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SUPER STRONG Magnetic Wristband, Holds Small Metal Tools, Screws, Nails, Bolts Tightly While Working. Embedded with Super Powerful Magnets, Perfect Solution to Making Endless Trips to the Toolbox!

  • • SUPER STRONG MAGNETS: Embedded with Super Powerful Magnets Processed Under a Specific Way, with Permanent Powerful Magnetic Force. It can hold a massive amount of screws and nails, and will not fall off the band even if you try to shake them off.
  • • A MUST HAVE TOOL in Your Tool Bag: Perfect Handyman Gear for Home Improvement, Construction, Woodworking, Carpentry, Auto Repair, and other DIY projects.
  • • HANDY TOOL: Time Saver, Provide "third hand" for All DIY Projects, Final Solution to Holding Rusty Nails in Your Mouth, or Making Endless Trips to the Toolbox!
  • • DURABLE AND BREATHABLE: Meticulously Made with Durable Nylon, a Padded Mesh on Backside Ensures the Free Flow of Air. Adjustable Size Fits all, Men and Women.
  • •GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: 1 Year Warranty, if you are not 100% happy with StrongHold Magnetic Wristband, Feel Free to contact us for Refund or Replacement. No Questions Asked! For a Limited Time, we are offering 70% OFF! Limited Quantity! MSRP: $25.00
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Neiko 00238A Adjustable Depth Screwdriver Bit Holder with Magnetic Tip and Hardened Shaft | Includes #2 Phillips Screwdriver Bit

  • ELIMINATE GUESSWORK: Impact shaft ready, adjustable depth screwdriver bit holder to set screws in straight and to a predetermined depth
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH: Hardened shaft resists corrosion and ensures long-lasting durability
  • STRAIGHT AND FAST: Drill attachment helps speed up the drilling process with less worry about wobbling or stripping
  • LOCK AND LOAD: Attaches to impact shafts and high torque drills with a wide adjustment range and no-nonsense bit changes
  • VERSATILE USE:Use for deck building, wood framing, installing plywood subfloor, building crates, and more
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Senco DS332-AC 3" Corded 2500 RPM Auto-feed Screwdriver

  • 2,500 RPM high-torque motor and patent pending corner-fit feed system
  • Tool-free screw length adjustment and belt hook-right or left handed adjustable
  • Quick slide button bit change and variable speed trigger with lock and reverse
  • Patented sliding screw guide and precise depth-of-drive adjustment with depth lock
  • Comes complete with two drive bits, drywall and wood nosepiece, and storage bag
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Dayree 9Pcs Socket Driver Adapter Set Impact Hex Shank Drill Bits Extension Bar Set 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" & 105 Angle 1/4" Right Angle Drill Hex Drill Bit Screwdriver Socket Holder Adaptor

  • Impact socket adapter set quickly converts any power drill or 1/4 in. impact driver into a socket driver for quickly tightening or removing fasteners
  • These socket adapters Ideal for use with impact drivers and sockets, these adapters work on 3 different drive sizes of standard and deep sockets (1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 in. drives)
  • Sandblasted chrome vanadium steel impact hex shank drill bits set ball-lock retention design keeps sockets securely on the adaptersuitable for workshop or warehouse for hobby, hardware, auto repair, and so much more
  • 105 angle 1/4 in. extension hex drill bit screwdriver socket holder adaptor is light weight, fast, connect to the standard hex screwdriver. Good for the wrench, can be connected to drill, rechargeable drill or manual wrench
  • Package include:1/4" 25mm, 30mm, 50mm, 65mm; 3/8" 50mm, 65mm; 1/2" 50mm, 72mm square drive socket adapter and 1/4" hex drill bit screwdriver
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Agile-shop 14Pcs Heavy Duty Impact Screwdriver Driver Bits Tool Socket Set Kit With Case

  • brand new and high quality.
  • For use with your hammer to loosen frozen and rusted on screw Bolts
  • bits to prevent rust and chipping plus a textured handle for total comfort and control.
  • This impact screwdriver allows you to use your own hammer to loosen rusty or frozen screws and bolts with ease.
  • This impact screwdriver features black oxide coating on the bits to prevent rust and chipping plus a textured handle for total comfort and control.
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DEWALT DWHJHLD Impact Clutch Tip Holder

  • The product is Mag Hard Joint Holder
  • Easy to use
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • Designed for metal to metal hard joint fastening
  • Internal Clutch mechanism delivers 5X longer bit life
  • Robust shank for use in impact driver or screw gun
  • On and Off Switch allows user to determine torque delivered to work piece
  • ON minimizes bit stripping, bit breaking and screw stripping - OFF fully utilizes the torque of your driver
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Screwdriver Set - 6 Handcrafted Quality Precision Screw Drivers – Durable Chromium Vanadium Forge Steel - 3 Hollow Ground Flat Head Tips And 3 Phillips Head Tips - Made In The USA - Free Eagles, LLC

