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Fookay Tool Belt Suspenders Heavy Duty Flexible Adjustable Straps with Comfortable Padded Shoulders Complete with 4 Loop Attachments plus Carpenters Pencil and Sharpener Black One Size

  • Durable work suspenders with cushioned breathable shoulders pads; straps are adjustable in front and back to fit any size
  • Strong and easy to use pivoting steel clips (4) secure suspenders to your tool belt while elastic straps allow for comfort and freedom of movement; works best with light to medium tools belts taking weight off hips and back
  • Made with high density Nylon and reinforced Kevlar stitching; the leather crossover divider in back ensures straps remain tangle free and allow for quick connecting
  • Package includes: Suspenders and 4 ringed belt loop attachments that fit 3 inch wide tool belts; loops are reversible and can serve as extra storage if your belt already has attachment rings; package also includes a carpenters pencil and sharpener
  • Fits all sizes; weighs less than 1 pound
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Craftsman 10-pack Carpenter's Pencil Set with Sharpener

  • Craftsman 10-Pack Carpenter's Pencil Set with Sharpener
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Striker Hand Tools 77-609 Dura Lead Lead replacement for the Striker Mechanical Carpenter Pencil, White

  • No more sharpening, safer and actually has more usable lead than a traditional carpenter pencil
  • Strong and rugged lead-quickly shapable for a razor sharp and durable tip
  • 18-percent thicker than average carpenter pencil lead
  • Grooved for a positive interlock with the striker construction pencil
  • Quickly shape the lead for a razor sharp and durable tip
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Angle Ruler Angleizer Template Tool-Upgraded Stainless Steel Multi Measuring Tool for handymen, Carpenters, Craftsmen, Tilers and DIYers-GREAT GIFT: Includes Bonus Carpenter Pencil and Protective Bag.

  • MULTI-FUNCTION RULER: From laying brick to cutting wood, an angleizer tool is a must-have for any job! With 4 long rulers in centimeters and inches, you can create custom shapes, stencils and angles, saving yourself the time and hassle of repeat measuring.
  • EASY TO USE: Offering the convenience of one-hand use, durable angleizers simplify the way you work! Just form the desired shape and lock the screws into place. Create bull's eyes, arches, cuts or precise measurements for faster work and superior results.
  • BONUS GIFT INCLUDED: As a thank you for shopping with us, each purchase will include a dual-colored carpenter pencil! Ideal for professionals and DIYers, this all-in-one set is the perfect present for any handyman. It's lightweight, portable and great on the go.
  • Premium Quality: Frustrated with plastic imitations? Our stainless steel angleizer was designed for those who take pride in their work. Paired with metal knob construction, it offers long-lasting durability. We're even including a bonus protective flannel bag!
  • SHOP RISK FREE: At GM Premium Tools, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you work! We know you'll love our multi-angle measuring and template tool, but just in case you don't, we're backing each purchase with our full money back guarantee.
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Multi Angle Measuring Ruler - Premium Aluminum Alloy Easy Angle Ruler, Angleizer Template Tool, FREE EBOOK, Construction Pencil, Sharpener, & Instruction Manual, Handymen, Carpenter, & Builder

  • ?? TIME SAVER - No more headaches trying to figure out the angles of tiles, woodwork or roof shingles. Our Multi-Angle Angleizer Ruler will solve your problems right away. Our Angleizer will save tons time by providing you the most accurate and perfect angles instantly, whether it is at your construction site for your building materials or at home for your DIY projects. You will have the perfect cut every time.

  • ?? SAVE MONEY - With our EASY TO USE Multi-Angle Aluminum Angleizer you will Measure ONCE & Cut ONCE! Just place the Template Tool onto your work area, slide the rulers into the shape needed, and tighten the screws. You will have a flawless measurement which can now be transferred and traced onto any materials. Do not waste anymore money by cutting the inaccurate angles.

  • ?? ALUMINUM ALLOY RULERS - The best Angleizer tool on the market. The SAM-PRO rulers are made of premium Aluminum Alloy, Steel Knobs & Hardware! It is tough & made to outlast any job, it is lightweight & durable, so that you can handle any project related work. It would be the only template tool you will ever need.

  • ?? COMPACT, DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Convenient & Portable Tool. Four-sided rulers and four tightening knobs are all made of metal with durably printed markings, it is much more durable than those cheap plastic tools. ALSO enjoy the FREE Ebook, Carpenter Pencils & Sharpener as our gifts to you!

  • ?? 100% SATISFACTION GUARENTEE - Warranty And Customer Assurance - 100% Customer Satisfaction 30 Day Guarantee

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Funny Carpenter Pencil with Jokes Hatchet Construction Brand Bundle Pack Set (6 items)

  • Carpenter Pencils With Jokes!
  • Not licensed & Definitely Not Insured,
  • Not For Hire, Will Work For Beer
  • Blow The Budget, Screw The Schedule
  • Measure Once, Cut Twice
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Angle Scout Angleizer Template Tool Premium Carpentry and Construction Grade Square/Ruler With Carpenter Pencil

  • Save Time and Money - No more going back and forth trying to get the right angle cut. Cut the perfect angle the first time. Say goodbye to doing things the hard way and say hello to Angle Scout, the tool that will save you and your customers time and money.
  • Practical - The Angle Scout Angleizer template tool can be used for any job or project that requires you to measure or duplicate an angle or shape.
  • Ideal - Use the Angle Scout angleizer template tool on bricks, tiles, hardwood, drywall, stairs, counter-tops and so much more!
  • Precise Measurements - Take measurements in both inches and centimeters to get the perfect angle you want.
  • Premium Quality Guaranteed - The Angle Scout angleizer template tool is made of 100% High quality Aluminum Alloy construction, unlike the other knock-offs that have plastic construction or aluminum alloy rulers with iron bolts.
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Carpenter Pencil Holder, Hat-it

  • Carpenter pencil holder, "Slip one on your pencil"
  • Magnetically sticks your carpenter's pencil to your hat or Hard-hat
  • Works with most carpenter pencil brands
  • Right or left handed
  • Pencil included, hat NOT included
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Universal Angularizer Ruler and Carpenter Pencil - Portable Lightweight Ruler - Easy To Use - Multi Angle Measuring Tool - Easy Angle Ruler - Measuring Tool - Template Tool - Angularizer Tool

  • THE ANGULARIZER RULER: Is the perfect tool for builders, roofers, tilers, floor-layers and for everyone that need a measuring tool, it's an essential tool for any toolbox! With this ruler you will save a lot of time, money and effort because you will be able to make precise measures and cuts from the first time and you will no longer waste materials.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE: The four-sided ruler mechanism slides and locks into any desired angle as a reusable stencil for endless applications. Because of the fixing system you can disassemble the angle ruler and then assemble it back in any combination you need.
  • FOR ANY MATERIAL AND APPLICATION: This measuring tool is set to mark bricks, tiles, lumber, laminates and others. It is created for complex shape and angles and to allow you to easily copy the cuts on arches and joits. Use it to fast transform you house and the backyard in a whole new place for you and your family
  • DURABLE, COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: Hard plastic material makes the ruler durable for any job and industry. Your angle ruer folds for easy storage and uses a unique tightening mechanism for one-handed operation. Portable and lightweight, take the angularizer ruler wherever you go and need it to make your job easier.
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Bon 14-859 7-Inch Carpenter Pencil, Red Medium Lead with White Casing, 12-Pack

  • Red medium lead
  • White casing
  • 7-Inch pencil length
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Search Term "Carpenter's pencil"
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