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InstallerParts AC GFCI Outlet Circuit Tester -- 3 Prong Ground Plug 120 V Receptacle Electrical Fault Detector

  • Easy to use AC outlet tester 120 Volt
  • Test any GFCI outlet, standard outlet, or extension cord
  • Tests for 6 conditions: Open ground, Open neutral, Open hot, Hot/Ground reverse, Hot/Neutral reverse, and Correct
  • Quickly identify which of the six wiring conditions is indicated by the integrated lights
  • Lifetime Warranty
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OTC 3633 Mini-coil Cord Circuit Tester

  • Small handle with needlepoint stainless steel probe allows easy back probing and piercing
  • Special threaded probe comes with screw on alligator clip for additional versatility
  • Useful in testing electrical circuits and locating shorts grounds and open circuits
  • Features 12 feet heavy-duty red coil cord lead and checks 6 and 12 volt systems
  • Dwell measurement and O2 cross counts
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Extech CT80 AC Circuit Load Tester with GFCI/AFCI

  • AFCI test function
  • Selectable loads of 12, 15 and 20 Amps
  • Measures loaded and unloaded AC Line Voltage
  • Displays Peak Line Voltage and Frequency
  • GFCI Trip Time and Trip Current
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Automotive Car Repair Diagnostic Tool Cable Circuit Wire Tracker Short Open Finder Tester Checker Device

  • 7" flexible probe allows reaching wires in congested places
  • DC Voltage: Operates from 6 to 42 volts
  • Sender:Tone/Off/Cont (Continuity) switch / Tone/Cont (Continuity) LEDs / Red and black test leads cable (61cm length, approximate)
  • Receiver: On/Off button / Test button / Probe length: 7" flexible probe
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DMiotech Non Contact Voltage Tester Detector for Cars with Flashlight Alarm Beeper and Auto Shut-off AC 12V-1000V Voltage Pen Circuit Current Tester Wire Judgement DM8908B

  • Safety. Made of high grade secure insulating plastic, with CE Marking and Double Insulated Symbol. There is nothing to worry about for the dangerous voltage detective work. Security level: CE CAT.III/CAT.IV 600V
  • Wide Detection Range. From AC 12V to 1000V, almost cover all needed for the household. Every coin has two sides, the minimum voltage of working might too sensitive for some circumstances, which may annoy you. We apologize for that and need your understanding. This is not an issue of product defect, the pencil just goes beep while detecting 12V and above AC Voltage in an object.(Started work)
  • Portable. Lightweight(0.1 LB), antiskid handle, stick cap for tying down in your jeans or pocket, cozy handy shape(6.14"x0.8"x0.8") and Built-in light(Especially useful in the darkness when blackout comes). All the details are meant to make the pen more with convenient and easy to be carried.
  • Effective. Best in class smart chip, with the outstanding performance of non-contact voltage detection. Here is how it works: Press power button to start(Light on), moving the probe within 0.5" of the object. If there is zero AC voltage or below 12V, nothing happens. If it did detect alternating voltage, the higher AC voltage is the high frequency of alarm beeping and LED flashing.
  • Energy Saving and Utility. Auto shut-down (The tester would power off automatically after 3 mins of no AC detected). Auto light off(Built-in light goes out in 5 mins whatsoever). This detector could help you with working in the junction box, finding dead bulbs, running wires for an outlet, distinguishing hot wire, etc.
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OriGlam Spark Plug Tester, Adjustable Ignition System Coil Tester, Coil-on Plug Ignition Spark Circuit Tester, Autos Diagnostic Test Tool

  • v Professional Design - According to spark color and flash over distance to determine the quality of the coil.
  • v Great Value - Can intuitively convenient to understand the operation of the ignition coil.
  • v Better And Faster - It is the quickest way to test for no-start conditions.
  • v Easy To Read - High visibility white lettering makes it easy to read the gap measurement.
  • v Perfect Selection - Screw assembly adjusts spark gap quickly and easily. Avoid fire, the ignition coil burned out and so on.
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IIT 16693 7 Way Trailer Connector Circuit Tester with 6 LED,

  • 7 lead each corresponding to the correct circuit.
  • The easy and quick way to test trailer circuits on most trucks
  • Made from LED's and nylon housing that ensures durability
  • Super bright LED provide accurate readings
  • It is highly durable and efficient
  • It has an excellent Quality
  • It includes a very fast shipping as well
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Non Contact Voltage Tester, Protmex PM8908C AC Voltage Detector, Electrical Tools Pen Type Circuit Testers 50-60Hz Auto Power-off Sound And LED Alarmed AC 12-1000V Test Pencil With Flashlight

  • Practical and convenient way to test electrical lines. Accurately detects AC voltage ranging from 12V to 1000V, and distinguish them into 3 voltage levels.
  • Using the ABS and PVC material, the non contact Voltage Tester can stand wear and tear, and its pocket clip allows easy handling. Auto power-off feature conserves energy while the LED torch allows operation even on dark corners.
  • Live/Null wire distinguish at close range. Auto adjust sensitivity makes the test simple. Audible and visual alarm always guard your safety.The shining prompt of low voltage LED can warn you to replace the battery in time. And meanwhine, the Auto Power Off feature can extend battery usage time.
  • Ensure your overall safety. Now, you don't have to call a professional electrician nor make contact with the wire just to know whether electricity runs through it. This non contact ac voltage detector would determine whether there is some form of electricity running through the wire without you actually needing to touch it.
  • CONVENIENT - Includes low voltage indicator. ABS/PVC construction protects your investment, allowing voltage tester to withstand wear and tear.
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Non-Contact Circuit Testers, SANNYSIS AC Electric Voltage Power Detector Sensor Tester Pen Stick 90~1000V (Yellow)

  • A perfect tool kit for home and electric industry uses
  • Totally insulated, no exposed metal or conductive parts
  • "Beep" sound and red flashing LED would indicate the presence of voltage
  • Just press the button, white LED light can be always on when there is absence of voltage
  • Ideal design for testing power cables, circuit breakers, wall sockets, junction boxes, fuses, etc
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Circuit Tester- 110-460 Volts 4 Way Circuit Tester, Ideal for AC and CD- Multi Voltage Current Tester- Reinforced casing and test leads- By Katzco

  • MULTI USE - Can be used in a variety of applications. Mechanics, electricians, and homeowners alike will find great use with this tester. Test for broken or live wires, fuses and circuits. Reach into light sockets, taillights, faulty sockets, distributors, generators, car batteries, headlights, turn signal circuits, motorcycles, suv's, switches, and power outlets. The possibilities are endless!
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The compact ergonomic design of this tester ensures you have a tight comfortable grip while using. Reinforced casing and test leads provide maximum safety against electrical currents.
  • 4 VOLTAGE SETTINGS- This tester contains 4 voltage settings and a combination of glow lamps to indicate the voltage that is being tested. 110, 220, 277, or 460 volts.
  • USE FOR DC CURRENTS - This tester can also test for DC polarity, frequency, and polyphaser line.
  • EASY TO USE - Katzco 4 way circuit tester is really easy to use as well, making it great for DIY homeowners. Simply use the color coded negative and positive leads to probe into an outlet or circuit and the one of the lights will illuminate according to voltage and ensure that the current is good.
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Search Term "Circuit tester"
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