keep the saw perpendicular to the object being cut to prevent the saw blade from breaking
  • Do not touch the sawtooth when using it to avoid injury
  • The saw is light and the blade is sharp. It can cut aluminum, nail, pipe, wood, rope, ceramics, bone, metal, and etc.
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Search Term "Hacksaw"
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Materials List
Toilet (necessary hardware should be included)
Plumber's putty
Silicone caulk
Flexible braided steel supply line (if it is not included with the toilet)
Teflon tape
Penetrating oil

Tools List (Click item to shop)
Rubber gloves (useful when replacing an old toilet)
Adjustable crescent style wrench
Large screwdriver
Plastic scraper





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