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PRMIA Angle-izer Template With Stainless Steel Knobs, FREE 4 Spare Knobs & Carpenter Pencil, Multi Angle Ruler Tools For Measuring Complex Shapes for any Handymen- DIY Tool Multi Tool-Angle Box Finder

  • ? NEWLY IMPROVED MULTI-ANGLE MEASURING RULER - Our improved and upgraded angleizer template tool comes with 4 Stainless Steel Knobs allowing you to easily lock, adjust, or tighten the ruler when measuring complex angles, shapes, and forms. The template ruler offered by our competitors come with plastic or zinc bolts which are difficult to work with.
  • ? ACCURATE ANGLE MEASUREMENTS - Our angle ruler is ideal for precise and accurate angle measurements when splicing bricks, hanging tiles, flooring and more! Just place the Angle-izer onto your work area, then slide the rulers into shape to measure awkward angles. Eliminate all guesswork when you use our improved TILE FINDER.
  • ? ANGLE RULER PLUS CARPENTER'S PENCIL - Every builder, handyman, craftsman, DIYer or Weekend Warrior require an angle ruler when creating dog-leg cuts, radius cuts, birdsmouth cut, bulls eyes, layouts in tiles, etc. Use the INCLUDED Carpenter's Pencil and the Angle izer Tool to outline complex shapes, saving yourself time, money and effort!
  • ? SAVES TIME AND EFFORT - Some project requires repeated tracing of a particular size. Increase the speed and quality of your work by using our angleizer template tool for endless, repeated applications. Instead of creating a new sample for each job, simply lock the ruler to your desired shape via the ruler's one-handed operation mechanism and continue your task.
  • ? FOLDABLE AND PORTABLE, FOLLOWS YOU TO THE JOB SITE - The extremely lightweight nature of our tile measuring ruler ensures that it can be folded and stored conveniently inside the CARRY POUCH, and taken alongside to your job site. Each ruler comes calibrated in inches & centimeters.
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Angle Ruler by Perfect Angle With Durable Metal Knobs and Carpenter Pencils Angleizer Angle Finder and Template Tool for Easy Accurate Measuring of Construction Tile Flooring Laminate Stone and More

  • Easy Angle Measuring - 1. Slide angle ruler into place and tighten all 4 knobs. 2. Use ruler as template and trace 3. Cut piece for the perfect fit
  • Durable plastic angleizer ruler with metal knobs and bolts to last
  • MultiAngle ruler provides Quick and accurate measurements in inches and centimeters
  • Perfect stencil and template tool for working with tiles, carpentry, floors, stone and more
  • Comes with carpentry pencils for tracing and pouchto store your angle finder tool
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Bon 14-589 7-Inch Carpenter Pencil, Black Hard Lead with Red Casing, 12-Pack

  • Black hard lead
  • Outside red casing
  • 7-Inch pencil length
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Carpenter Pencil Holder, Hat-it

  • Carpenter pencil holder, "Slip one on your pencil"
  • Magnetically sticks your carpenter's pencil to your hat or Hard-hat
  • Works with most carpenter pencil brands
  • Right or left handed
  • Pencil included, hat NOT included
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Angle Measuring Template Tool By AMC Tools Precision Multi Angle Ruler, Accurate Angling Finder & Protractor - For Carpenters, Architects, Handymen, Craftsmen & Engineers, Marking Pencil Included FREE

  • THE ULTIMATE ANGLE MEASURING WORK PARTNER FOR YOU: Isn't it frustrating when you try to measure angles and you have to do it over and over again in order to make sure you have not made a mistake? If you want measuring precision and accuracy, you have come to the right place! This amazing angle izer template tool will allow you to prevent inaccurate cuts and get the right measurements in an effortless way.
  • AN AMAZING TOOL THAT WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN: Forget about cheaply made protractors that get easily broken. No more angle measuring tools that are hard to adjust and lock in place. This top notch angle ruler is made of heavy duty fiberglass filled nylon. Moreover, it has been carefully designed to lie flush against any surface, allowing you to get the right measurements without struggling to make it fit in or keep it steady. Slide it into place, tighten the screws and you are ready!
  • ENJOY COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES: The AMC Tools angle finder features both inches and centimetres measurements, allowing you to use it as you consider easier. You can use this angle izer template tool to mark anything from tiles and bricks, to stone, metal, laminate and lumber just to name a few. All you have to do is unleash your imagination and create.
  • A MUST HAVE FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU: This incomparably useful angle measuring tool makes the perfect addition to your toolbox. Whether you are a handyman, a craftsman, an architect, an engineer, a builder, or you enjoy woodworking, DIY and construction projects, this template tool is the perfect choice for you.
  • YOU GET AN AMAZING BONUS ITEM: Offering you nothing less than the best and keeping you satisfied is our number one goal. This is why we have included a little extra something for you! Along with the angle ruler, you will receive a handy carpenter's pencil at no additional charge!
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Angleizer Template Tool - IMPROVED DURABILITY Multi Angle Measurement, Stencil Measuring Tool Ruler, FREE BONUS - 2 Carpenter pencils, Present for Carpenters, Handymen, Craftsmen, Engineers, DIY gift

