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KINGLAKE Soft Long Cotton Rope,Pack of 2 x 33 Feet,Natural Durable Long Rope Strap 8mm Black and Red

  • [Pack of 2] Black rope and red rope .33 Feet Long for each one.66 Feet in Total.
  • Rope diameter:8 mm thickness.Long and durable cotton rope.
  • Really Soft and friendly cotton material,Keep you safe. play with the rope,makes your life much more fun.
  • Long Cotton rope and durable enough.Multi Function rope.comfortable,nontoxic,no harm to skin.
  • Create craft projects with this cotton rope.Can be used to bundle other items.
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Muzata Stainless Steel Wire Rope Aircraft Bicycle Cable Cutter,Up To 5/32"

  • This cable cutter is designed for cutting steel wire which up to 5/32", If you want to cut the steel cable seals, single strand wire, like the fencing wire, any bolt cutter should do. after 200 cuts off the 1/8'' 7x7 assemble coated steel security cable it still very sharp and clean cut
  • This cable cutter can make very precise, very clean cuts without fraying or smashing the ends. it not only cut the cutaway cables and ripcords perfectly also great for grommet removal.
  • Worked easily cutting the cable. Didn't even need both hands to cut up to 3/16 galvanized and coated cable for those wondering.
  • If you can fit soft or hard steel cable wire rope in the jaws of these cutters, it will be cut. Made quick and neat work .
  • Recommended for installing 1/8" Muzata cable railing projects. The pair of the cable railing kit please search B01L73UNKK, Require assorted 1/8" stainless steel railling cable please search B01N0N4IME
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550 Paracord Lanyard Parachute Cord - Type III 7 Strand 100% Nylon Rope (Digital, 100 ft)

  • ?MIL-SPEC TYPE III: Our Paracord 550 by certified MI-SPEC type III with 7 inner strands. Rated at over an extra 550 LBS, 100 ft and 5/32" Diameter.
  • ?PERFECT FOR OUTDOORS: Tenting, Camping, Boating, Hunting, Survival Kits, Disaster Prep, Bug-Out Bags, and Crafting projects are just a few of the applications where our paracord could be most useful. Strong but flexible cord is perfect for all types of outdoor activities and camping activities.
  • ?EXTREMELY VERSATILE: 550 Paracord is specifically designed for rugged utility applications requiring Strength, Durability, and Compactness. From Para-Cord Lanyards and Bracelets, to Keychains, Dog leash and Belts...There is no limit to what you can use the Campsnail paracords for.
  • ?ALWAYS INNOVATING: At Campsnail, We are happy to share the new using experience and idea with our customer, teach them how to use paracord in the life.
  • ?LIFETIME WARRANTY: This product is covered by The Campsnail's Lifetime Warranty.
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Forney 70452 Wire Rope, Vinyl Coated Aircraft Cable, 250-Feet-by-1/8-Inch thru 3/16-Inch

  • 250 feet vinyl coated galvanized wire rope aircraft cable
  • On plastic reel
  • Breaking strength: 1,700-Pounds
  • Not suitable for overhead lifting
  • Is not intended for aircraft use but is designed for industrial and marine applications
  • Spool, vinyl coated wire rope 7x7 Aircraft Cable, Breaking Strength 1,700 Lbs. (771.11 Kg) . WLL 340 Lbs. (154.2 Kg.)
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SAMSFX Retractable Fishing Lanyard Coiled Tether Safety Rope Wire Steel Inside 100 Inches Max Stretch (Coiled Lanyard 2pcs)

  • HEAVY DUTY: Made of steel wires covered with PVC which can be recovered 95% as it is
  • LENGTH: coil lanyard was stainless steel wire in it and PVC coated outside, length from 18 inches extend to 100 inches
  • STRONG ENDS: Hook snap, power clip and rolling barrel swivels attached, withstand heavy duty, great to hold tools and belts on vest or backpack
  • FORCE TESTING: Strength Tension can up to 22 lbs, just tug the coil to retrieve the fishing net dropped in the water
  • MULTIPLE-USE: This lanyard is widely used in outdoors, not only fishing, but also camping, hiking and hunting
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T.W . Evans Cordage 26-011 1/4-Inch by 100-Feet 5 Star Manila Rope

