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[New Version] Homitt 50ft Expanding Hose with Double Latex Core, Solid Brass Connector and Extra Strength Fabric for Expandable Garden Hose- Black

  • Newest and strongest expandable garden hose, adopts the high quality fabric material to protect the inner latex core and solid brass ends.
  • Extremely lightweight. Easy to carry and store the expanding hose in a small bag (included). Starts out 17ft and expand to 50ft with water pressure in a few minutes.
  • Garden hose has solid 3/4" brass connectors and inner rubber washer, no more leaks or cracks that often come with plastic fittings. Built-in shut-off brass valve saves you endless trips to the faucet.
  • Strongest and durable: Double layer 100% natural latex core makes expanding garden hose much stronger and durable , High water pressure resistance up to 9 Bar/130 PSI/900 kPa.
  • High quality natural latex and thickened high elastic outer fabric protecting casing ensure the expandable hose a much longer lifespan. And please be advised that we have 12 Months Warranty and 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.
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Garden Hose HEAVY DUTY Flexible Hose {Improved Design} 100' Feet Expandable Hose Set, Strongest Garden Hose On Earth +Brass Connector +8-pattern Spray Nozzle, +Hose Hanger, + Storage Sack By GrowGreen

  • GET THE FULL LENGTH! The GrowGreenŽ New Designed Expandable Garden Hose Is The ONLY Expanding Hose That You Will Actually Get The Full Length When In Use Under USA Standard Water Pressure.
  • JUST TO MAKE LIFE MUCH EASIER! This newly designed expandable water hose Black will Never tangle, twist, or kink, flexible and easy to handle and to storage!
  • SPACE-EFFICIENT! This amazing water hose starts out 33 Feet and expands to 100 Feet with water pressure, but returns in seconds to 33 Foot after water is out!
  • BONUS ADD INS! This High Standard Flex Hose 100 Feet comes with a heavy duty spray nozzle with 8 adjustable patterns, Shutoff valve, + A Reel hanger, + A Great Storage Sack!
  • 12 MONTH WARRANTY! for Any Manufacturing Defect just Contact Seller for any claims.
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HydraPump Mini - 115-volt 1/10th HP 330 GPH Portable Transfer Water Pump with Metal Connectors for Standard 3/4" Garden Hose

  • Heavy Duty 1/10th HP Pump operating at 115V from a wall socket with up to 330GPH pumping capacity
  • Made of durable material with Metal hose connectors for higher reliability than plastic threads
  • Light weight and portable this is a self priming pump, connect hoses, plug in and you're ready to go
  • Perfect for household and utility applications of transferring water from one place to another
  • Includes 6' hose and Water Suction attachment as well as an impeller replacement kit
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PowerFit PF31089 Garden Hose Inlet Filter

  • Easy To Connect
  • Filters Water Running From Spigot to Garden Hose To Protect Pressure Washer Pump
  • Suitable For Use With Most Pressure Washers
  • Durable Construction
  • Easy To Clean
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Spray Nozzle / Hand Sprayer - Heavy Duty Metal Garden Hose Nozzle - High Pressure - Easy Flow Control Setting - Pistol Grip Rear Trigger - Perfect for Car washing, Cleaning, Watering Lawn and Garden

  • ? HIGH QUALITY: Durable and Powerful, 100% metal and brass head. This hose sprayer is perfect for Watering Plants, Cleaning, Car Wash and Showering Pets.
  • ? LEAK-PROOF: The rubber hose washer(Already installed) provides a durable and tight seal to eliminate leak, If by any chance your hose nozzle leaked within 2 years, please contact us for a free replacement.
  • ? HIGH PRESSURE NOZZLE: Standard GHT 170 - 250 psi from an input of 40 - 100 psi ( the output water flow pressure is at least double from the input the water flow pressure).
  • ? MULTIPLE PATTERNS: Flexible and adjustable water flow from fine mist, moderate spray, jet stream by rotating the head of the hose sprayer from left to right.
  • ? COMFORTABLE: Covered with the soft rubber, the handle won't overheat in the sun. And it is easy to grip and more comfortable. Easy finger flip lock is designed for prolonged spraying.
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Suncast 175-Foot Capacity Hosemobile Garden Hose Reel Cart, Bronze/Taupe JNF175BD

  • Bronze & Taupe, hose mobile hose reel cart
  • 175' hose capacity
  • Hose hooks hold end of leader hose or garden hose
  • 175' of 5/8" hose capacity
  • Easylink system ensures watertight connection between hose reel and hoses
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BSTPOWER 50FT Garden Hose Expandable Water Hose Flexible 3/4 inch

  • Quickly expands and contracts automatically, starts 17ft and expands to 50ft with full water pressure, then contracts back to original size in seconds after watering out for easy hook or bucket storage.
  • Durable double latex core to prevent bursting, inner hose ID is 6 mm,OD is 3.5 mm, cold weather and high pressure, it can operate under the water pressure up to 145 PSI/10 Bar (Normal water pressure is 43.5 -87 PSI/3-6 Bar)
  • Super flexible water hose, it doesn't kink tangle and doesn't has seeper after use like traditional hoses, ultra lightweight and compact for convenient storage.
  • Solid brass ends. No more leaks around the plastic fittings. With shut off value which makes it easy to change of the nozzle without having to turn off the water at the house.
  • Super strong, a tough rubber inner hose is covered in super strong nylon webbing(17.5g/m, heavier and tougher then before), ensure long use, ageing resistance, folding strength is 10 times as strong as the traditional hose.LIFETIME WARRANTY
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Shovel Large With Folding Handle - Suitable For Camping and Snow Shovels. It Can be Used With Ropes, in the Garden With Hose and Decor. Best gardening tool. comes with bag as an organiser

  • Have you had enough of a messy garden with all your tools lying around? ashamed with all your tools scattered on the ground? Are your garden equipment space consuming- no space to walk? Minals Mark's shovel FOLDS and comes with A FREE BAG, now you can minimise clutter in your garden. Store it away in the most un imaginable places. have a free clean garden!
  • Are you sick and tired of your garden tools breaking every time you use it? Getting ripped off with cheap plastic shovels, claiming to be supreme quality? Can you not find the right shovel for yourself. Minals Mark shovel is HEAVY DUTY AND DURABLE,this shovel isn't breaking, try it out yourself!
  • Do you want an equipment that is suitable for all locations, and suitable for all different problems, Minals Mark's shovel cuts through anything you can imagine. Goes through, compost, mud, sand and even snow
  • Try it today and see the difference compared to any ordinary shovel!
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Sun Joe SPX-UQC Universal Brass/Aluminum Pressure Washer Garden Hose Quick-Connect Kit

  • Fits all SPX Series Pressure Washers
  • Heavy-duty solid brass construction
  • Attaches securely + quick release
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Garden Hose Washers - Pack of 20. Made from Heavy Duty Rubber. Dual Textured for Better Grip and Leak Proofing. Fits Hoses, Spray Nozzle, Y Splitter and other devices around the house.

  • Washers are made from Heavy Duty Rubber.
  • Fit standard Water Hoses, Nozzle Sprayers, Brass Fittings, Y Splitters and for Other compatible uses. Fits all female fittings.
  • Multi Textured: Each side has different texture for better grip and leak proofing.
  • 20 Per Package.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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Search Term "Garden hose"
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Materials List
Wooden stakes - 2 feet long
1x3 wooden strapping
Drywall screws
Gravel Stone dust

Tools List (Click item to shop)
Hand saw
Garden hose
Rubber mallet
Screw gun





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