  • ? ABSOLUTELY VERSATILE: Angle-izer Measuring Tool by EVERLONG TOOLS slides and can be locked into any position and angle. You can create a reusable stencil for every job, whether you are a craftsman, engineer, carpenter, handyman or DIYer. The template tool measures both inches and centimeters.
  • ? ACCURATELY MEASURES SHAPES AND ANGLES: Angleizer tool is perfect for precise and accurate angle measurements. It can be used on tiles, lumber, flooring, stone, bricks, metal, laminate and any other material.
  • ? ESSENTIAL FOR PROFESSIONALS - NECESSARY FOR EVERYBODY: This tool can be used by anybody anywhere - no matter whether you are a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast!
  • ? HIGHLY DURABLE AND ERGONOMIC: Our Template Tool is made of high-quality eco-friendly fiberglass filled nylon and highly durable for any job or industry and it will definitely serve you for many years. It can save you Time, Money and Energy and will help you to avoid inaccurate cuts and to make repetitive measurements.
  • ? COMPLETELY PORTABLE AND EASY-TO-USE: Our lightweight tool is very easy-to-use as well as easy-to-carry. The EVERLONG TOOLS set also includes a VELVET BAG which helps you to take your ruler to your next object and TWO CARPENTER PENCILS to precisely mark all your measurements!
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IMPROVED Angle-izer General Template Tool Multi Angle Ruler, Ultimate Measuring DIY Tools + NEW SOLID ALLOY Knobs & STRONG GRAPHITE Arms, BONUS Carpenters Pencil, Storage Bag, Instructions & Gift Box!

  • ? INDUSTRIES STRONGEST CONSTRUCTION: Improved Black Fly template tool the ONLY ruler made with SOLID ALUMINUM ALLOY Bolts & Knobs plus STRONG GRAPHITE INFUSED Ruler Arms & ENGRAVED NUMBERS that won't scratch off! Like a Graphite Fishing Rod our rulers will flex NOT break & unlike other brands there's NO SHARP Edges to scratch materials like wood floors, or cut your hand. Don't waste money on a cheap ruler, at Black Fly our Engineers built a Quality Ruler that's Safe and Easy to use.
  • ? BEST ANGLE RULER IMPROVEMENTS: After Purchasing several of the top market brands, our research team presented them to Construction workers, Builders, Floor Layers, Carpenters, Roofers, Drafters, Craft Artists and every day DIY "Do it yourselfers". After doing a survey the majority of professionals agreed that our design was the perfect balance of function, safety and durability.
  • ? 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE: We're so confident in our Quality that when you purchase a Black Fly Angle-izer Multi-Angle Template Tool, you get the Ultimate Ruler Instrument with a Full 100% Guarantee! If you have any issues or your not happy, simply return it for a full refund no questions asked.
  • ? SAVE ANY ANGLE: With FULL METAL Knobs & Bolts, this Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler will NOT slip or strip. No more cardboard stencils or miscalculations. Simply place the Angle Ruler on your project, slide the rulers into the shape and tighten the knobs. The 4 sided ruler slides and locks into any angle making it a reusable stencil for multiple jobs. Form a T-square, Set Corbeling distances, Use as a Gauge Spacer for brick joints, Stencil Corners for laying tile floors "The uses are endless".
  • ? COMPLETE GIFT SET: We understand our customers purchase these Angle Rulers as gifts for themselves and for friends, that's why we built a CARPENTERS GIFT SET with an attractive box that doesn't just look cool it also protects your investment. We included one FREE BONUS Carpenters Pencil, Instruction Sheet, 4 Ruler Arms, 4 Bolts, 4 Nuts, A Storage Bag to keep your Angleizer secure in your Tool Box and a full 100% Guarantee. Other brands we purchased came in very cheap packaging, but Not ours!
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Craftsman 10-pack Carpenter's Pencil Set with Sharpener

  • Craftsman 10-Pack Carpenter's Pencil Set with Sharpener
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Angle-izer Template Tool Set with Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler + 60-Inch Soft Tape Measure + Carpenter's Pencil + Sharpener | Angleizer Kit For Builders, Craftsmen, Handymen, DIY-ers (BLACK)

    COLORFUL ANGLEIZER- new design of General Angle Measurement Tool so you can choose one of four different colors: Yellow, Black, Blue, or Orange.
    SOFT TAPE MEASURE- a flexible and portable tape measure, made from High quality soft plastic material, printed in both inches and centimeters (60 inch/150 cm). Ideal for measuring curved or flat surfaces.

  • CARPENTER'S PENCIL- Soft-lead oval-section carpenters pencils for marking timber, brick, stone and other building materials. Oval shape of carpenter pencil so it won't roll away and Perfect for use when working with ruler.
    CARPENTER PENCIL SHARPENER- harder and sharper blade for longer life and better sharpening, ergonomic design, Uses 50% less pencil per sharpening cycle. Draws thick or thin lines on both rough and smooth surfaces. Integrated emery board for fine point.
  • ?PREMIUM ABS-PLASTIC MATERIAL- The ruler arms are made of non fragile high-quality ABS-PLASTIC that ensures durability for years. The ruler inner screws are made of metal for fast, convenient and strong screwing.
  • ?MULTI-PURPOSE & HIGHLY VERSATILE - 4 adjustable arms that allow you to create a wide range of shapes and angles to accurately measure, mark and create a customized template or stencil for any job required.
  • ?HOW TO USE THE ANGLEIZER- Release the screw slightly, place the ruler on the surface you want to measure, Adjust the sides exactly to the angle you want to get, when you recive the exact shape, tighten all four screws on the bar and mark the changes you want to make on the raw material using the added carpenters' pencil.
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CH Hanson 10378 Hard Lead Carpenter's Pencil 1 pc

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Graph paper (1/4" squares are preferable)
"Post-It" notes

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Tape measure
Straight edge
Carpenter's pencil





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