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Garden Hose Expandable 100ft with Heavy Duty Double Latex Core and Solid Brass Fittings Includes 8-Function Spray Nozzle

  • STRONGEST EXPANDABLE HOSE ON THE MARKET TODAY. We have reinvented the expandable hose, after looking at reviews from other expandable hoses and seeing all the issues, we went back to the drawing board and created a new product out
  • SAVE SPACE & LIGHT WEIGHT: Noopel expandable water hose begins expanding at 33 feet(10m) and then expands to 100 feet(30m) when full of water. It then returns to its original size of 33 feet(10m) when emptied. Our water hose is super lightweight for easy handling.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE DOUBLE LAYER NATURE LATEX CORE: Double inner latex layers prevent it from bursting, and make it as one of the highest quality expandable hoses on the market.
  • BRASS CONNECTOR FITTINGS & ON/OFF VALVE: Noopel expandable water hose is fitted with high-quality brass connectors with an on/off valve. The on/off valve adds convenience and usability while the brass fitting adds durability and quality.
  • 8 PATTERN SPRAY NOZZLE: Noopel expandable water hose also includes a spray nozzle with 8 spray functions.
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Garden Hose Expandable Water Hose - Improved New Design 50 Feet with 8 Spray Pattern Nozzle Brass Connectors Double Latex Core, Heavy Duty Strongest High Pressure Expanding for Wash Car Bike by Peatop

  • EASY TO STORE: Lightweight , this hose is easy to hoist and maneuver, Expandable garden hose will shrink back to its compact size once you are done using it, allowing you to effortlessly and neatly store it in a corner until the next time you need it
  • A MULTIPURPOSE HOSE: 8 Setting Nozzle that offers countless Possibilities , Use your hose to release a steady stream of water with unprecedented ease! Water your lawn, clean your car, wash your pet dog, and more. The possibilities are endless
  • SAVE YOURSELF TIME: Simply turn on your faucet and watch this hose expand to a length of 50 feet to reach the far corners of your garden. When water is turned off, the hose shrinks back to its original size
  • HEAVY DUTY : The pipe, brass connectors, valve, nozzle and spray are made with durable premium materials and fabric. They will not rust, leak, tear, rip or crack, and are designed to be long lasting
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: If you have any doubts about the Expandable Garden Hose, be prepared because we will now erase even the slightest doubt ! Peatop has backed up the Water Garden Hose with LIFETIME WARRANTY ! Thanks to this generous warranty, making this purchase would be a win-win situation for you, so don't hold back
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Garden Hose Nozzle Garden Sprayer Attachment with 8 Different Water Spray Patterns for High Pressure and Heavy Duty Use (5 Pieces Set)

  • ? GARDEN HOSE NOZZLE - Professional quality, durable and resistant made of the best quality plastic and metal available for solid assembly
  • ? 8 PATTERN SPRAY HIGH PRESSURE & LEAK PROOF - Choose from Jet, Shower, Flat, Mist, Soaker, Center, Rinse, and Cone Spray. Distinguished by easy settings
  • ? ERGONOMIC NON SLIP - Improved control for solid and comfortable grip with rubber coating to make this water nozzle easy to grab and hold
  • ? ADJUSTABLE WATER FLOW - Improved control that makes it ideal for watering lawn, gardening, cleaning, washing cars, pets and more
  • ? LIFETIME WARRANTY - Best leak proof watering nozzle - Satisfaction Guarantee! 100% money back if you are not satisfied - No questions asked
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Garden Hose 50ft Expandable Water Hose 8 Pattern Spray Nozzle with Liquid Container and Carrying Bag

