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Gilmour Heavy Duty Garden Hose, 1/2 x 50 Feet

  • 500PSI burst strength guarantees long hose life
  • Patented tri-extrusion construction for maximum durability
  • Polished cover resists dirt-collecting abrasions
  • Anti-microbial layer guards against mold and mildew
  • Lifetime warranty
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PowerFit PF31089 Garden Hose Inlet Filter

  • Easy To Connect
  • Filters Water Running From Spigot to Garden Hose To Protect Pressure Washer Pump
  • Suitable For Use With Most Pressure Washers
  • Durable Construction
  • Easy To Clean
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Suncast 100-Foot Capacity Garden Hose Reel Hideaway with Hose Guide, Taupe PHT100

  • 100' of 5/8" hose capacity
  • Attractive design fully conceals hose and reel
  • Easylink system ensures watertight connection between hose reel and hoses
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Vremi Heavy Duty Metal Garden Hose Nozzle - 10 Pattern High Pressure Thumb Control Jet Shower Sprayer for Gardening Watering Car Washing - No Squeeze Handle Power Washer Attachment Long Water Spray

  • 10 PATTERNS SPRAYING with FULL FLOW - This professional hose nozzle is adjustable for all of your individual gardening and outside cleaning needs, and features a full flow setting that acts as a faucet, allowing you to fill watering cans or buckets without detaching the nozzle from the hose end. The ten way option sprays also include mist, shower, jet, cone, vertical, flat, center fan, angle, and stream - simply turn the rotating dial on the nozzle head to go from strong to low pressure
  • DURABLE HIGH QUALITY METAL BASE - Unlike plastic hose accessories, attachments or connector parts, our industrial heavy-duty garden nozzle for homes is made with durable zinc alloy metal to eliminate maintenance or repair, with a rubberized outer coating to prevent it from becoming too hot on warm days. And with its many pro functions, it can be used year-round to power wash cars, bike tire or boat surfaces, and to clean patios, gutters, and more
  • REAR THUMB-CONTROL and COMFORT GRIP - Give your hands a break and water with comfortable support and less effort for longer periods of time with the thumb control button. No need to squeeze a lever or pistol; just flip the rear nozzle knob up or down to turn the flow on or off. And with its rubber coated ergonomic handle, medium sized body and light weight design, it's the perfect equipment for gardening with arthritis
  • LEAK PROOF DESIGN with O RINGS PACK - Few things are more frustrating than a leaky garden hose nozzle wand or extension - every drip outside of the spigot reduces pressure and distance, wasting water and making turbo settings less useful. Our garden nozzle features a custom fit, rubber o ring gasket (a.k.a. washer) that creates a leak proof seal between the nozzle valve and hose end tip, and supplies you with an extra gasket in case your first one goes missing
  • FITS ALL STANDARD HOME HOSES - No need for an adapter, or for extra tools or handles - with its threaded interior and quick connect twist-on function, our garden nozzle is ready to use with your standard hose reel right away. Nurture your flowers or vegetable gardens with its gentle mist and cone settings, give your dry grass lawn a rain soak, or treat your dogs an outdoor shower. Its eye-catching black and green body, and easy-to-read spray icons make it great for gardening with your kids too!
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Liberty Garden Products 640 Carrington Decorative Metal Garden Hose Stand - Black

  • Attractive scroll design, hose stand keeps your hose neat and ready to use
  • Holds 125-feet of 5/8-inch garden hose (hose not included), Durable powder coat finish for weather resistant use
  • Easy to install, just step down on the anchor points, Easily movable
  • Features brass faucet/bib and 5 anchor points for added stability, Heavy gauge steel construction
  • No assembly required, Color: black
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Yard Butler HC-2 Free-Standing Garden Hose Hanger

  • Stores hoses where needed.
  • Extends hose life.
  • Heavy duty bracing prevents sagging, Lifetime warranty.
  • Installation Instructions: Dig hole. Center Free Standing Hose Hanger in hole at least 8? deep. Add quick setting concrete. Allow to harden according to instructions
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Suncast PW100 Powerwind 100-Foot Capacity Automatic Rewind Garden Hose Reel

  • Automatic hose reel with foot pedal operation
  • 100 feet of 0.625 inch standard vinyl hose capacity
  • 12 Volt SLA rechargeable battery and charger unit included
  • Fully assembled, tangle-free design
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Suncast DHH150 Deluxe Garden Hose Hangout with 150-Foot Hose Capacity And Enclosed Storage Compartment, Taupe

  • 12.5 inch w x 7.5 inch H x 5.25 inch D, deluxe hose hangout
  • Fully assembled
  • Holds 150' of 5/8 inch garden hose
  • Enclosed storage compartment for watering accessories
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Swan Short Garden Hose, 15 ft with 5/8" diameter - Garden hose reel connector

  • AN EXCELLENT LEADER HOSE FOR ANY REEL: This green garden hose is as flexible as it is sturdy, so you can use it as a leader hose to wind around just about any standard hose reel
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Connect your sprinkler or soaker system without worrying about the elements eating away at this durable leader hose
  • 15 FEET OF VERSATILITY: This remnant hose is great for jobs that require a 10-15 foot hose with a 5/8" diameter
  • THE PERFECT UTILITY HOSE FOR ANY USE: This short garden hose is the perfect length for any small job around your house, garden or RV
  • EASY TO STORE AND TRANSPORT: Keep this lightweight garden hose reel connector around the house, shed or garage whenever you need to add extra length to a standard hose
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TerraBloom 6 Inch by 25 Feet Flexible Aluminum Ducting Hose with 2 Clamps. 3 Layer HVAC Vent Duct for Precision Air Ventilation, Dryer Vents and Indoor Garden Purposes

  • 6" by 25 FEET DUCT: This a value size ducting which is 25 feet long when fully extended. Plenty of length to run an air line to remote HVAC registers, build an intake and exaust ventilation inside your grow room or any other air circulation needs
  • 3-LAYER TOUGH: Keep your ventilation system free of rips and pin holes. This ducting is built with a layer of Heat Reflective Fire-Retardant Aluminum, Covered with PET for additional endurance and Steel Wire Helix to preserve the Ducts shape
  • FLEXIBLE AND EASY TO USE: Our 6 Inch Duct is super flexible and easy to install, it will slide right on your Duct Fan, Vent Exhaust, Carbon Filter or Light Reflector. We include a pair of 6 Inch Clamps to make the installation a breeze
  • 6" DIAMETER WITH ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: This Ventilation Duct is 6 Inches in diameter and comes in one 25 Feet Long Piece, which can be cut into as many pieces as you need using a wire cutter and a paper knife
  • VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS: Our Ducting Is suitable for any Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Purposes. It will move and deliver air in Kitchens (cooking exhaust), Green Houses and Grow Rooms (Air Circulation, Intake, Exhaust and Light Fixture Cooling), Bathrooms (Smell and Moisture Exhaust), Dryer Rooms, Grow Tents and other applications you have in mind
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Search Term " Garden hose"
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Materials List

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50 ft. or 100 ft. tape measure
Paper and pencil
Garden spade
Curved drywall knife
Lawn pegs
Claw Hammer
Garden hose





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