  • THIS 6-PIECE SET OF PRECISION, HARDWOOD HANDLE, CHROMIUM VANADIUM STEEL ALLOY SCREWDRIVERS ARE HANDCRAFTED AND FORGED IN THE USA: Have you ever used a screwdriver that was loose - or even worse ruined the slot of the screw? Or, you bore down so hard on the handle it slipped out of the head and ruined the surface you were trying to get a screw into? Or maybe you couldn't remove an old rusty screw because slot was full of crud? You'll never have to worry about this again with our screwdrivers.
  • OUR STRONG HARD WOOD HANDLE SCREWDRIVERS ARE COMFORTABLE TO USE AND WON'T ROLL OFF THE WORKBENCH OR SURFACE: We specially designed the handles so they won't roll off your ladder, workbench or any surface. We know how frustrating that can be. We also designed the grip to be comfortable in your hand and to give you better leverage when you most need it. Super strong black oxide finish resists corrosion with attractive and stable nickel-plated steel collar.
  • STRENGTH AND DURABILITY - OUR SCREWDRIVERS ARE YOUR SOLUTION: These are the solution to messed up screw heads, damaged surfaces and slots impeded with junk. Featuring hollow ground flat tips that won't slip out of the screw slot. No more loose screwdrivers, damaged surfaces or not being able to extract screws that are impeded with crud. There are hundreds, if not thousands of screwdrivers on the market. But few will perform for you like Free Eagles screwdrivers.
  • HOLLOW GROUND FLAT HEADS - GUARD AGAINST SLIPPAGE THUS PROTECTING THE SCREW SLOT FROM DAMAGE: Our flat head tips are machine ground for a perfect fit in the screw head slot. Our screwdrivers have been popular with gunsmiths, carpenters, machinists, homemakers and other discerning tool users for nearly a century. These make a fantastic gift. Your 6-piece set will include the following sizes: 3 Flat Tip - 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch - 3 Phillips Head Drivers: Number 0, Number 1 and Number 2.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED AND 5-YEAR WARRANTY: We promise you'll love our screwdrivers. If you don't, you can simply return them for a full refund, no questions asked, within 30 days. We also give a full-coverage 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects (please note that damage or breakage due to misuse or non-intended use voids the warranty). Each screwdriver is made of 8650 Chromium Vanadium steel alloy. Handles are made of turned Maine hardwood topped off with a nickel-plated steel ferrule.
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RAK Precision Torque Screwdriver Wrench Set - Extremely Accurate 1 Inch-Lb (0.11 Nm) Torque Screw Driver with 10 to 50 Inch-Pound (1.13 to 5.65 Nm) Range - Great for Hobbyist, Gunsmith

  • The SI unit of this torque wrench is in Inch Pound (In-Lb). Limited 10~50 in-lb/1.33~5.65 Nm Hex Screwdriver with 1/4" (6.3mm) hex drive for bit and torque tolerance of +/- 6%
  • Set includes protective case, torque screwdriver, calibration certificate, user manual, and 20 high quality bits Torx (10,15,20,25,30), Hex (1.5,2,3,4,5,6), Slot (3,4,5,6), Philips (0,1,2,3), and 1/4" Adapter
  • Automatic slip design when the maximum torque setting is achieved, the cam mechanism automatically slips to prevent over-tightening
  • Automatic adjustment knob design and ergonomic comfort rubber grip
  • Made in Taiwan with Calibration Certificate Included and quality meets DIN ISO 6789 & ASME B107.300-2010
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Soldering Mat Silicone Mat Heat Resistant Mat 954°F Soldering Materials for Welding, Heat Gun,Soldering Iron,Soldering Station,Phone Repair Computer Repair Mat with 2pcs Screwdrivers

  • ?Excellent Heat Insulation Performance?:The repair mat has excellent heat insulation performance, High temperature of 843 °F ,the soldering iron can directly solder in the mat
  • ?Multi-Function?: The soldering mat add built-in scale ruler (0 ~36 cm), 124 screws position and 3 pcs part boxes with lid, 18 notches to make your work easy
  • ?Anti-slip?: Anti-Slip Design, Both surface and back side are adopting the anti-slip design. It won't slide around on your counter or station, and its attractive design keeps small parts away from sliding, too.Easy to you repair phone or repair other
  • ?Wide Application?This magnetic repair mat can use in wide field, especially for phone repair and computer repair,sports watch, camera, smart toy, eyeglasses etc. And you can also use it big pads as pot holders pans, trays, baked potatoes and more. Its texture is soft and easy to fold storage
  • ?Safety and environmental protection ?: The repair mat used national approval materials.Non-toxic and odorless,don't worry child touch it
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Tacklife PTA01A Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver Attachments - Right Angle Adapter, Offset Attachment, Corkscrews, Multi Cutter Attachment for House Around, Wine Bottle Opener, DIY

  • ?Practical Attachment set: Designed to be added to Tacklife SDP50DC / SDP51DC electric screwdriver, suitable for furniture assembly, installation of mini blinds or other window coverings, DIY handmade, wine bottle open
  • ?Right Angle / Offset Attachment: 90 degree and Off center head, allow drill bit to sit flush with screws, ideal for screwing in tight space, corners, fixing lose screws, installing small light fixtures, hanging pictures, protect home product from been damaged of material. Save you from sore hands and wrists
  • ?Multi Cutter Attachment: Useful and fantastic DIY accessories - cut paper, card board or packaging in 1/4-inch cutting depth, ensure a precise cut every time; Compared to scissors and knives, help you handle tough jobs easier
  • ?Effcient Wine Bottle Opener: Performed like a electric wine bottle opener; Forward and reverse switch can open the bottle and remove the cork automatically in seconds, make you enjoy more time of happiness
  • ?PACKAGE CONTENTS: Right Angle Attachment; Offset Attachment; Wine Bottle Opener; Multi Cutter Attachment; User Manual; Warranty Card; 24 Months Warranty (Accessories not covered)
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Search Term "Screwdriver or Screw gun"
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