  • ?INCREDIBLE CONVENIENCE FOR WATERING AND WASHING NEEDS : Start a convenient watering experience with this high performance garden hose. Come with 8 adjustable spray patterns for watering without having to buy more different nozzles to meet your all needs. Included storage bag, liquid container bottle and hanger holder board in one set which save you more money and efforts.
  • ?DURABLE AND OF GREAT QUALITY : Upgrade garden water hose uses innovative technology for improving durability. All solid brass connectors, valve, sprayer nozzle, washer are durable quality. Durable rubber inner pipe is wrapped and protected with highly elastic fabric material prevent leaking or cracking. Help to clean your garden patio neater.
  • ?UNIQUE ERGONOMIC DESIGN : Solid brass connection fittings and on/off valve design with anti-slide handle for more safely and easily use. Portable and compact for travel or outside. Garden hose is expandable while being utilized and compact when not in use. Water hose quickly expands 3 times than original length up to 50 feet under water pressure and returns 17 feet when water is out. Water pressure determines the hose length.
  • ?EASY TO USE FOR VARIOUS APPLICATIONS : Connect port of the garden hose with valve to spray nozzle, the other end to water tap/faucet. Easy to operate unique trigger lock with simple click. Choose one water pattern to fit your need for easy operation. Suitable for watering garden, washing dog or pet, cleaning your car or window, washing floor or stairs with unprecedented simplicity.
  • ?VALUABLE GIFT IDEA FOR EVERYONE : The expandable garden hose with liquid container in storage bag also serves as a useful gift for friends, family etc. Especially for all gardeners. Men and women will truly love this wonder hose. This provides much convenience for cleaning and watering purposes.
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Lawn Plant Garden Hose,CarBoss Expandable and Flexible Hose,4in1 Full Car/Pet Washing Hose Set with 7-way Spray Nozzle and Brass Connector+Car Wash Sponge Pad+Hook for Easy Home Storage(Green,50 Ft)

  • Water Hose Multi-purpose: can be used to watering plants,washing outer windows, cleaning the car, cleaning house or garage.This high standard expandable hose comes with a high quality spray nozzle with 7 adjustable patterns, Shutoff valve, and hanger, excellent corrosion resistance and durable quality.High pressure-resistance durable latex.
  • Water Pipe Expandable and flexible: Expands up to 3 times its original length.
  • Car Wash pad:Highest density microfiber grabs and holds dust, doesn't release into the air.This wash pad is premium double sided chenille microfiber to soak up much more soap and water than the competition!Wet And Dry Dual-use, Car Use. Be Used In Glass, Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary Ware, Such As Cleaning.Can be washed and reused hundreds of times, allowing you to save money on paper towels and costly cleaners.
  • Newest Desigh:get your car safety and clean.keep happy to drive and travel.Compact design means these hoses are really quick and easy to coil up, taking up minimal storage space unlike conventional hose pipes.
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No Image 2017 Newest SU-HOME Garden Water Hose, Green Collapsible Flexible Expanding Retractable Automatically without Spray Nozzle (50ft)

  • ? SUPER LONG LIFESPAN: excellent corrosion resistance.
  • ? HIGH PRESSURE-RESISITANCE: durable latex which prevents bursting and safe operating
  • ? EFFOETLESS TO DRAG AROUND : incredibly lightweight, which makes carrying it or storing it easier than ever as it takes almost no space at all.water pressure
  • ? KINK-FREE DESIGN: super flexible, automatically expands when water is turned on. Automatically contracts back to the original shrinkable length when the water is turned off.
  • ? PACKAGE INCLUDES:1 x Expandable Garden Hose.
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Spray Nozzle Garden Hose Nozzle Windaze High Pressure Metal Adjustable with Qucik Connector for Washing Car and Windows

  • Durable and Powerful:100% Metal and Brass Head. This hose nozzle is great for cleaning your car, walkway, yard, gutters, deck and more
  • High Pressure: Standard GHT 170 - 250 psi from an input of 40 - 100 psi (the output water flow pressure is at least double from the input the water flow pressure)
  • Adjustable Settings: By rotating the nozzle head, the nozzle sprays from a fine mist, moderate spray, to a jet stream.
  • COMFORTABLE: Covered with soft rubber, the handle won't overheat in the sun. It has a very comfortable grip. An easy finger-flip-lock is designed for prolonged spraying.
  • The rubber hose washer (already installed), provides a durable and tight seal to eliminate leaks.
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Fashionclubs High Pressure Garden Hose Spray Nozzle,Heavy Duty Brass Tip Hose Nozzle Sprayer Wash Gun,4 Pattern Adjustable Flow Watering Nozzle For Washing Car,Pet,Floor And Plants Watering