  • Great for decorative and landscaping projects
  • Only high quality fibers are used
  • Contains oil in the manufacturing process
  • Packaged in a shrink wrapped coilette
  • Working Load 81 lbs
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SGT Knots ProManila Rope (5/8 inch) UnManila Tan Twisted 3 Strand Polypropylene Cord - Moisture, UV, and Chemical Resistant - Marine, DIY Projects, Crafts, Commercial, Indoor/Outdoor (100 ft)

  • TWISTED POLYPRO ROPE - Lightweight "UnManila" is a stronger, synthetic version of the classic manila fiber. A versatile all-purpose utility cord ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Such as nautical and marine use, around the ranch or farm, as a decorative embellishment for landscaping, or in a game of tug-o'-war!
  • STRENGTH AND RESISTANCE - Polypropylene is highly resistant to temperature, weather, UV rays, chemicals, oils, and abrasions. Twisted polypro rope fibers are lightweight with a high-tensile strength for longer-lasting knots and performance. 3-Strand Polypropylene Rope also has excellent shock absorption and does not kink.
  • AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE - Our affordable ProManila / UnManila rope provides a noticeable performance boost over natural manila at a cheaper price point. Great bulk savings for large commercial, construction, or home improvement projects.
  • LENGTH and WIDTH - Choose between pre-cut coiled lengths of 10 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet, or 600 feet. SGT KNOTS Twisted Pro Manila / UnManila / Tan Polypro Rope diameter thickness options: 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch, or 2 inch. Tan color mimics natural manila rope.
  • VETERAN OWNED and OPERATED - Twisted ProManila Rope made in the USA. Just like the Marine Corps, SGT KNOTS is committed to being the best of the best. We continue to live by the motto, Semper Fidelis-Always Faithful. Our loyalty to our customers is what makes us who we are, and the reason we continue to grow in popularity and product offerings. We promise to maintain the strength and consistency of our products. We also pass down our bulk savings to our customers.
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Twisted 3 Strand Natural Cotton Rope Artisan Cord By West Coast Paracord 1/4, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 & 1 inch Diameters Super Soft White and Assorted Colors by the foot 10, 25, 50, 100 Feet

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Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45 4500lbs/2046kg single line pull with hawse, handlebar mnt toggle, handheld remote, and synthetic rope

  • High efficiency, low amp draw, sealed 1.6 hp permanent magnet motor featuring mechanical load holding and dynamic brake
  • 55' of 1/4" synthetic rope, drum designed for use with synthetic rope and ergonomic cam action freespooling clutch
  • All steel planetary gear twice as wide as those used by the competition and utilizing machined-in, oil pocket bronze bearings
  • Circuit breaker protected and weather sealed solenoid contact.Anodized aluminum hawse, heavy duty latched hook with thimble and limited lifetime warranty
  • Synthetic rope is remarkable stuff
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IWISS Wire Rope Crimping Tool for Aluminum Oval Sleeves,Stop Sleeves,Crimp Ferrules,Crimping Loop sleeve From 1/16 Inch to 1/8 Inch

  • Crimping Range:1/16",5/64",3/32",7/64",1/8"
  • Heavy duty wire rope hand crimper/Swagging tool with solid construction lasts for years
  • Perfect polished jaw and crimper body brings secure crimp and provide security assurance for user
  • For aluminum wire rope crimp ferrules,crimping loop Sleeve, duplex sleeve; fishing double sleeves;railing fittings
  • The jaws are made of quality forged alloy steel with heat treatment to ensure a tight and clean compression on each crimping
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