  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL: Metal and Brass Copper Head,Durable and Powerful,the quick connector is made of ABS material and copper,fits most standard garden hoses,and please check the hose connector style well before your purchase;
  • ADJUSTABLE SPRAY NOZZLE: 360 adjustable spray nozzle,rotating the spray nozzle to adjust the water flow from mist , moderate spray, shower, jet stream for different needs,10m-15m spraying distance;
  • WATER LEAK-PROOF: One-Piece Design and a Rubber Hose ring provides a durable and tight seal to eliminate leak;
  • EASY TO USE: the anti-slip hand shank is close fitting fingers arc,comfortable to grip and prevent accidental slide down , gently pressure the trigger to spray, loose to shut off the water;
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: the sprayer nozzle can be used to washing Car, houses, gardening , pets and suitable for Watering Plants,washing the bathroom, air conditioning,floor,window,public places, motorcycles, etc;
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Magic water Hoses 50/100/150FT Expandable Flexible Durable with USA Standard with Free 7-way Spray Nozzle and reel Flexible collapsible for Easy Home Storage for Home, Garden, Auto,Etc (BLUE;150FT)

  • 1.EASY STORAGE WITH REEL--Hose starts out 17 ft and expands to 50 ft with water pressure, but returns to 17 ft after water out.
  • 2.HIGHLY DURABLE LATEX& HEAVYDUTY --Normal operating water pressure: 43.5-87PSI/3-6Bar; Safe operating water pressure: under 145PSI/10Bar
  • 3.HIGH QUALITY SPRAYER 7 WAY - as per your convenience, Comes with a high quality spray nozzle with 7 adjustable patterns and latex hose, excellent corrosion resistance and durable quality.Never tangle, twist or kink, flexible and easy to handle and storage.
  • 4.Drain your hose when you are not using it and keep it in shaded place as much as possible in the summer.Protect your hose from harsh winter by storing it indoors. Don't not run hot water through this hose
  • 5.IMPORTANT NOTE - -Do not stretch or expand this hose when it is empty.Please do not leave the hose charged after you switch off the valve on the brass connector, which would damage the latex and may cause a burst. Please keep the hose empty when not in use.
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SCOPOW 50FT Garden Hose Expandable 3 Layer Latex Water Hose Flexible 3/4 Inch with All Brass Connectors & Shutoff Valve, 9 Pattern Spray Nozzle And Hook Hanger Holder

  • EFFORTLESS TO DRAG AROUND: SCOPOW Garden's water hose is incredibly lightweight. It's designed to expand when water flows in and shrink in absence of water! This makes carrying it or storing it easier than ever as it takes ALMOST NO space at all (when shrunk)!
  • INCOMPARABLE QUALITY: Super flexible water hose, it doesn't kink tangle and doesn't has seeper after use like traditional hoses, ultra lightweight and compact for convenient storage.
  • HEAVY DUTY DURABLE TRIPLE LAYER LATEX: Durable double latex core to prevent bursting, our hose ID is 6 mm,OD is 3.5 mm, cold weather and high pressure, it can operate under the water pressure up to 145 PSI/10 Bar (Normal water pressure is 43.5 -87 PSI/3-6 Bar)
  • SOLID BRASS CONNECTION FITTINGS WITH SHUT OFF VALVE: Solid brass ends. No more leaks compared to the plastic fittings. With shut off value which makes it easy to change of the nozzle without having to turn off the water at the house.
  • 9-Settings Hose Nozzle & Wall-mounted Hose Hanger: Adjust to the required nozzle pattern, pull the lever and let the hose automatically continue spraying on its own! Perfect to water your garden and High Pressure setting to Wash your Car or the Windows of your House. 9 settings nozzle, guaranteed to satisfy all your watering needs.
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